swasan – A complicated love story (46)

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The doctor entered in her ward n checked her.. n declared that she is fine now..

Sanskar n family felt releived…

She slowly opened her eyes… but due to medicines effect.. she is still drowzy.. seeing her again closing her eyes.. sanskar become tensed n asked doc..

sanky- doc..(worried).. aap ne kha na ki swara is fine now to ye fir behosh kyu??( u said that swara is now fine but why she again went unconscious??)

doc- see mr sarna.. from the last 3 days she is on bed n she is in effect of medicines.. taht is why she is little bit drowsy..
n yes.. now as she is fine.. to we can discharge after 2 days .. becoz she is still sensitive .. n after that she needs almost 1 month bed rest..
n she will feel like fainting if she will try to do any work..
u need to be extra careful for her..
now plz all of u go out of room n let the patient rest..
(yr.. 1 month se aaram hi to kar re h..;) )
some tests need to be done n then we will shioft her to the normal ward.. after that family can meet her..

sanky- (nooded) n went outside..

Outside whole family is waiting for swara except ragini n her little prince.. even lucky is present..

Sanskar came outside n saw lucky standing tensed..
he rushed to him n hugged him emotionally..
n lucky was consoling him like an elder brother…
after sometime.. he depart himself from lucky..(still moist eyes n red after continuous crying))

sanky- bhai!!! (Fixed feelings) Doc is saying that she is fine now but we need to be extra careful for her as she is weak n sensitive…

lucky- yes sanky.. we will take care of our baby doll.. no need to worry..
aab sab aacha hoga.. (now everything will be good)

sanky- (again emotional) (worried) Bhai!! bhai.. r .rr .. ragini.. is she ok??
i m sorry bhai..i to just forgot.. ragini is fine na.. n ..n bb baby.. he is also fine na.??. nothing is serious na..??

lucky- (slight smile) sanky!!.. sanskar.. plz relax first!.

sanky- (aaise kaise bhai.. batao na .. ragini theek to h na..) how can i be relax bhai?? tell me.. ragini is fine na??

lucky-(suddenly) tu chacha ban gaya,… (u became chachu!!!)

SANKY- THAT IS OK BHAI ..(lost) here i m saking about ragini n u are telling chacha!! (m aapse ragini ke baare me puch ra hu aur aap ho ki chacha..) (suddenly realised what he said)
what!! (surprised n happy) what did u say??.. m .m (stumbling) m chacha.. oh wow bhai..!! i m ssooooo so happy..(hugged lucky tightly)
at first place i m chachu now n swara is fine too..wow bhai..
(breaking the hug.) bahi i nwanna meet chotu.. vaise bhai is it chout or choti..??

lucky- (smiling) my prince..

Their bro bond is witnessed by whole family n they are adoring their sons bonding in such a society where one son is enemy of another for property..

Sanky- bhai … i wanna see ragini n my champ..

lucky- bro wait for sometime as ragini is resting n ur champ is pre matured so he is underobservation for 2 days .. then we can take both mother son duo home..

sanky- not only them bro but swara also..

lucky- seriously.. we will together take care of them.. how much they both have took care of us till now..

sanky- yup bro!! i m happy that she is firne n she is going back from this hospital soon..

Rp interrupted their talks…

Rp- she wont go with u.. she is going back amritsar with us..

Sanky-(shocked) dad please dad.. dont say this!.. m .. u know.. i love her dad..

lucky- (shocked with his confession)

rp- tum pahle hi uss phul sse bacchi to bhot dard de chuke ho aab aur nhi.. (u have already given her soo much pain but not now)

sanky- dad i .. i promise.. i will take care of her but plz dont take her away from me..
dad i know i did wrong but.. now i promise.. i wont do any mistake .. plz dad .. plz forgive me dad..(folding his hands in front of him)

Rp turned his face without giving any answers..

sanky- (to sujata) maa.. maa plz u make dad understand na??.. plz tell him not to separate me from swara.. plz mom

suju- suniyae ji..

rp- bas sujata..not even a single word..
(to sanskar) what u said?? u wont do any mistake again??.
just think once.. what if she wont be that swara whom u married.. or someone else?
u r to in love with this girl..! but what would have happened to the girl u had married??

sanskar is shocked with this ques..

rp- now say sanskar.. why r u quite now..?? u have given her betrayal..

Sanskar become quite by lowering his head.. tears rushing down from his eyes..

lucky came forward to console.. but rp showed his hands to him to stop ther itself..

He obeyed..

rp- bolo sanskar?? is there any answer..

sanky- (chocked with crying) i.. i .. i k.know d..dad.. i m soo sorry for that.. but now she is .. m my wife swara..
plz dad.. dont do this to me.. i want her to be with me..
(saying this he fell on his knees crying in front of rp)

while this was going on.. doc came n asked them that swara has been shifted to ward n now family can meet her as she is conscious..

doc- now u can meet the patient.. she is consciousjust remember one thing.. dont give her unnecessary stress .. . she cant tolerate it as some nerves of her brain are damaged.. we are finding a method to cure her soon ..
but plz be careful.. u r understanding na what i m trying to say??..?

rp- ji doc.. now can we meet our daughter??..

doc- ji bilkul.. remember dont stress her.. Sometimes she can be voilent also as she is not fully fine..
now u can meet her untill then i will check her reports n will inform u soon..

Sanskar smiled between his tears listening about her consciousness n rushed towards ward.. but rp stopped him ..

rp- no.. sanskar.. u r not allowed near my daughter.. STAY AWAY from her..

sanskar bowed down his head at his saying…

Rp sujata adi n pari rushed to swara’s ward..

sanlak are seen watching swara from the glass hole at the enterance..

Screen freeses on Teary smiling face of sanskar watching his syappa queen fine..

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