Shivika TS Ft Rudra (Trust)-Shot 5

Hey  guys so I am back with a new and the very last part of the story .

“Rudra?just now You were saying that shivay was recovering but….now……” Anika asked rudra crying badly.
Rudra was in a sort of shock he couldn’t understand what had happened.
“Didi” sahil immidiately hugged Anika and consoled her.
The time passed it was a dark and heavy night for oberois every one was there consoling one another trying to stay strong.
It was nearly morning when doctor came out and releived everyone by saying the magical words”He is fine now and have gained conciousness you all can go and meet him but remember no stress either physical or mental, an in any case bring him to hospital tomorrow I have to run some tests.ok, take care.” The words were like music to their ears and they all rushed in to see the apple of their eye, their shivay.
First ones were omru and Sahil they all just rushed and nearly pounded on him.
“I am ok guys” he said weakly consoling them.
After few moments “rudra it was emotional at first and now just awkward” shivom chorused.
The hug broke with a laughter that was missing for a long time in the mansion.
“Beta” dadi softly caressed his hair.
“Dadi” he hugged her tightly and kissed her hands.
“Get better soon son” tej commented not very emotionally but with a feeling Everyone was surprised as it was very rare for tej to show Any emotions to which shivay nodded.
” where are mom dad and Badi ma? And how is ma?” Shivaye asked.
” Beta actually” dadi carefully explained Pinki’s condition to shivay. To which he started crying and wanted to go and meet his mom. ” Beta it’s ok” dadi calmed him by pulling him into a hug ” beta she is okay we talked to the doctor she just needs you she will be fine now.”
“Let’s go now I want to see her” shivay gave a start but fell back on bed due to weakness.
Everyone held him and gave him water to calm him, dadi continued sternly ” calm down billu! See you dad and Badi ma have taken your mom out of station to consult a doctor they will be back in the morning so wait.” After many explainations he finally got back to his original self. And requested elders to have rest it was late and he could see dark bags under Everyone’s eyes. They left.
“Bade Bhaiya we are also here” the Gauri and bhavya came forward.
“How are you all?” Shivay asked caressing their faces.
Everyone just gave him an impossible look how can a person ask that after the had lost him just one person responded.
“SSO jiju I am great see” he stood and pointed at his legs.
” Yeah champ that’s so great” he chirped giving the most radiant smile “see what all I can do” and Sahil took off everyone was just smiling seeing their bond while rudra made some jealous comments but they all just pulled his leg and took Sahil’s side.
Just one pair of eyes were witnessing the happenings from far.
“Champ” called shivay after some time ” tell me since when SSO became SSO jiju?”
“Ab Jiju hai to jiju hi bulaega na” suddenly she spoke and instantly regretted as she could just not make herself up to meet him. While all others looked at her.
“Didi why are you standing there come here ” Sahil pulled Anika.
“Yes come na didi” shivay said desperately.
“Haiiiiii?????” Everyone looked at him.
“I..I …. Mean Sahil’s didi” shivaye corrected while everyone laughed.
“Bhaiya how can you call bhabhi as didi now she is angry and don’t want to talk to you” rudra added eyeing Anika.
“No I want to” Anika nearly shouted while everyone laughed.
“Ok so she wants to but maybe not in front of us so let’s leave the love birds alone” om teased
“N…no… it’s not like that” Anika stammered but all just laughed while shivika blushed.
And finally they left not before recommending them to close the door properly from inside which made Anika even redder.
“Anika” he called softly.
She just ran and held him in a bone crushing hug and broke down. Shivay as usual got really worried.
“ ” he started rubbing her back”what happened did anyone hurt you why are you crying? See I am here please…..” But she was uncontrollable after few moments he started taking deep breaths.
“Anika” he wispered. She panicked and broke the hug ” shivay what happened ?? Shall I call the doctor? Why the hell did you take stress?wait I will just call someone… You….” she got up but Suddenly he pulled her and he slammed his rough lips on her soft one’s she too reciprocated after a moment or two.
They left each other only when they were short of oxygen.
“You tricked me” she wispered still catching on breaths “you know how worried I got?”
“So did I when you cried like that.” She looked at him and tears again filled her eyes.
“Hey stop not again” he cupped her face”I just got up I don’t have enough energy to pull that again” he wispered huskily.
While Anika gave a chuckle “cheapde!!”
“See I like you like that” shivay grabbed her into a side hug.
“I love you shivay” she said resting her head on his chest.
“I love you too Anika” he replied kissing her forehead they remained in each other’s embrace for a long time.
“Can I ask you something?”
“How come you don’t hate me?” She wispered
“I was wondering the same”
“But you did nothing wrong”
“So did you”he replied anika looked at him emotionally, he didn’t blame her for Pinki Aunty’s or his own condition.
“What happened?” He said tightening the embrace.
“Thank you for being my husband and sorry for not understanding” she smiled.
“Thank you for letting me be you husband” he smiled back As she snuggled more into him.”And as for sorry those were just misunderstandings and if you are sorry even now, I think I can set some punishment.” He wispered in her ears naughtily
“Hut” she slapped his arms playfully and burried her face in his chest.
And both fell into deep slumber. A beautiful sleep in each other’s arms after a long long time.

Anika’s POV:
The days passed and things got better and better Pinki mom got out of trauma seeing shivay both shivay and ma recovered very soon. Everyone forgave me or to say they were never actually accusing me they were all angry that I didn’t trust them and left without even talking. My mistake but they all accepted they would have done the same if they were me.
Best part was knowing mom, papa or shivay. Neither of them had any anger or misunderstanding towards me they all trusted me. I am wondering how I got such a family.
And today after an year later was our anniversary. Yes was it’s already past 12 but here we are in the office. Yes in front of the wall. Putting our latest memory up.
Our new special moment.
It was cake cutting time they were standing along with whole family boasting whose gift will be better. They both exchanged the gifts and opened at the same time.
And tears filled both their eyes, they looked at each other for confirmation and nodded to give it and hugged each other thanking each other.
While all were just surprised at their reaction and stood confused as only girl knew the gift shivay was gonna give and boys knew anika’s secret.
“Hello bade log will you tell us what’s going on” Sahil urged.
“Yes how can you top bhabhi’s gift Bhaiya?” Rudra sulked.
“Baccho now tell what are the gifts.”Pinki demanded.
“Shivay gave me my Chutki back” she moved to Gauri and hugged her.(in the box were the DNA reports and collage with gauri and anika’s childhood and grown up photos) .
“Gauri is my Chutki” Anika announced.
Everyone got happy and blessed them.
“And Anika promoted us all. She is going to be a mother.” Shivay announced.
Everyone got super excited hearing the 2 happy announcements.
The both love birds stole the moment for themselves and reached their favorite place, the pool.
“Thank you shivay for my Chutki” she wispered.
“Thank you for my shivika” he replied.
“Hey who said it’s shivika we will have ansh first.” Anika pouted.
“No my princess will be my first” he sulked. “Okay let’s ask her only he got down on his knees and put his kissed her belly.
But as usual they were not alone and ‘click’ .
Fb ends
We both moved back fixing our new memory on the wall “the gift moment!” And Our happiest memory “the princess memory” . we stood there for hours staring at them. Staring at all of them . Staring at our wall. The wall.
So that’s it I hope you all liked it I added epilogue here only as I may be busy for next few days.
Waiting for your lots of comments and feedbacks.
Will meet you as soon as possible with a new story till then thank you and tada ☺☺☺☺☺

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