Chahat (Ragsan ff) Pt 14 by Aliya

Samar:you want to know?
Sanskar with a spark and unknown happiness :yes and yes i want to know again yes
Samar smiled seeing his brothers excitement and he was sure if it’s not love but definitely sanskar started to like Ragini, and he thought himself that their relation will definitely have bright future.

Now both Samar and Sanskar were in the garden after making sure Ragini has slept!

Sanskar was waiting when will Samar tell him about how was she?
But his anger went to peaks when his brother scrolling down the feeds in Instagram
Sanskar angrily pulls his phone
When samar:bhaiyya don’t don’t don’t, please i beg you my IPhoneX 64GB available and 256GB storage variant basically it’s 86,600 i buyed chroma so 93,999smart features 5.8 with smartest chip ever and super AMOLED display, Apple A11 bionic chip the one i said before, with the touch screen resolution of 1125 pixels…..

Sanskar who was frozen because of his brother blabbering, but now he was more frustrated:stop……!!
He was again about to throw it
When samar dramatically shouts:nahiiiiiii!

He breaks it..
Sanskar burst into laughter, showing him his phone
And samar realised he just threw it’s cover

Samar grabs it from him:my phone
Sanskar:when did i say it’s mine!!
Samar:now tell me the reason, why did you got angry on my sona?
Sanskar confused :sona?
Samar:you were in the verge of breaking her into several pieces her thin thin display, her shiny body
Sanskar frustrated :enough yaar!are you saying about ragini or this phone?
Samar bites his tounge:sorry
Sanskar :so?
Samar :so?
Sanskar frustrated :soo?
Samar teasing him:so so?
Samar:why i am having the gut feeling that someone will be a punching bag for me?
Samar who was having mischievous smile on his face but soon after listening him his expression
Samar gulps:no no
Sanskar suspicious :i am having a doubt on you
Samar immediately :n.. No nothing like that
Sanskar:ok now tell me about Ragini and one more thing i am still not trusting you
Samar:no.. No there’s nothing like that
Sanskar:that i will find out soon and now tell fast
They both sit
Samar:from where to start?hmm…
Sanskar:may be from the time bhaiyya went to see her for first time
Samar laughs :oh God bhaiyya, you don’t know anything
Samar:actually bhabhi came to meet bhaiyya
Sanskar shocked:what?
Samar:i mean to say that before marriage bhabhi met him!!
Sanskar:i didn’t understand!
Samar:you remember that Mehera’s deal
Samar:ok then listen

Scene starts in the Maheshwari office

Knock knock
Voice:come in
Samar peeps in:bhaiyya
And the person inside the cabin revealed to be Shaan
Samar:bhaiyya woh.. (he smiles widely)
Shaan:if mom has sent you with the photos, then right now i am really not interested!
Shaan:get ou….

At the time they listen the sound of glass breaking
Both look at each other and immediately goes out
A girl breaks in the entrance glass doors

Girl shouts:Shaantanu maheshwari DOWN DOWN
And there were few gatherings:Shantanu maheshwari DOWN DOWN
And she is Ragini
Sanskar:no, i don’t believe even if Ragini looks bossy or strict types but she isn’t the one.
Samar:this is truth
Sanskar:really? Down down and all?
Samar nods

Samar:what is happening here bhaiyya?
Shan:if i knew!
His PA comes :sir, we got a problem in new project, Mr Mehera have cheated these people’s, it’s their land and he cheated them by telling them that he will give…
Samar:what you are saying i am not understanding
Shaan:but i understood, i had a doubt

He goes out

Ragini looks at him
Shaan:please, please it’s a misunderstanding
Ragini:what misunderstanding? How could you break all our houses?
Shaan:we have just invested in a Mehera’s company
Ragini angrily:what you thought?we all are dumb heads? Don’t act unknown
Shaan:please mam, try to understand
Ragini :now stop the engineers who have come with their troops to break the homes
Shaan:i am really sorry mam, but it’s not us but Mehera’s
Ragini gives him the paper where it had Maheshwari seal
Shaan:mam really sorry, but please move from here and i promise you that i will stop all those but please don’t ruin the name of our company please, you know it’s not us but…
Ragini:if you didn’t stop then….
She smacks her fingers a twice:the stylish personality you are having now will last no longer! And Ragini speaks only those which is going to be a reality
She moves from there by taking all gathering and still comes back:i am giving you one hour time to make it back all those, you have just one hour!
There were few girl who were holding the hockey sticks
A girl:Ragini was been a hockey champion
Ragini:if anything goes wrong, i won’t think twice to think you as a ball and ‘R’ stands for..
Girls:Rocking!!! Rocking Ragini
They goes from there
Leaving a speechless shaan behind

Sanskar shocked:Haila!! Sacchi?
Samar:then bhaiyya not in an hour but in 10 minutes he make it up everything
Sanskar :but really?
Samar:bhaiyya careful, i hope you won’t be bhabhi’s ball
Sanskar gulps:no
Shaan returned all the families their home papers, even he faced great loss

But he thought not to meet her ever
Samar:did you meet her?
Samar:Rocking Ragini?
Shaan:no no, i dont want to meet her, i don’t want to get insulted again
Samar laughs


Samar;i will tell you the rest tomorrow, i am feeling sleepy
Sanska:ok.. But
He tells something to Samar
Samar:what an idea bhaiyya?
Both laughs

Next day

Ragini was making the breakfast

When she witnesses sanskar talking in the phone, actually yelling on the call

Ragini looks at him
He comes to the kitchen followed by samar
Ragini worried signs to samar
Samar shrugs his shoulder
Sanskar fills the water in the glass:i told you, and don’t think me as a dumb head and you know who i am, Sanskar, sanskar won’t say anything just like that but what is going to be a reality
Samar controls his laughs as Ragini was expressionless
Sanskar:and i am a cricket champion and if something goes wrong, i won’t think thrice to think you as ball and ‘S’ stands for sooooooperb sanskar and not other world like amazing, fabulous or would it be Rocking, superb ke saamne nahi tik tha!

Samar looks at Ragini who is looking Ragini, he can’t derive what her expression was?

Samar:i think you are soon going to become a ball!

To be continued

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