Raglak- Grow up my attitude kiddo (episode 14)

Ragini wakes up and sees she was sleeping by hugging Laksh on sofa she smiles by keeping her head on his chest and starts caring his chin with her fingers..
Laksh smiles in sleep and says by placing his hands around her waist..

So my wife was not angry on me..

Why I will be angry on you.

He opens his eyes and says really you forgot that you were angry on me because I made fun of your cooking.

Ragini widen her eyes and gets up from him and says I forgot that thing only and don’t think I will not stay angry on you.

Saying this she goes to her washroom by taking clothes leaving Laksh laughing loudly by her antics.. And says to himself.

It won’t take time to seek forgiveness from you because you were so innocent ragini and that’s what making me to fall in love with you more and more..

He hugs her from back while she is getting ready in front of mirror she closes her eyes feeling his breath on her neck.

Looking beautifully my wife what special todayfor breakfast..
She Jerks him and says why you want to eat my experiments you were saying you were afraid to eat my food na..
She about to go next minute she lands into Laksh chest and he drags her more close to him and says.. I love to eat your food because it’s not experiments but your love towards us.

You will say like this only and again says I was doing experiments on you. Saying this she bows her head down while he lifts her head and says.

My day starts with you and ends with you, I don’t knew about my life before you entering but after you came I am badly habituated to you and for this their is no treatment ascept loving you badly.

So shall we go for arthi today or else I ready to stay like this with u for whole day if dad doesn’t call us.. Saying this he holds her chin and leans close to her lips while both closes their eyes.

Dadi calls ragini loudly making them come into senses she blushes feeling his lips so close to her lightly pushes him and runs towards mandir where all were waiting them.

Kavya mocks as usually by saying you were late ragini all were waiting for you as if you don t do arthi they can’t start their works. And what made you late while we all came fastly.

She feels bad by her continues problems towards her while Laksh gets angry on her by seeing her tears and dadi says..you have no work and own home and mainly not married to knew what a wife duties will be regarding home and husband she does arthi then only all starts work that doesn’t mean she will leaves not to take care of her husband needs and just runs to satisfy you blo*dy cheap mind and one more thing your father is coming to take you back where you belong and after today don’t you dare to see towards them and I listened you self talk on that day don’t provoke me to smash all your teeth so just vanish from here and don’t show up again…

Ragini feels happy and hugs dadi ones all left from their after arthi while she says let’s go to kitchen.

While preparing lunch dadi tells to take their relationship to next level although I knew their is no need to give advice for you as you were so good in bring all together and taking care of family and if I ask you something will u give me that.

Of course Dadi just say what you want I will give anything.

OK then ragini. I want a small baby girl or boy in this house.

Where I can bring that Dadi If I brought from some house won’t they beat me.

Dadi hits her forehead and shows towards her stomach and says I want from here that to from u and Laksh at least you knew na how babies will get or I should explain it.

Ragini giggles while Dadi holds her ears and says badmash you were teasing me right.

She laughs and hugs immediately after breaking hug they both sees dayal and uttara standing in front of them by holding their hands on waists.

Ragini and dadi both gives confused look to then while dayal says.

Did you ever hugged me like this before dadi I never saw u niggling with us like this you was always strict to us but now you were behaving like kid with babhi.

Uttara it’s not like that.

Leave na babhi I want not miffed with u. In fact I am miffed with my dadi. Saying this she pouts.

Arey leave about you. U were poti my mom never hugged me like this my doing crazy things. But now she came into kid avatar and even giving ideas how to do kids stuff..

You too dayal. If uttara said these we can think that she was kid but you were at age of lifting grandkids and you were behaving like kid and upon that you were saying I became like that.

Dayal too pouts while Laksh comes and signals uttara and says what ever she complained me to sane dialogs but change poti to pota. He too pouts..

While dadi brings ragini hugs her and kisses her check and says she is my special kid and no one can take her place.

Three nodes their heads and leaving while murmuring something and watching them they both busts into laugh.

Ragini sees stars out of window and thinks yes I am completely in love with Laksh even I want to feel his and my love taking a step ahead I want feel him and feel how he will love me. How our kids will be but how I should say to him that I am ready.. Should I take anyone help. Shit what are you thinking, how and what will you ask others stupid ragini. Nono it’s correct I should say to myself grew up ragini.

Saying this she looks at Laksh who was sleeping peacefully by hugging pillow…

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