Swasan FF: Our Angel Part 12 ( old name Ae dil hai mushkil)

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Hii, sryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for taking so much time. Actually I thought to end other ff then I will concentrate on it. And more than me you can say thanks to Shan and my sis. This time they didn’t let me forget this story. Every time they used remind me.
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After completing whole arrangements swasan bid bye to everyone. Boys were still angry with him, they were giving him cute angry looks. They promised them to take on ice cream party after function.
In whole way both were engrossed in their own thoughts.

Swara’s monologue
Now no tension, sanskar will talk to Bhai about marriage. Then I myself will find girl for him. In between all this I forgot about gifts, think swara how you will able to give him. Most importantly will he accept it but why he will not. As frnd he should accept it. But if he ask why I take it, then what I will answer I also don’t know. Uff so much problems but no solution.

There kabir was ready to burst out, one side his sister is no where, she is also not picking his phone which making him angery and other side no one remembers his birthday. He was trying hard to tell that tmrw is his birthday but no giving him any heeds.
Sanskar was in his dream land only where he wanna every second of his life with his angel.

Next day, Mrng
Sanskar and kabir silently sitting there and waiting for breakfast. Unlike usual day swara not come there to wake him. It give kabir hope that she must be planning something. Sanskar was smiling seeing him, he can easily figure out how much kabir is irritated and desperate . Soon both of their eyes shine with listening a sweet voice, their lips curved in smile. For one it give him a hope and for other it give him immerse happiness to heart.
Voice: good morning Bhai and sanskar.

Kabir : Shona, anything special today. You also not in mrng.
Sanskar: yeah swara everything okay na.
She glared sanskar who chuckled seeing her reaction.
Swara: yeah everything fine, yesterday I slept late night na that’s why I don’t able to come early.
Kabir: kk but shona , is today something special ? I don’t know why I feeling like it. I mean I think we’re forgetting something.
Swara: special, let me think. Sanskar you also think na.
Both started to act like thinking.

Kabir sees them with hope , now both will say sry and wish him. But both just sees toward each other and supress their smile.
Swara: umm sry I don’t getting anything. Sanskar, do you get anything.
Sanskar: no, not at all. I cursing this day. I feeling like something must bad happened this day.
Kabir: I will tell you later , what bad happened in this day. But really you both are useless. Specially shona you, his company is effecting you.
Swara: but Bhai, what I did?( With very innocent face)

Sanskar: and what do you mean by my company effecting , do you mean I am spoiling her.
Kabir: nothing, I am going office. You also go home and you idiot come fast.
Without giving any chance to them he rush from there. Swasan sees toward each other, swara was little sad seeing kabir went without taking breakfast. Sanskar signal her, he will make sure he must not be hungry. She nodded in yes.
Sanskar: by the way swara, why you also not shift here. I mean in mrng you come to wake him then in night also you come here to meet him. It will be easy for both of you.
She just smiled and took her belongings.

Swara: when time will come then you will get your whole answer. And leave all that I going to recheck arrangements. You also go office and remember what you have to do.
He confusedly nodded in yes, she about to move from there.
Sanskar: swara, I will wait for that day. When you’ll yourself tell me every answer. Also give answer of my unsaid questions.
Without saying anything she went from there.
Sanskar: I know there is something which no one know. The way you show your self is not you. I want to meet real you. For that I can wait for whole life. Because you’re my angel and I love my very much.
Someone listened it with teary eyes and give weak smile.
Whole day trio were busy in their works, swara was busy in her work place whereas sanskar was busy in some meetings and ofcurse dreaming about his angel. Most busy person was kabir who was trying to make remember everyone about his birthday. Also flirting with girls.
After finishing work sanskar sees toward kabir in disbelievingly.

