Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 10

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Hello… Everyone… sorry sorry sorry….. I know it’s really late… I was busy with my family… sorry again.. so here a lengthy episode to make it up.. hope you didn’t get bored for this lengthy one… keep commenting and support… love ya….

Dream scenes of Kriyam 2 part 10

Hello… Everyone…Hope you all good… Wow I completed 10 episodes… seriously.. it was not possible without you guys… thank you so much for the love and support…. keep reading and comment..

Scene 1

Sayyam is in deep thoughts…In his room.. It’s my b’day… but I can’t tell anyone… It can give them only pain and unwanted memories.. if I tell maa …she will think about her haunted past..No no..I can’t do that to her.. should I tell Krishna…? At least she can wish me.. no no Sayyam…What are you thinking…Man.. you can’t tell her… do you really think she will hold this secret.. she will tell everyone..within a glimpse of time..
He felt a soft touch on his shoulder…He turns to see Krishna.. he sighs..
Krishna : where were you…??
Sayyam got up..put his hands on pocket..Move forward..and raise his head..
Sayyam :… ahem.. I told you.. I was in a meeting..
He looks at her through the corner of his eye..
Krishna : (give a stern look) jhoot mat bolo Sayyam..
Sayyam..rolls his eyes..Looks away..
Sayyam : why would I lie.. to you..?
Krishna : Sayyam mujhe pata hai..ki tum jhoot bol raha hai.. but it’s OK.. tum batana nahi chahtha hai tho koi bath nahi..
Krishna turns to go..But Sayyam hold her by elbow…

Sayyam : aisa kyun kah rahi ho..??
Krishna looks at him rudely…
Krishna : yeh lo..
Krishna extends her hand..with a kheer bowl..
Sayyam smiled broadly seeing kheer.. Krishna looked at him with an immense pleasure in heart..But didn’t show..
Sayyam : yeh.. mereliye…
Krishna : haan.. wo us din mein ne tumhara kheer kharab kiya tha Na..

Sayyam take the bowl and spoon.. he took a scoop full into his mouth..and slowly enjoyed it’s taste.. it’s taste like divine… he enjoyed every bite.. he forgot all the problems he is thinking just a minutes ago..
Krishna watches Sayyam eating kheer.. Ithna maasumiyat iska chehre pe… Unknowingly a smile crept on her face..
Sayyam : thank you Krishna.. it’s damn nice..
Krishna suddenly change her expression into rude one.. Sayyam saw her being rude… came near her..But she turns.. he understood..So thought to change the topic..
Sayyam : is there any occasion.. why these decorations and all..?
Krishna : Dadi throwing a party in the evening..For some special guests..
Sayyam : oh…
Krishna took a dress for him from cupboard…And give to him..
Krishna : yeh pehenke aana…
Sayyam : yeh…(make faces)
Krishna : (pouts) teek hai..Jo bhi tumhe acha lage use pehenke aao.. mein Jo bhi tumhareliye pasand karthi hum..Tumhe wo khatiya hi lagega na..
Krishna get sad..and goes to washroom to change.. Sayyam looked at her going.. then looked at the dress.. Smilingly.. he thought.. Krishna agar tum bhi meri zindagi mein nahi hota tho..mera kya hoga.. I can’t even think about it.. he finished the kheer..

When Krishna came back..He is working with his laptop.. she ignored him started to get ready.. she is looking so gorgeous..In that pink and golden lehenka… she is wearing her earrings..But it falls and rolled to reach Sayyam.. Sayyam take off eyes from screen..Looks at earrings.. Krishna is about to pick..But Sayyam took it ..From floor..
Krishna extends her hands and nods her head to Sayyam.. but Sayyam didn’t.. he nods his head negative.. Krishna gives a angry look..and demands to give her earrings back through her eyes.. Sayyam points his finger to Krishna and then show her two of his fingers on his lips to broaden into a smile… Krishna narrows her eyes.. still angry..Went back to dressing table.. she searches another pair of earrings.. she started to remove her earrings….but Sayyam shown near her through mirror.. he came closer to her with his earring on his hand.. both look at eo through mirror.. they lost in eo eyes..
Sayyam came more closer to Krishna.. she can feel his warm breath on her neck.. he gently put the earring on her ear.. when he touches her she blinks her eyes and moves a side.. Sayyam looked at her..In mIrror..Says “gorgeous” …While saying this his chin touched Krishna shoulder.. Krishna was angry…But hearing this an unknown smile crept on her face..
“Krishna…..” Suhani calls out .. Kriyam came back to senses…
Krishna : aunty bula rahi hai.. tum jaldi aana..
She smiled at him..And runs out..

