Swaragini~HEAL MY WOUNDS (EPI 30) maha episode part2

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Without any delay its part2…..

Episode 30 part 2 (maha episode)

The episode starts wid swarag n sanlak shocked faces…. Sanlak throughs haldi which directly goes on swarag  both eyes them angry n runs after them

At hall four are playing tom n jerry game n running here n there….. Swarag have alot of haldi in there hands n they are running sanlak runs upstairs swarag run after them…. All laughs seeing them n continue ritual

Laksh goes n hide under bed while sanky goes on another room n hide behind curtains

Swarag goes on opposites direction to finds them


Swara goes to sanlak room n looks everywhere n about to go when she sees white cloth under bed n smirks

Swa thinks:oooo soo langoor is hiding under bed haan now i will teach u lesson for messing my clothes n goes near bed while laksh under bed closes his eyes in fear but instead swara acts like hurtingg

Swa(drama):Aaaahhhhh my ankel aaahhh n sits in bed n fakes cries

Laksh who hears her scream become restless n comes out of under bed n ask her concern

Lak:shona what happened are u okay….its hurting how its got hurt n holds her n ask

Swa looks at him n sadly says

Swa: phas gya (caught it)


Swa:kuwwa jaal mai… (crow in plan) n smirks n applies whole haldi on his face n laughs

Lakhs eyes her angry

Lak:r u mad swaraaa is this a joke for u do u even think what i have felt seeing u in pain damnnnnnn ( he said n hit his hand angrily )

Swa looks at him shocked:Lakshhh

Laksh look at her n then realizes n avoid eye contact with her

Lak:vo….. I mean never ever do this type of joke wid me

Swa slightly smiles seeing her care

Swa: n if i do then….. Haan

Laksh holds her from shoulder

Lak:if u do then i will kill u (he said sternly looking into her eyes)

Bg plays..

O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai

(Swalak shares a deep eyelock forgetting their world just wish to stay like this forever )

O tere sang yaara…
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara

Swa(still looking into his eyes): why do u care for meee soo much

Lak(looking into her eyes): dont knw may be i love to care for u

Swara slightly smiles so as laksh

Swara pushes laksh n starts to go when laksh holds her hands n push her to him for which she directly landed on his chest

Bg plays
Maine chhode hain baaki saare raste
Bas aaya hoon tere paas re
Meri aankhon mein tera naam hai
Pehchaan le…

Swara looks at him her heart starts beating fast n she lower her gaze… Laksh smiles n make her look up holding her chin…. She looks up n both share a passionate eyelock

Bg plays
O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara

Laksh slowly comes near her n slightly rubs his cheeks with her… Swara closes her eyes tightly feeling his breathe on hers n looses herself on his

Lak(whispers):happy haldi

Swara opens her eyes n push him wid full force for which he fall on bed

Swa:never ever try ur luck on meee u gorillla( she said pointing her index finger while her cheeks are red due to blush she goes outside controlling her smile n thumping heart)

Laksh slightly hit himself n says’idiot’ n caresses his hairs n smiles like an idiot

Scene shift


Sanky is hiding behind curtains n peeps outside n sees no one he takes a sigh of relief n starts walking

San:Thank God she is gone

He come out of room ‘splasshhhhhh’

Rag chirps: Happppyyy Hollliiiiiiii offff Haldiiiiiiiiii

She aplies whole bowl or u can say he is drenched in haldi fully

Sanky pouts angrily while rags laugh seeing his yellow face



San walks forward to catch ragu but his legged slipped bcz of haldi on floor n he falls on rags who tries to hold him ‘Thuuddddd’ both fell on ground sanky hands is beneath ragu hand protecting her from hurting

Bg plays
(Mujhe ishq se rehna tha door
Gham iske bade jo hain mash’hoor
Par ye dil hai ki bilkul mana nahi
Mujhe kheench kar dekho le aaya wahin
Jahaan ishq hai, bas ishq hai
Haan ishq hai, bas ishq hai

Yaariyan ve.. Yaariyan ve..)