Kabir angrily entered inside sanskar cabin and started murmuring something.
Sanskar: kabir, can’t you keep silence for some moments. Moreover I am very confused regarding your behaviour.
Kabir: what??
Saying it he turned his face and started to play with paper pin.
Sanskar: one thing I really don’t able to understand you always used to busy in flirting but if even anyone try to talk swara then you become angry.
Kabir: so simple, I flirt because they let me do. If they were like shona then I must be resting in heaven. And moreover it’s fact we boys are very protective toward our sister. And we don’t think…
Sanskar slap his forehead and interrupt him.
Sanskar: yeah I understand what you wanna say. Leave it , because you’ll not going to change yourself. And don’t you think you disturb swara lot.
Kabir: means
Sanskar: why you not ma….

Before he could complete, his phone interrupt their conversation. Seeing name his lips curved into bright smile. Kabir also turned towards him listening ring.
Kabir: whose call is this? And why are you giving close up ad ?
Sanskar: nthg, just one minute.
Kabir: something fishy
sanskar pick the call and go near window. Meanwhile kabir started to see stuffs on table.
Sanskar: I remember, just wait for some time.

The other person nodded say yes.
He cut the call and turn toward kabir who was about to take a photo frame from his table.
Sanskar: kabir
Due to sudden voice it fall down from his hand. Kabir about to pick it but he come and keep it on table.
Kabir: sanskar, what is it?
Sanskar: nothing, leave it. You have to come with for meeting.
Kabir: listen, don’t try to change topic. First show me that pic.
Sanskar: Arre it’s just ….
Kabir: what just…
He tried to take frame from table. Before he could be successful in it, sanskar took it and started to run with it. Kabir started to chase him.
Between all these things sanskar completely forgotten about plan. After sometime both tiredly sit at chairand fall asleep.
At other side
Swara who was already tired due to work, now anger taking place in her. Again and again she seeing toward door for arrival of sanbir.
Angrily she started cursing sanskar.
Like it 1 hour passed.
swara’s monologue
It’s my fault to give him responsibility, now only I have to do something. But if I will call him then surely he will catch me. Umm yeah I will ask someone to call.
Sanbir came in sense by someone call, kabir pick the it.
Kabir: what, just wait I am coming.
Seeing his reaction sanskar face expression change into worriedness.
Sanskar: everything okay na.
Kabir: nothing okay, vo someone is troubling my children.
Sanskar: children…
He get who must be behind this call, still act like he doesn’t know anything.
Kabir: yeah, me and shona use to go one orphanage leave it. I don’t know what happened there but all are hided in farm house. Fastly i need to reach there. You stay here , I going.
Sanskar: wait me also coming along you.
Kabir: but, kk come fast.

At farm house,
Swara with children waiting for kabir’s arrival. Soon their wait over, they heard car horn. All turned off light and hided in corner.
Sanskar and kabir entered there, kabir started shouting. His state was more worse than hell, he was breathing and sweating heavily.
Sanskar: cool down buddy..
Kabir: what cool down I …..
Before he could complete light turn on, which results to shock him completely.
Swara and children standing come out with pamphlet in hand.
Kabir about to burst on them for calling him like it but seeing their cute face and of curse his sis shona who is giving him sry look.
Swara: bhaiiiii before you will burst on us, we are sry for calling you like it. But what to do someone at end moment betray us. So we don’t have any options.
She said it looking toward sanskar, he give her sry look. She ignored it and went towards kabir.
Swara: happy birthday Bhai
Kabir: So my shona was acting like forgetting my bday.
Swara: yeah what you think, I can forget your birthday. It can’t be possible.
Kabir: you should get punishment for making me sad, you know how much I was upset.
Sanskar was enjoying their talks but also sad seeing she is not looking at him which was piercing his heart.

Swara: hawww punishment but we all did it for you na. So we should get rearward.
Sanskar: well I agree with her.
Swara : see Bhai your best frnd is also agreeing with me.
Listening ‘ your best frnd’ it make him more sad.
Kabir: okay then you’ll get whatever you’ll ask. So tell what you want.
Swara: I will ask later, now come all are desperately waiting for you.
Children started to greet him and gave handmade gifts.
Swara also come with packet in hand.
Swara: Bhai, you wear it. And no question…
Kabir: if i will say no then also you’ll give me, so better I should take it without any arguments.
Swara: good decision.

