Still need u (Pagal Nilavu fan fiction)

Hi guys I am santhiya. It is been long I wrote a story on tellyupdates. My last two works are fanfiction of hindi serials but this for a Tamil serial pagal nilavu. Now I am watching quite Tamil shows.So I decided to write a fanfiction for pagal nilavu. I feel sneaha and Arjun track seems to be interesting.Ok I know too much talk. Moving on to the story.
It is not going to be a new story but it will be continuation when sneaha secretly calls Arjun from Dilip’s phone.
In phone
Arjun:Sneha hlo sneaha.. u r calling me this time haven’t u slept? Is everything okay?
Sneha sobs.
Sneaha:Arjun actually morning when we are talking Mom came and took my phone. She house arrested me. I thought u will be waiting for my call.Arjun I am feeling like hell.
Arjun:Sneha don’t worry. I will do something. Sneaha whose number is this?
Sneha:This is dileep’s number.He is sleeping.I silently took his phone.Arjun u don’t contact me I will contact you until I get my new phone.
Arjun:Sneha relax this is only for few days.Once u reach Madurai I will sort out everything.
Sneaha:No Arjun I think it is impossible. Mom will not allow me anywhere.
Arjun:Sneha just once say Arjun take me from here. Next minute I will come there and I will take you.
Sneaha:No Arjun I believe one day my mom will accept our love. Because I am her daughter. One day she will understand me.
Arjun: Sneha but..
Sneha:I know Arjun Malar aunty and Tamizh. I know that Tamizh likes you.Even she wants to marry you.
Arjun:Sneha I don’t want to know whether she loves me or not. But in this situation I am clear about one thing that
Sneha I love you. All I need in my life is you.Whatever happens I will marry you.
In background

Un Mugam Paarthey Naan Ezhuvaen

Un Kural Kaettaal Naan Arivaen

Un Nizhal Udane Naan Varuvaen

Punnagai Šeithaal Uyir Vaazhvaen

Oru Kal Oru Kannadi

Udayaamal Mothi Kondaal Kaathal

Oru Sol Sila Mounangal

Paesaamal Paesi Kondal Kaathal

Kangal Irandil Kaathal Vanthaal

Kanneer Mattum Thunai Aagumae

Sneha: Arjun… but Malar aunty. You respect her. If she oppose our relationship?
Arjun:It is the only reason which pulls me back. Let me speak with Tamizh. First I will make her understand.
Sneha:Arjun do u think she will understand?
Meanwhile Dileep wakes up and takes his phone from Sneha.
Arjun:Hlo Sneha.
Dilip :Arjun how dare you?After being insulted u again how could u be such shameless.
Sneha scowls Dilip.
Arjun:Mind Ur words Dilip.
Dilip:Excuse me u mind Ur own business. Sneha is mine. I have been waiting for her for 20 years. Make sure u know one thing. I will get her at any cost..Get that in ur mind.
Arjun: Dilip Sneha love me& I love her.She will never choose u .Once I reach Delhi I will break ur bones with full rights I will take her from there.
Dilip:Hlo Mr.Arjun This is Delhi not Madurai. Once u reach hear. I will break ur bones&show who am I.
Dilip cuts the phone.
Dilip:Sneha what are u doing? Are u mad? Y r u wasting Ur life for such an useless fellow.
Sneha:Shut up Dilip I love him u will never understand this.
Dilip:Just shut up Sneha.

PRECAP:Arjun talks with Tamizh. Dilip plans a master plan.

Hey people I hope u guys like it. I know first chapter is full of conversation. From next chapter I will give pov.
Guys I wanted to ask something do u guys want me to concentrate on other couples too like Karthik -revathi
Guys both positive &Negative comments are most welcomed.
Guys don’t forget to comment to show ur support.

  1. Omg .. im reading ff on a tamil serial for the first time .. ur 1st epi is very nice .. my opinion is u can concentrate on karthik n revathi .. Im happy to read a ff on tamil serial

    1. Santhiyalathamanian

      Sure sweety. I will do it.Thank u for Ur response.

  2. im so happy to read ff on tamil serial. m reading tamil ff for 1st tym.. u can concentrate on Revathi n Karthick too..

  3. Nice start off…. tis s the frst tym I am reading telly update in tamil & I am glad to read it & my opinion s u can concentrate on other 2 couples too hope tat I could see many tamil daily soaps as written update too & congrats santhiya for ur frst tamil update hope u continue ur wrk in a great way

    1. Santhiyalathamanian

      Thank u Prinku. Sure I will concentrate on both couples..Thank u for ur support.

  4. Anokhi21

    Hi…Happy to see a ff here on tamil serial…I like arjun sneha pair n pagal nilavu…Bt i could not watch the serial everyday…Bt i l follow ur fanfiction…Include shakti- prabha too…Bt my fav is arjun sneha

    1. Santhiyalathamanian

      Same pinch my fav is also Arjun &Sneaha.

    2. Santhiyalathamanian

      Please do read the next episode also.

    3. Anokhi21

      Sure…I will…I think there wil Be more tamil ppl who read ur story…I am also writing a ff…Name friendship,love nd nothing else on ipkknd and dehleez…I hav changed thr charactrs name acvording to our tamil culture…Plz do read….

  5. Santhiyalathamanian

    Sure …. Anokhi I will read it. I hope more Tamil ppl read it

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