Time skips…

Sayyam wore the dress which Krishna selected..And say to himself.. not bad Sayyam..She has good taste.. he quickly rushes to the hall..
Hall area was dark.. Sayyam tries to see but in vain.. he thoughts.. Where is everyone..And why so much darkness.. how they partying without lights..Or is there problem… just then a spot light fell on him..
He blocks the light with his hand..
Sayyam : sorry it’s a mistake… I’m not guest..Part of host team…
Sayyam moving forward….tries to see.. he tripped over something..but two pair of hands hold him.. from both sides… Sayyam hold those hands…and raise his head..He saw Krishna with a broad smile..infront of him.. then he saw the one who hold him none other than Yuvraj and Suhani.. he is surprised to see them.. he looked at Krishna and whispers
Sayyam : yeh Sab kya hai…?
Krishna smiled… Yuvraj and Suhani bring him towards the table where the cake has kept..
Sayyam : what’s all this… aap kya kar rahi ho..??
Yuvraj and Suhani smiled at his confusion.. Suhani hold his face and make him turns to see the cake.. Sayyam’s expression changed..with mixed emotions.. he couldn’t believe his eyes… my b’day but how did they know.. he understood..Looked at Krishna.. she raise her eyebrow..and rolls her eyes..With a smile..
Sayyam looked at Suhani and Yuvraj in disbelief.. Yuvraj understood his confusion..
Yuvraj : Lights….

Now Sayyam can see everyone.. gathering for his b’day party.. his eyes well up out… He didn’t see his cake ,blur his vision coz of the tears.. Suhani couldn’t see her son state.. she cupped his face..
Suhani : Sayyam….beta..Yeh sub tereliye..
Tum chahtha tha na.. hum sub tumhare b’day manaye..khushi khushi.. tumhe cake khilaye..or chehre par cake lagaye..
Sayyam looked at his mother.. tears gushed out from his eyes.. yeah..She is right.. I want to celebrate my b’day like in films..With all my family..friends… cousins..But I never got a chance to celebrate such b’day in my life… infact I was all alone these years.. last year I tried but….
Suhani : bas.. Sayyam..Bas..
She wiped his tears…She is also crying..
Suhani : I know it’s difficult..for you to forget those bitter memories.. you suffered so much… par ab nahi.. it’s was my fault.. tumhara koi galti nahi..mein ne tumhe sazza thi..Wo bhi us galti keliye jiske bare mein tumhe kuch bhi patha nahi..tha.. mujhe maaf kardo beta..Maaf kardo..
Sayyam was listening to his mother..She is pouring out all the sorrows from his mind..All the questions answers.. everything is crystal clear…now..

Suhani hold him.. crying..She is pleading infront of him..For her mistake..that can’t be undone..
Suhani : please… Sayyam mujhe maaf kardo..
She felt weak..She is loosing her grip on him.. Sayyam aware of his mother’s state and hold her..
Sayyam : Maa…
Everyone…shocked..and runs to them.. Yuvraj also hold Suhani.. Krishna get a glass of water.. Sayyam make Suhani drink… Suhani weakly smiles…
Suhani : Sayyam…
Sayyam :(cuts her) please..Aap mujhse maaf mat lijiye Maa.. mein ne…Mein ne… aapko chot pahunchi.. mein ne aapki saath badtameezi ki.. maafi mujhe chahiye thi aap se..
Suhani pull him to embrace…And cried her heart out… Sayyam weeps on her shoulder silently.. Krishna is also weeping.. Yuvraj hold her…She leans over her dadu.. everyone..eyes got wet..seeing the mother son confession…
Yuvraj : (clear his throat) mujhe bhi shamil karo yaar….
Everyone laughed… Yuvraj also joined the duo..pulling Krishna…
Yuvani : this is not fair papa…(make faces)
Yuvraj : (laughs) come…
Opens his arms wide… Yuvani and Yuvan also joined the group hug… everyone else smiled at the beautiful family…

