swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 74

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Hey guys i hope everyone is fine….

Again sorry for being so late as i posted the reason of my late update is my phone was lost so couldn’t upload any…. i am sorry everyone i assure thatt now there would be no delay in posting punar vivah…..

And guys messages are foming to post incomplete journey i seriously appreciate that but guys understand that punar vivah is left with only few episodes so i want it to be perfect in the last episodes  that’s why i am not focusing on incomplete journey just let me complete it once then i will focus on incomplete journey & raabta…..

I hope my readers understand i just dont wanna mix up stories and make it bad i just want you’ll to read best of mine so please do understand
Thanks lets proceed further…..

3 months leap…..

At 3am at n8 when everyone is sleeping…..

In swasan room swara and sanskaar were sleeping hugging eachother and their fingers entangled…..

And sudden swara opened her eyes……

She looked beside and saw sanskaar sleeping peacefully……

She smiled but the reason she woke was her carving for chocolate icecream……

But she cant go by herself because it was strict instruction by sanskaar to not go anywhere alone so she cant go and her heart was not letting to wake him up as he was looking too cute so she decided she’ll do it herself ….

She somehow gained courage and removed his hands as she did this his eyes snapped open and swara was shocked……

Sanskaar : what happened swara u wanna go baathroom?

Swara : umm noo sanskaar actually umm…..

Sanskaar ; what happened jaan is it paining shall we go to doc?

Swara : baba relax nothing happened its just that i want chocolate icecream which is in fridge…..i dont want to wake u up isliye i was going alone…

Sanskaar sat on bed and saw her puppy face and smiled…..

Sanskaar : jaan u would have wake me up i told u na my sleep is not important than u and our baby….. i can get my sleep back but not u understood….. so whenever u feel like anything wake me up u know na i am always there……

Swara felt so much happiness well she always thanked God for sanskaar but the way he handles swara’s moodswings is way adorable and swara too always fall for him she always just thanked God for such a beautiful soulmate…..

Sanskaar : you wait I’ll go and bring….

Swara : no i too wanna come i will eat in kitchen please take me naaaa……

Sanskaar : acha baba ok come…

He hold her hand and both started walking to kitchen….
I repeat (walking)
Yes guys sanskaar is now a healthy man he is free from paralysis well till now his joints of hands and legs are weak but he can walk and write with it…..

And coming to swara she was wearing track and loose tshirt and her slight baby bump was seen…..

They both reached the kitchen table…..
And sanskaar made swara sit on table and then he took put icecream and pour it into bowl and served it to his lady…..

Swara was so carving for that icecream that she started eating it like a baby fast and leaving marks on chin and cheeks sanskaar was just watching like how can she so cute……
She was behaving like a child…..

He smiled …..

Swara looked at him and asked what happned he just shrugged his shoulders he only knew how much happy and peaceful he becomes when he saw her this much happy……

Swara finished the bowl…

Swara : one more…..

Sanskaar : no jaan its late in night tonorrow u eat two bowls now come and sleep…..

Swara made a sad face??
Swara : i want it now…..

Sanskaar : jaan please you will catch cold….

Swara : no i wont please one please

Sanskaar : ok but only onemore…..

Swara smiled wholeheartedly….

Swara : love you soo muchhh

Sanskaar ; haa i love u tooo

Like this she ate two more bowls of icecream because sanskaar cant deny her wish….
and before she ask for another he took her into their room……

Swara was partially satisfied now?

Sanskaar after bringing her to room wiped her face which was now filled with icecream…..

Sanskaar : chalo i did now be a good girl and sleep now…..

Swara : yeah ok but i want one more bowl?

Sanskaar ; swara no zidd common sleep……

Swara : so mean…..

Sanskaar just laughed like what a moodswing can make a wife….

Sanskaar : i am only for you…..?

He took her in hug and made her sleep by patting her head…..

She holded his hands and slept like a baby….

When she slept he remember how this 3 months were difficult for him….
By God’s grace and laksh’s treatment his paralysis was over and he still remember how was swara’s reaction when he started walking…..


It is one month before when swara was 5 months pregnant….

Laksh swara and sanskaar were in hospital for sanskaar monthly treatment of paralysis…..

Swara and laksh were watching sanskaar and sanskaar with the help of doctor was trying to walk….

Doctor : now sanskaar try to walk of ur own…..

Sanskaar just was nervous that he wouldn’t fall like before if he couldn’t walk…..

Swara just joined her hands and prayed for him that this time he’s able to walk and looked at sanskaar and gave him assuring smile…..

Sanskaar took a deep breath and took his leg infront and started walking…..
Slowly he took his another leg and started moving now he started moving his leg and he was able to walk with his oown legs swara just had tears and laksh too got overwhelmed that his brother got cured……

Sanskaar tried then aftrr more 3 steps he was about to fall but swara came and holded him by his shoulders and laksh too supported her….

