Meri Durga 29th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 29th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga going to temple and talking to Lord Hanuman. She talks innocently and asks Lord not to send her to Bhiwani, else he will be doing wrong. Pandit hears her and smiles. He asks her to do puja, as her problem is very big. Durga writes letter to Hanuman, asking him to do anything, she does not want to go to Bhiwani. She gives him fav chocolates and says save me, don’t let me go Bhiwani. Pandit says world gives sweets, you got toffees. She says if I give sweets, Hanuman ji will not remember what prasad I got. He says Hanuman ji will be glad and fulfill your wish. She asks really. He says yes, take prasad before going. She leaves.

Shilpa and a guy plan and tease an uncle. The guy says you made my coin fall down. Shilpa acts and asks uncle to give 5rs to the guy. The man agrees to give 5rs. Durga comes and stops the man. She says I will find their 5rs coin, wait. She shows the bottle cap to the man and says this is their 5rs coin, they were fooling you, they do this every day. The man asks how do you know. Durga says they are my brother and sister, I know them well. He says strange kids, and goes. Shilpa scolds Durga.

Durga says I returned your favor. Shilpa pills her ears and hair. Durga defends. Yashpal comes and scolds Durga for fighting with elder sister. Her cousin complains about Durga. Both Cousins act and blame Durga for doing fraud and taking money from strangers. Shilpa asks Yashpal to send Durga to Bhiwani. Durga says they are lying, they do theft and blame me. Yashpal says Durga can lie, but she can never do theft. Sheela argues with Yashpal and asks till when will he support Durga. He says I will support her till she is right, Durga is my belief, she is my pride. Sheela says sorry, make her pagdi and wear her on head if she is your pride. Sheela asks Dadi to divide the house, I m fed up of every day fights. Dadi asks Sheela to stop argument, when there are two stoves at home, house peace burns first.

Dadi gets sad and talks to her husband. She tells Yashpal’s sacrifices for the family, and now Sheela is asking for house division instead thanking him, if division happens, Yashpal will get less food in plate, before I die, Yashpal’s life should get set, once his daughters get married, he will not bow down head in front of anyone. She cries.

Durga’s friends play and miss Durga. A boy talks to his dad by signs. He gets sad and says just Durga would understand his signs. They think what will happen when Durya goes. Shri asks Yashpal where is Durga. Durga’s mum says she is doing homework, she will come. Durga sees the family dining and stays away. Subhadra makes face seeing the simple food. Shri praises the food. Subhadra asks her to eat from her plate too. Yashpal asks what happened. Subhadra says I had food in market when I went for shopping I afternoon, I will have food later. Durga thinks did dad remove my name from school, why is no one asking me. She signs her mum to ask. Her mum asks Yashpal did he talk to principal to remove Durga’s name. Yashpal recalls and says I could not talk, principal got a call and I did not get chance again. Durga thanks Lord. Durga’s mum says I think Durga did not eat any food till now, she is studying a lot since day. Yashpal asks her to let Durga study.

Durga’s friends stay sad, while song Inteha hogaia intezaar ki…..plays on radio. Durga comes there and they get glad seeing her. Her friend gives her snacks and apologize. She eats snacks. He asks what happened, you are not happy after having snacks. She says dad will get my name removed tomorrow. She says dad says right, studies are necessary, he should also understand, maths is everyone’s enemy, I m leaving my village because of maths. His friend says we could not play ludo without you. She says you all can’t do anything without me, Hanuman ji saved me today, but tomorrow dad will remove my name, do something that I don’t need to go Bhiwani.

Durga tries to convince Yashpal. She asks her friends to come fast and stop Yashpal. Durga tries to convince teacher and holds his feet. He asks her to move back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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