All together sang the b’day song…to Sayyam..
Yuvraj : (give him a side hug) come on the young man..
Sayyam take the knife..and looked around.. Yuvraj and Suhani together hold the knife..and smiled.. Sayyam smiled broadly..and in a sec fade away.. he sternly looks at Krishna.. Krishna you are dead…but it is written “Happy b’day Baba” on the cake…?
Krishna giggles… Everyone laughed at frustrated Sayyam..
Suhani : oh… baba ko gussa aaya…
Sayyam : (in disbelief) Maa… aap bhi..
Yuvraj : ok.. bahut ho gaya.. use pareshan mat karo…
Sayyam looked at Yuvraj.. he felt joy underneath his heart..and all the memories he try to harm Yuvraj.. he looks down in guilty…
Yuvraj : hey…What happened..?
Sayyam : mujhe aap se bhi maafi mangna tha..
Yuvraj : hey… Don’t… don’t do this to yourself..
He hugged him tight… Sayyam felt the warmth of a father’s love..care.. he just melts in the love.. that he quenched for years.. Krishna wiped her tears…
Sayyam : I… I’m so…rry… so… sorry…
Yuvraj : it’s okay..

He caressed his back…and breaks the hug.. cupped his face…Wiped the tears..and sighs..
Sayyam : I’m sorry…..
Sayyam looked at him.. Yuvraj smiles..He understand what made Sayyam to pause..
Yuvraj : Papa…
Sayyam smiled with tears..
Sayyam : I’m sorry Papa….
Yuvraj hold him giving a side hug..
Yuvraj : bas… bahut ho gaya..drama..forget everything… Sayyam.. Let’s start fresh.. cake Kato..bhookh lagi hai..
That made everyone laugh.. Sayyam admire him… This is Papa…He is deserves to call Papa… the love, care and protection that he provides to his children..and their mother…
They all together cut the cake… Sayyam took the cake piece..and looked at trio.. Krishna, Suhani and Yuvraj… all have the same excitement.. he stand there in confusion.. how can I choose the first person.. they understand his confusion.. so everyone gathered before him..Took small pieces from cake and feed him… First Suhani followed by Yuvraj, every elders.. then Krishna came with a smile..But before she could Yuvani give Sayyam a mouthful piece… Krishna pouts… everyone laughed.. Sayyam was unable to breathe.. yuvan strokes his back to help… Krishna also..Rub his chest..
Krishna : kya… Yuvani…??
Yuvani : (hold ears) sorry… I didn’t mean..
Sayyam is somewhat OK..He breathes..in relief..
That party faded in the sound of everyone’s laughter…

Precap : Kriyam moments…

Sorry guys…For late… keep commenting..And support..

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  1. Fidatoo??this episode was love ?family kinda episode and I loved it so much???

    1. Fidato

      Thank you zani…?

  2. Amazingly written fidato. Really made me cry. This is what we expected from the cvs. But they never gonna show thz. Saiyyam and suhani’s bonding was perfect. Loved it☺ keep writing

    1. Fidato

      Thank you yura..

  3. AnahitaAnnie

    Awesomely written Fidato…firstly loved Saiyyam’s care towards krish and loved the Saiyyam and Yuvraaj bond…all the expressions and depictions were fantabulous… It was an immensely beautiful story…..keep going…?

    1. Fidato

      Thank you Annie… Glad you like it

  4. Awesome

    1. Fidato

      Thank you dear

  5. Aawwwwwww it was nice

    1. Fidato

      Thank you dear

  6. Shaani

    Woow… This is soo nice episode yaar… Lovely…eagerly Waiting for the next part … Update soon..?

    1. Fidato

      Thank you Shaani…

  7. Fantastic episode
    I cant seem to imagine the grandeur of this episode. It crossed the horizons of my thinking and helped me live every moment in the present. Its realistic and truly emotional.
    The episode was just supremely awesome. All the dialogues and conversations were truly captivating. It was intensely emotional in places and comic somewhere else. The episode was in reality a great blend of human emotions and mortal desires..

    1. Fidato

      Thank you Shivani…. For the beautiful comment….

  8. Awesome episode

    1. Fidato

      Thank you dear…

  9. Superb epi…Loved the mother-son bond…keep writing 🙂

    1. Fidato

      Thank you dear..


    I have absolutely no words. This was brimming with love and care and beautiful romantic and family moments. And the motherson and fatherson and siblings and husband wife bonding was just perfect. I really really loved it. And i will definitely update my ff soon ?

    1. Thank you dear..For such lovely comment..

      Thank you again for letting me know that u r resuming one of ma favorite ff..

    2. Fidato

      Thank you dear for your lovely comment.. truly m inspired by u people…

      Thanks again for letting me know that you are resuming one of ma favorite ff

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