He took it and went inside.
Children became busy with themselves. Sanskar come toward swara who is fully giving him angry glare.
Sanskar; swara
Swara: what swara, if at end moment I not got idea of calling him then you must fail my plan. First time I trusted someone… leave it. You’ll not understand ….
Sanskar: plz atleast listen me na, i ask him to accompany me but you know na how much your brother is expert of diverting things. He diverted my mind.
Swara: Still you had responsibility and you failed in it.
Sanskar: I know, I should be careful but…
His voice became chocked, without able to complete he left from there.
Sensing his sadness, she felt like some thunder fell on her.
Swara: sanskar, I just..

Sanskar: i come after seeing everything is fine na.
He went from there with moist eyes.
Swara: I think I reacted over, I know Bhai it’s next to impossible make him agree for something. Without knowing anything I blame him. I need to say sry.
She started to think something to ask sorry from him.
Scene shift to sanskar who is controlling his tears, he was very sad for not able to fulfil first responsibility which his love has given.
Sanskar’s monologue

Now only due to my foolishness she is angry, I can’t take it. Seeing anger for me in her eyes I feeling like dying. I am really bad who also not able to do simple things. I should say sry, hope she forgive me and again consider me as frnd.
After sometime kabir also came in hall. He became overwhelming seeing arrangements. All children held his finger and make him stand in front of cake.
Aman: Bhai, first cut the cake na.
Swara: ha Bhai cut it or else they become mad. Since cake came all are seeing it.
Sanskar was also there, he was just silently standing there. Swara noticed it and became more guilty.
In between it kabir cut the cake and give first bite to swara, which results her to move her gaze from sanskar to kabir.
She ate some bite and make him eat also. After it he turned towards sanskar who give him fake smile.

Kabir catch it but choose to ask it later.
He make him eat, sanskar wishes him and make him eat also.
Sanskar: A small gift from my side, sry vo in mrng I was teased you na.
Kabir: means you were also with all of them.
Swara: ha Bhai, he help us lot. All thanks to him. If he didn’t help us then I don’t know it would be possible or not.
Sanskar: i just help but it was her plan. And all hard work were her.
Saying it he went from there leaving confuse kabir and guilty swara.
Kabir: something happen between you both.
Swara told him everything how she speak to him.
Kabir: he tried best but I only spoiled it.
It make her more guilty.

Swara: yeah but now see na how he is behaving. Let me talk to him, till then you enjoy.
He nodded in yes.
Sanskar sadly standing at corner.
Swara: sanskar listen yr I am sry I..
Sanskar: I should be sry, you were not at all fault.
Swara: but I should listen you na. Bhai told me everything, I am really big fool who doesn’t know how to behave.
Sanskar: it’s kk I can understand how much your brother happiness is important for you.
Swara: are you taunting me?
Sanskar: I don’t mean that, i mean if in your place I also be there then may I reacted same way. So forget it and also forgive me.
Swara: first you forgive me and also smile. You looking like 21st century devdas.
Sanskar: At one condition
Swara: what?

Sanskar: I have something for you , you have to accept it without any arguments. If it okay then I will also smile or else I will live like it only in your words like devdas. So you think…
Swara: but how could I
Sanskar: why don’t you think me as frnd. I used to thought you as best frnd. But kk leave it.. , I can understand I am no one to you then why you’ll accept my gifts. ( With sad full voice)
Swara: stop drama, I will but I also wanna give you something and also not going to deny.
His happiness was no bounds, it is not only for she is accepting but also she is giving him something which means he is also making some place in her heart. As he don’t want to show her how much he is desperate he just nodded in yes.
Swara: one minute I am coming
Sanskar: hmm, me also
Precap: sanskar telling kabir about name of his angel. Swara asking something from kabir.
I know it’s not up to mark, it’s side effect of updating so late.
I will try to be regular…
If you like it then pls cmnt

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