Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 24)

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Swasan consummation

Swara woke up. She tried to sit but felt a hand on her belly. She looked at her side and found the most handsome man of world sleeping besides her. His warm breath was touching her neck. Her hair were scattered in his face. With the most gentle touch she held his hand and placed it on his side. She smiled and remembered last night. A deep red blush filled up her cheek. Suddenly she heard a voice..”I don’t know which is more red… This red sun… Your red sindoor or your red cheeks”
Swara turned her face towards sanskar. He was staring at her with glittering eyes.
Swara: you woke up?
Sanskar: i didn’t sleep..
Swara: why
Sanskar: because…. Because….
Sanskar came closer to her. Swara closed her eyes. She was ready to feel his touch once again. Butterflies started to flutter inside her. But…..she felt a pillow on her face.
Swara opened her eyes.
Sanskar: because you become a professional warrior in bed. You kicked me in sleep 3 times… And punched me 9 times.
Swara: are… You are lying..
Sanskar: oh… I am lying ha… Ohk… You know what.. whenever my eyes closed i got either a punch aur a kick… Aankh bnd hui k tare dikhne lgte the
Swara punched him again.
Sanskar: awooooo
Swara: now you will get punches in daytime too…
Sanskar: acha… See what your punch has done.
Sanskar showed his chest to her. There was a mark of love . Swara blushed hard. She turned around. Sanskar held her shoulders.
Sanskar: so… You were saying i will be getting punches in daytime too… What can i deduce from this.
Swara blushed hard. She pushed sanskar and ran from there leaving a smiling sanskar behind her.

@ ragini’s room
Ragini was getting ready for the rituals. Swara came inside. A smile spread on ragini’s face seeing her.
Ragini: are .. swara… You woke up…
Swara felt her voice was different.
Ragini: swara… Where were you haa..
Swara again felt a naughtiness in her gaze.
Swara: Didi… Woh..
Ragini: are tell me….
She pulled swara towards her.
Ragini: alone..
All the servants moved out.
Ragini: haaa… What’s this… It is me who is getting married but blush is on your face…
Swara again blushed hard. Ragini looked at her wrist. There were marks. She looked at her waist. There were marks too.
Ragini: swara… Did you have a fight with a lion?
Swara: what
Ragini: yes… See na.. there are nail marks on your wrist…on your waist.. see…
Swara looked at her wrist. She remembered how there passion forced sanskar to become tough on her wrist. A smile spread on her face.
Swara: yeah didi… I fought..
Ragini: who won then?
Swara: some fights aren’t meant to be won.. we both lost ourselves and won each other.
Ragini hugged swara. She was happy for her sister.

The marriage rituals began. Both ragini and laksh were looking majestic. The pheras were going on. Everybody was showering flowers on the couple. Swara was busy staring at newlywed when she realised two beautiful eyes looking at her. She felt someone was showering flowers on her. She looked back and saw sanskar showering flowers on her. She blushed.
In a husky voice she said
Swara: sanskar..
Sanskar: hmm
Swara: what are you doing
Sanskar: nothing
Sanskar’s nothing was swaraa’s everything. She blushed hard once again making sanskar wanting for her more.
After the rituals were over laksh came out of the mandap only to find his jutis gone.
Lakshya: are…
Ragini giggled and so did sanskar.
Lakshya: Bhaiya… What do you want… You are not sister of ragini…
Sanskar again giggled. Swara came forward holding jutis in her hand. Lakshya gulped.
Lakshya: bhabhi… Lut jaunga… Sanskar bhaiya… You are my bro… Still you let her… Bhai ho ya kasai…
Sanskar: kasai hi smjh le… I can’t sleep on the floor you know.
Swara stared at sanskar. Sanskar gulped once again.
Lakshya: huh… I ll not give anything to you…
Swara: soch lijiye…
Ragini glared at lakshya.
Lakshya: are… Why me?
Swara: because you are the groom.
Everybody laughed. Lakshya smiled and gave a light slap on swaraa’s head.
Lakshya: what do you want?
Swara: you ll never leave ragini didi alone. You will always be on her side.
A smile appeared on sanskar’s lips. He knew not only his swara was fit to be his wife but also the daughter in law of royal family.

It was night. Everyone slept in the palace. Except two pair of eyes.
Swara: finally happiness in this palace.
Sanskar held her hand tightly.
Swara: what happened?
Sanskar: nothing swara. Just thinking what would i have done if you were not with me!
Swara hugged him tightly. She hid her face in his embrace. Sanskar slid her hair back.
Swara: i will always be there for you…. always.
Sanskar gave a little peck on her hairs. His embrace now tightened. Swara was now feeling the warmth of his body against her.
Sanskar: i love you swara
Swara: i love you too sanskar.
Sanskar’s hands now slid under her dupatta on her waist. His hands were roaming sensuously on her bare back. Swara looked in his eyes. The look made sanskar wanting more.
Sanskar: you were looking beautiful today.
Swara blushed.
Sanskar: only i know how could i manage to control myself.
Swara saw a naughty smile on his lips. She tried to free herself from his grip only to get submitted to him in the end.
Sanskar: how can i leave my beautiful wife so easily…
Swara: even if you try i can’t let you leave me.
Sanskar raised an eyebrow. Swara submitted herself to him with all her love. She knew she was in the safest and most loving hands of the world.

Murder attempt on swara

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