Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 20)

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Let’s begin…

Voice:aawaz neeche…

All looks at the direction

Sanskar was standing there with Ragini in his arms….

Sanskar sees band bhaaja’s were stopped

Sanskar shouts:bhajao…nahi tho…

All resumes the band bhaaja

Sanskar smiles widely

Laksh: sanskaar yeh sab kya hai??oh you want to prove your both’s victory… And in this house you are not the one who is staying here… And i don’t want this nonsense in my house

Sanskar gives a toothy smile??: ahaan?!

Laksh glares him…

Ragini to sanskar: sanskar leave me

Sanskar:arey if i leave will fall na…no no i can’t take a chance…ek baath tho hai..if i leave you then you will fall…what will happen next…tumhari kamar toot jayegi…i mean fracture and i only have to pick you up in my arms romantic…should i leave you…….

Ragini looks other side being disgusted…

Sanskar:uffff yeh gussa…???

Kavya: let’s do the grahpravesh

Sanskar:thankgod kavya…tum nahi hoti tho shayad hame ghar ke bahar hi rehna padta(he sees laksh and smiles)and our first night would be….

Ragini was glaring him…

Laksh gets hurt by his words

Sanskar:i was just…???kavya grahpravesh kardo jaldi…

After doing the aarthi..

She keeps the rice pot..

Sanskar makes Ragini stand…

She angrily about to go….
He held her wrist and pulls her and picks her in his arms

Ragini: sanskar chodo mujhe..

Sanskar:after marriage it’s said that husband and wife are one…so instead of my o2
He kicks the rice pot

Ragini was frustrated and she couldn’t do anything infront of this guy…

Laksh was standing there he was getting Sanskar…he was getting angry at himself for falling in love with a Ragini…

Sanskar wantedly: Raastha choda jaye!

Laksh storms from there….

Sanskar looks at Sujatha.. She looks other side….

He then directly goes to his room…

San: till today morning it was my room and from now it is our room

Ragini: atleast now put me down

Sanskar: are you sure??

He loses his grip…

Ragini fears that he will not make her stand but will put her for.. She held his shoulders tight and closed her eyes tight…
He smiles seeing her expression..

But he placed her on bed…

Ragini opens her eyes feeling herself safe… She finds Sanskar too close to her..

She angrily pushes him

San:ow…meine suna tha log hamesha pyaar mein dhakke kha jaate hai.i didn’t believe it before…but now i believe it

Ragini was crying silently and she didn’t listen his nonsense talks…

Sanskar didn’t notice that she is crying…

Sanskar teasingly:now you rest for sometime and get ready as my bride for tonight….. Won’t you think this night of ours should be magical?!

Nikhil comes there and drags him out

“get ready as my bride for tonight…..”rings in her ears…

Her eyes have turned red.. She didn’t blink her eyes…
She gets determined of something and closes her eyes:magical!


Ragini didn’t came out of the room….
She was still in the white colour salwar…

Kavitha and kavya comes there.. They were really sad for Ragini… It cannot be ignored that Sanskar married her without her wish

Kavitha sits next to her: i can understand your pain…but try to forget those…

Kavya:ha Ragini..may be Sanskar have did this…

Ragini gets up: i want to be alone please…

They goes…

Ragini sees a vase and breaks it…

After sometime…

Sanskar comes there….

Sanskar joking: so are you ready for this night..hmm?

Ragini’s back was faced to him….

She held the piece of glass..

She felt him near her….

He holds her shoulder….

She was about to prick the glass piece on him..before she could do that sanskar have held her wrist

Sanskar smile: just miss…huff..o2 are turning to jungli billi!hmm not bad…

Ragini tries to free her wrist..

Sanskar takes the glass piece and throws it aside

He leaves her…

Ragini cries: what are you waiting for…

She throws her shawl…

Ragini: come on. You have rights on me right what are you waiting for….!!! but get one thing straight in mind Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari….i can never be yours … You may be have won but you will only get my lifeless body …you wanted my love right…from now you will just witness my hatred….i hate you to the core…i hate you from the bottom of my heart

Sanskar was shocked he didn’t expect Ragini would take him seriously…. What hurt him the most was she thought that he loves her for her body..

Ragini: why are your standing still.. Don’t tell me you got hurt..jahan tak mujhe pata hai dard naam ke cheez tho tumhare paas hai hi nahi…ek ek pal aap tadpoge… This my promise…

He looks at her he only found the pure hatred for him which he couldn’t bare…

He took her shawl and places it on her
And he moves out

Here swara was waiting for laksh was no where to be seen

And here laksh was walking on the road.. He was drunk.. He was totally seemed because of the rain

wo lamhey woh batain koi na janay
ne kaysi ratain woo barsatain
wo bheegi bheegi yadain
wo bheegi bheegi yadain
yadain yadain yadain

Laksh cries: why did you do this.. Ragini why????

Here sanskar was outside the mm
“You have rights on me right what are you waiting for….!!! but get one thing straight in mind Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari….i can never be yours … You may be have won but you will only get my lifeless body …you wanted my love right…from now you will just witness my hatred….i hate you to the core…i hate you from the bottom of my heart”rings in his ears

Sanskar: Mein Ragini ko paake bhi kho chuka hoon..aisa kya hai us laksh mein jo mujhme nahi hai… Laksh is lucky and unlucky both..lucky because Ragini loves more than anyone in the world and unlucky because he couldn’t recognise her love for him….and me..i was never lucky enough to get anyone’s love…

na main jano na to janay ahhhh
kaysay hay yeh mausum
koi na janay
kaheen say yeh khiza aye
ghammonn ki dhoop sang lai
khafa hogay hum
juda hogay hum

Here Ragini slides down the wall and pulls her leg and cries remembering all the incidents jayenge in the single day

woh lamhaey woh batain koi na janay
ni kaysi ratain woh barsatain
woh bheegi bheegi yadain
woh bheegi bheegi yadain
yadain yadain yadain

Sanskar determined: but not this time….Ragini u love me or not…my one sided love is enough for both of us.. i just need you in my life and trust me i never lusted over you….i promise you that i love you and i will keep loving you and i will love you until i die…because you are the reason where i am still alive….

Laksh:i would make you so guilty Ragini that you will have to witness my hated every moment of your life…

To be continued….

3 broken people’s where would this story reach???atlast who would have the happy ending??or it would end with the hatred?

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