Doctor : well sanskaar your legs are fine now its just that u need one week to walk properly…… congrats mrs. Maheshwari you finally did it…. around 5 months ago u were the one who was believing that he will overcome it and congrats ur love has shown its powers mr. Maheshwari is perfectly fine so i would advice u to continue his medicines till more 1 week and laksh make him practice walking i hope in week he will be able to walk properly and if anything is needed u can come hospital….

Swara : thanks so much doc….

Doc : it was my duty mrs. Maheshwari its okii…..please just excuse me i have an appointment

Swara saw sanskaar in happiness and hugged him…..

Swara : you did it sanskaar finally… my sanskaar is back…

Sanskaar hugged her back with all the happiness…
His lost smile which was lost bow was back now he have several reasons to smile i.e he’s fine and now can take care of his coming child….

Sanskaar : no swara today i am walking but it’s all God’s blessing which is you…. you only helped me this much you have done so much i cant even imagine in my life to give you…. i am seriously thankful to you….

Swara : shut up now i have only this to listen now we have thanks between us…. you are mine and i take care of things very much which are MINE……

Laksh smiles and coughs….

Laksh : well guys i am too here and i think i too need credit…..

He grinned…

Sanskaar broke the hug and hugged him…..

Sanskaar : thanks laksh you wasted all ur time in just making me fine….. i am glad and thankful to God that i have you and bhaiya as my brothers….. Thanks laksh….

Laksh : bhai bhaii stop it….. seriously thanks….. it was my duty ok now come sit you are not perfectly fine…..???

Flashback ends…..

Sanskaar smiled and saw her sleeping he kissed her forhead….

Sanskaar : i am seriously blessed swara to have you in my life…..seriously…. i love you…..

Swara holds his hand more tightly and smilingly…

Sanskaar then too falled asleep…..

Next morning…..

Today was Anjali’s godhbharai as she was 8 months pregnant….

So all the preparations were on swing of their only daughter’s first child…..
Kids were too at home…
Ladies were busy in kitchen and men were seeing the preaparations…
And the gadodia’s will arrive in afternoon….

But in swasan room there was something else going on….

All the people were down as they heard a swara shouting….

Adi : dad i think swara is houting lets see what’s going on…..

Dp : yeah anu just come lets see what is happeneing….

They all went to swasan room….

There the saw sanskaar was standing in making a puppy face and swara was sitting on bed in making soooo angry mood……

Dp : swara beta what happened?

Swara : ask him dad what he did

Dp looks at sanskaar as questioning eyes….

Sanskaar : dad she’s shouting unnecessarily…..

Swara : oh really Mr. Maheshwari then fine i have gone mad now that am shouting unnecessarily…..

Sanskaar : swara…

Swara : nope not a word dad mom you’ll wanna listen what ur son did… today is Anjali’s godhbharai he told yesterday infront of us that he wont go to office so why he’s going now?

Everyone is like controlling their laugh seeing swara’s childness….

Anu : umm she’s right sanskaar you told infront us….

Sanskaar ; but mom its urjent presenatation that’s why i am going……

Swara : nothing is important than family….

Adi : sanakaar why r u troubling my sister…

Adi comes and sits beside swara and took her in a side hug….

Adi : see how much she has lost sweat in you…. why u wanna go… give that presenattion to ur assistant he will make it…..

Swara : no no bhaiya let him go and lisn mr. Maheshwari if you will go i wont talk with you neither any of the family members will talk….
She looks at everyone (isn’t it?)

Everyone was like smiled and took part in her childishness obivioudly they know its her moodswings because swara too gets angry in normal but she never behave like child…..

Sanskaar was like ???

Sanskaar : ok ok chill hands up…. i am not going happy…..

Laksh and ragini were standing together….

Laksh whispers to ragini : see this all happes in pregnancy i dont know what you will do in mood swings……

Ragini just hit him with elbows…..

Laksh winces

Adi : ok my darling sister he’s not going now u be calm and pankhu please take her down and sanskaar you come with me……

Swara looks at sanskaar and twisted her tongue and went with pankhuri…..

Dp and anu smiled at their children and went down ?

Adi was consoling his brother…..

Adi : hehe brother its ok you know it actually happens but its ur fault u shouldn’t go….

Sanskaar : bhaiya but it’s new presentation which i have to make that’s why i was going….

Adi ; whatever sanskaar give it to assistant. When they will be needed now only swara needs you understood……

Sanskaar : ik bhai but seriously mood swings changes so much. …

Adi : i know bhai i have toh seen more swara is nothing infront of pankhuri??

Sanskaar : hehe woh toh hai i still remember how bhabhi didn’t let u go to office everyday??

Adi ; ?????? chal chal our sister would be coming in some hours….

As they went and started looking at preparations……

Precap : swara’s more atyaachaar on sanskaar…..
Anjali’s godhbharai…..

Likes comments votes everything is appreciated…..

And please rate pv in scale of 10….


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    Update next part soon!! Love this ff & incomplete journey too 🙂

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    Awesome dear swara is so cute n sanskar is so caring
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