Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir giving gun to Bihaan and asks him to win the game and his life if he can. Bihaan accepts his challenge while his family try to stop him. Kabir says drum will be played. Just as it stops, they have to turn first and shoots the other fast. Drum is being played. Kabir and Bihaan with their head turn to other side. Drum stops. Kabir turns and shoots at Bihaan. Everyone is shocked and scared. Kabir asks why didn’t you shoot at me. I asked. Bihaan says if I had shot then how do I prove that I hadn’t burnt your sister Neha’s house. He says I will die, but will not do this bad thing with anyone. He gives pistol in his hand and asks him to kill him if he wants. Vasu says this is my son…and asks Bihaan to take her promise and tell him. She keeps his hand on her head.

Kabir is shocked and asks his goons to go out. Kabir and Neha leaves from there. Vasu says I was sure that Thapki will make everything fine. Bihaan says where is she? Sankara thinks you will not get Thapki, but her dead body. Bihaan tells Vasu that Thapki’s call is not ringing. Sankara tells that Thapki and Kabir are one from body and soul. She says Thapki and Kabir love each other, may be Thapki went following him. Bihaan asks her to stop her nonsense. Preeti shows the video to Bihaan and says she has made an awesome video. Vasu scolds Preeti for showing the video when they are very much worried about Thapki. Bihaan sees burqa clad women taking Thapki in car and tells she is Thapki. He sees video carefully and recalls burqa clad woman colliding with her, and Sankara telling him that she is unwell and they are taking him to hospital.

Kabir comes back and tells Bihaan that he came to return the house papers to Thapki which he made her signed. Preeti says how you will meet her, as she is kidnapped. Kabir is shocked. Bihaan says I am going to search her. Kabir says I want to come with you and says I don’t want her to get punished for others’ crime. He says please Bihaan. Bihaan says you said right that Thapki shall not be punished for anyone’s mistake. He asks him to come. Sankara and Neha get tensed. Vasu asks God to help them. Bihaan and Kabir find the taxi who took burqa clad kidnappers and asks driver about them. He says I don’t know them and runs to escape. Bihaan and Kabir follows him. They catch the driver and slap him.

Kabir asks him to tell truth. Bihaan asks who are that women, and where is Thapki. Driver says I was paid 5000 Rs. for keeping my mouth shut. Bihaan asks where is Thapki? Driver says he will take them here. Vasu calls Bihaan. Bihaan tells that they caught the driver and is going there. Sankara hears her and tell Neha that they have to shift Thapki somewhere. Vasu stops them and asks where are you going? Sankara says we are going to help Bihaan. Vasu says I will also come. Sankara says no, and tells you shall stay at home, as if Thapki returns somebody should be at home. Driver brings Kabir and Bihaan to a place and says that he dropped them here. Sankara and Neha also reach there and are worried.

Sankara hits Neha and asks her to shout and divert their mind, so that she can shift Thapki to other place. Neha shouts. Bihaan and Kabir turns and ask she is doing here? She says I came here following you both. They ask about her wound. She says she had slipped. Kabir went to bring bandage. Bihaan searches for the house. Sankara comes to Thapki and takes her out of that room. Bihaan enters there, but finds the room empty. Sankara hides just as he is about to see him. Kabir bandages Neha. Neha screams to divert his mind. Sankara makes Thapki sit in her car and drives off. Neha tells Kabir that her wound is okay now. Bihaan comes back to Kabir and says someone have taken Thapki from here. Kabir says where, if anything happens to her. Bihaan says I won’t let anything happen to my Thapki until I am alive.

Sankara tells unconscious Thapki that she won’t let her snatch bihaan from her, and throws match stick. The fire is lighted around her chair. Thapki is still unconscious. Sankara smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Amazing..! ?? thanks SW…
    finally Kabir realized that Bihan is innocent..
    Neha n Sankar should get punishment.!! ??
    I hope Thapki’s all-right.. ?

  2. end of kankar thahaan going to unite leap on the way Jaya mam and cAmeraman already confirmed that thahaAn will be unite before leap tomorrow gd game over bye bye kauwa and gd hi guys thahaAn forever so kauwa will fly forever and so thaBir pan masala promoters happy

    1. Manish ki deewani

      hi anu really thahaan will unite before leap wow happy wali news .thahaan r the best .also kankar out of house yr ot bye bye good bye to them

  3. Wow, awesome twists, bihaan refused to shoot kabir….and now they join hands to find thapki….
    Finally SW make a good storyline…
    Precap is scary…
    Hope the best for thahaan

  4. Manish ki deewani

    so Bihaan thank God u r safe . also u didn’t shoot kabir wow .kabir hope soon u realize this properly that bihaan didn’t burn the neha’s house becoz still u r confused .sankra and neha u both r crazy .u both r at the peak of evilness
    writers i wonder hw this sankri manage thapki and fish ball together really.
    hello pooja garima vino shruti santhosh bhai

