Kriyam FF chapter Love in trip (episode 15)

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It’s morning

Kriyam gets ready and leave for Krishna’s grandma’s house. They soon reach there. Krishna’s hands are shaking badly to ring the door bell. Sayyam notices this and holds her hand and they both ring the doorbell. Krishna is constantly looking at Sayyam while he is looking straight at the door. A very young woman opens the door.

Krishna – Can I speak to Latika Mathur.

Woman – Yes please come in.

Krishna and Sayyam both enter the Mathur house.

Woman – Latikaji somebody has come to meet you.

A old lady enters and introduces herself as Latika Mathur.

Latika – Who are you both.

Krishna – (with a stern and angry look) You don’t know me but you must be remembering your son, Krishna.

Latika – Yes he is my son. But who are you and I am sorry but if you came here to meet him, then he is no more.

Krishna – I know that. And I am his daughter.

Latika – What!! You are Soumya’s and Krishna’s daughter. Ooh Thank God for sending my grandchild to me. And who is this man with you beta.

Krishna – He is my husband. And no need of showing this fake care. I know you never loved me. And I don’t even need your love I just want to know why you stole my sister.

Sayyam is standing there listening. He gets happy to see Krishna fighting for herself and when Krishna introduced him as her husband it was the best feeling for him.

Latika – (tensed) I stole her because she was dark and I didn’t want any dark girl.

Krishna – (holds Sayyam’s hand and tears roll down her eyes) She was just a small child, how can someone be soo heartless to snatch a child from his mother. When you looked at her, your heart didn’t melt? Tell me in which orphanage you left her.

Latika – I hate her. I still hate her. But I love you beta. Don’t leave me alone.

Krishna – (in a loud tone) I asked you in which orphanage you left her.

Latika – I left her in the Children’s care orphanage of Chandigarh. Please don’t leave me.

Sayyam is shocked to hear this orphanage’s name but he doesn’t react.

Krishna – Sayyam come with me. (Sayyam is still standing there. So she pulls him with her and they are leaving but Latika is shouting Krishna’s name and crying asking her to stop. But Krishna is not listening and leaves with Sayyam)

Krishna – Sayyam….. (she is about to speak but her phone rings)

Krishna – Hello Baby

Baby – Hii Krishna, so many days have passed but you didn’t called nor messaged. Is everything OK.

Krishna – Yes baby everything is fine. Actually I was busy caring for Rutvi that’s why I didn’t call. Baby I will talk to you later Bye.

Krishna forgets to cut the call and Baby is about to cut but stops as she hears Krishna speaking to Sayyam.

Krishna – Sayyam take me to the Children’s care orphanage. I can’t wait to find out about my sister. (Baby is shocked to hear that Krishna wants to go to that orphanage and confused)

Sayyam is lost and doesn’t respond, so Krishna shakes him a bit.

Krishna – Sayyam I am observing from some time. Why are you so lost. What are you hiding from me.

Sayyam – Krishna I not hiding anything. It’s just that the orphanage where we are going. (He takes a deep breath) I and Baby lived there.

Krishna – (Puts a hand on his shoulder) I can understand your situation Sayyam. If you don’t want to come, it’s OK I will go alone.

Sayyam – No Krishna I am not leaving you. We will go together.

(Baby is Still listening to all this. In her mind “I have to go there. I don’t know what is Krishna hiding from all of us. But I can sense that it is something very serious. I can’t leave Krishna alone. I will take the next flight and reach there)

It takes them 1 and half hour to reach there as the orphanage is situated some distance away from the city.

It’s evening when they reach there.

They enter together.

Sayyam – Krishna we will go to the record room. From there you will get to know about your sister. (Krishna was looking at Sayyam when he was saying this. She was reading his face. She understood that Sayyam wanted to go and meet all the people he knew there)

Krishna – We will go to the record room but first show me your first how. ( He surprisingly looked at her and was happy to know that she understood him so well).

They both went around and Sayyam greeted his old family. They all seemed happy to see their old child back. (Here Baby reached the orphanage and started looking for Kriyam. Finally she found them but she kept hiding to know the motive of Kriyam’s visit.)

After some time in the record room.

Sayyam – Hiten uncle we want to know that on 16th September 1993 a woman came her here and gave a newborn baby girl, so please tell us her name and her other details.

Hiten uncle – Ok Sayyam let me check.

He is checking, while Krishna is standing there with her eyes closed and her fingers crossed and Sayyam is admiring her cute expressions. Baby is standing outside a window and watching all this with tears.

Hiten uncle – I found the file. Yes a woman named Latika gave this girl. Her name is… Aree Sayyam she is your best friend Baby.

Krishna Falls down and starts crying holding Sayyam’s leg. He sits beside her wiping her tears and consoles her.

Krishna – (still sobbing) Sayyam, Baby is my sister but how can I tell her. She will never believe me she will never accept me. (As soon as she finishes the sentence, she feels someone’s hug from behind, she turns and sees Baby hugging her)

Baby – (crying) Why I won’t believe you. Why I won’t accept you.

Krishna – (Hugs Baby) Baby we are real sisters and twins.  (They both hug each other and get happy)

Sayyam – Offo Now if you both are done with your emotional scene can we go home. It’s already 7.30 it will take almost 2 hours to reach. Once we reach home we will sit and sort out everything.

Both the girls agree and they leave for home. Baby and Krishna are sitting in the backsit. And on their way Baby tells them how she came here. And then Krishna tells her everything from that storeroom incident to the orphanage truth.

Baby – I want to meet that woman who made all of us suffer so much.

Krishna – Yes we will go there but tomorrow.

They finally reach home at retire to their rooms as all were dead tired.

Precap – Goons mistakenly attacks Krishna assuming her as Baby.  Krishna slaps Sayyam.








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