  5. Hope for the best. Thahaan forever.

  6. Like always amazing episode and when kabir joins Bihaan in finding thapki super ??
    Hoping for thahaan return to each other and sanker and neha plan expose ??
    Hello pooja, sulbi, leena, aun, rinka ritz ,NaiTan and all thahaan fans , how are you ??
    Love u All TAKe care ?❤

    1. Hi Sandy, I’m fine thank you…and I’m really happy!!♡♡♡

  7. Vinolin.d

    wow… superb anu.its really good news for all thahaanians..thanks a lot my dear. I hope bihaan will save thapki.I am waiting for tomorrow episode.hai pooja, garima,anu,Jo,sruthi,naitan,kudrat,Leena,reshal,Ritz, juvi and all thahaanians pls comments…

    1. Hi Vino…yes it’s getting more interesting… finally we get great storyline… thanks to the new writer
      Hope for the best

  8. Heya Shehla, Divya, Avanti seems like they finally got to the point where Kabit has gotten over what he thought Bihaan did so he probably be gone soon.

    Hope to see ya guys soon 😀

    1. Is it confirmed he’s not gonna stick around after the leap?

      1. See ya guys around! I recommend Chandra Nandini, Pardes mein hai mere dil and Bajiao Mastani, so far the content is good!

    2. Hello shahid,though now kabir’s revenge is over. so his role is going to end soon.

      What a crap?Seriously cvs brought the unique way to vindicate the evil deeds of bihaan.So in future,don’t be surprise if you might get to see weird excuses to clean off the dirt from questionable character manhandling and abusing your partner is not wrong in this show because the ML committed the crime.But commiting the same mistakes/crime by others are treated as heinous crime because they are not leads just a supporting character.Bihaan have licence to commit crime, he is excluded from punishments,,,no matter how big the crime is
      Moral of the show is-A stammering girl only deserves a goon mawali illiterate guy.

      Hello Shehla and Avanti,finally u gals back.good to see your yesterday comments

    3. Lol i dont knwo if he is going to leave for definite but thats what normally happens, Kosi has gone too maybe she return one day but for now she has gone.

      Kabir is still my fave character by far.

      I left my instagram link so ya guys could add me but i guess it got rempved because you not allowed to do that.

      1. Cant post links here, you guys should head over to IF for that. This show is pathetic with a main lead like Bihan no wonder the TRP’S have been on the lower side consistently. Kabir deserves better than the Pandey zoo, I’m glad Sehban want be a part of this anymore. Possibly the only character so far which made sense and is normal, well done Sehban for giving us Kabir!

  9. thanks to Pretty for the video… ?
    I think Vadundra has suspicion about Sankar ‘s behave..
    foolish Neha.., allowed herself beaten by evil sankar.. ?
    Waiting for the end of sankar’s..

  10. Wow..nice episode…but precap… hope thapki will be alright and safe..thahan will united

  11. guys happy happy ho jao good good news camera man said thahaAn remarriage on the way I can’t tell much but yeah whatever we want going to fulfil extremely happy thahaAn forever guys

    1. so happy with your info.. ??

    2. Wow thahaan remarriage ? ❤️ Finally we will see thahaan reunion thanks anu for this happy news ??

    3. Thanks for the news, this is a Happy news for thahaan fans, if the news is true, hope there is no tragedy will happen in their remarriage, Thahaan Forever

    4. Guys, i’ve just read toi spoiler, it’s true gonna be remarriage and thapki gets pregnant…so happy
      Kosi and sankara back to pandey nivas in disguess as maids and plans bomb… but i don’t care as long as thahaan united.
      I’m so happy 🙂 🙂

  12. Today episode is Amazing, Bihaan is so gentlemen & he don’t pull the gun, he want to proves that he is innocent, then he team up with kabir to find thapki, Hope thapki is safe & sankar’s crime will be exposed soon, please get her out from TPK.. Thahaan Forever..

  13. Navami

    Good episode like the twist.hope…every thing will be propr and thahan reunite…

  14. after all of those happened., waiting for good n valuable story-line..
    please don’t make a joke on marriage again.
    Always keep save Thahaan togetherness. ? ? ? ??

  15. Thank you any dear,for sharing such a happy news for us…which means the evil track will be end soon.thank god.
    Bihaan has to prove that his innocent character today,I hope kabir will realize his mistakes and the truth is Bihaan doesn’t burn his sisters house and so on.excited for today’s episode.
    Thahaan forever…
    Hi,reshal,garima,anu,vino,sruti,navami,sandy,santhosh Bhai…and all thahaaninans have a fresh morning to all….

  16. I mean thank you any dear…

  17. Shankat must get her punishment,she is evil

  18. finally after so many months….a good news hear by tpk…hope so i m not dreaming it…

  19. Another round of silliness in this show – illiterate Sankara owns and can drive a high-end car! Both Sankara and Shradhha, with no income of their own, are always dressed in gold jewelry. Bau ji, supposed to be a major gunda, has no security at home and any goon can enter his home at will 🙂

  20. Saranyasrinivasan

    Plz upload today’s episode soon… Plz…

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