Ragini looks at sanky who keep his eyes closed n slightly smiles his cute face soo near her…. Her heart feels something new n secure in his embarace she wants to stay like this forever…… Sanky opens his eyes n sees rags near her he looks into her eyes n both shares a deep passionate eyelock

Someone secretly shows capturing their pictures



Both are still looking at eo

San:can u plzz wake up from me

Rags looks at him confused

San(making faces): yrr u r too heavy get up from meee u motiii

Rags glares him

Rag:for kind info if u look around then u got to knw that u r on me not me on u….. U idiot useless creature

Sanky realizes n get up from her n rags to get up

Ragsan:oucchhhhh both their forehead got hit with eo

Rags glares rubbing her head while sanky smiles n rubs his forhead

Rags comes near him n stamps his foot

San:ahhhh sanky holds his foot n winces

San: ginuu whats this

Rag(glaring): This is for calling me motiii u zero iq n goes from there

Sanky bites his tongue n curses himself n runs after rags

Haldi function is almost done swara comes n stands n laksh comes stands besides her n whispers

Lak:did my luck work on u or nt (he said naughtily)

Swa smirks: never mr. Maheshwari

Laksh smiles n all attention gathered at ragsan….. Rags is climbing stairs angrily while sanky is following her chanting sorry

Rags goes n stands besides swara n sanky stands beside laksh sadly

Swalak at union:Again u fight

Rag:no i dont fight this idiot call me motii (rags says pointing towards sanky who is pouting)

All girls formed their mouth shaped as ‘O’ while laksh n shehakr n adarsh laughs

All glares them

Swa:sanky how dare u to call rag motii did u see ur n ur brothers face once in mirror perfectly how horror u both look did me n ragu ever say u anything huhhhh

Lak glares swara: huhhh bro u said correct these both sisterz are motii only chipkalis

San:shut up lucky if u want u can say swara directly what u wants but dnt drag me in this

Lak looks at sanky in shocked

Dp: shut up laksh n sanskar dnt u dare to say anything to my faires

Utt:yes dnt u dare bhai


Uttara smiles n moves backward

San: n bade papa i knw i just say cuz i fell weight on my body

Rag:hawww really its me who should say this after carrying ur weights u r on me not mee on u….. Understand u idiot (frowns n realizes what she said n bit her tongue n sees all looking at ragsan suspicious)

Swa(folding her hands): n what does that mean ragu haan

Lak(glaring san): yeahh bhai tell whats going on haan

Ragsan starts telling fastly n blaming each other everyone dont understand n keep staring at them shockingly

Dp:stoooppp(shout Dp being frustated)

Dp:fairy u tell

Sanky makes faces n rags tells the incident

All laughs while ragsan pouts

Shek:ohoo princess dnt get angry on my champ he dont knw na its by mistake

San:yeahh sorry

Rag:sorry baba but i will think cuz he promise on today morning but he forget now i will also think to forgive him or not(she said folding her hands)

Dp:no need to forgive this usless

Sanky glares dp

San:ginuuu sorry naaaa yrrr

Rag:mr. Sanskar ramparsad maheshwari seems like ubhave started business of saying sorry haan n goes from there

San frowns while all laughs

Scene shift

Isolated place

Man is shown sitting on rocking chair

Man: everything is ready

All nods yes

Man:good now u all knw na what u all have to do

All nods

Man smirks n starts playing whistle (yes guyz its tarun only)

One men comes n shows him picture of ragsan

Tarun gets angry n punches the man n light up the pictures

Tar: u will never get what u want ragini u r mine just mine n throughs photo angrily

Scene shift

After haldi its mehendi function all gets ready for mehndi after getting fresh n up swarag are helping AnnuSuji in house work all wears simple salwar only ladies are present here n mens are at garden…. Utatra comes with pari n make her sits on couch n says the girls to apply mehendi on pari….. All ladies applies mehendi in there respective hands along wid swarag……  Swarag dances on chalka re like they dances on swaragini……….. After sometimes mehendi function also get over n all starts doing prep for wedding at evening all goes n takes some rest


Swarag is at uttara room making pari ready in bridal attire

Swa:wooow parii dii u r looking beautiful

(Pari wears a red n golden color heavy bridal lehanga with heavy jwells looking beautiful)

Uttara comes n compliments her

Utt:wooow bhabhi now bhaiya will b flat on u haan

Swarag laughs

Pari blushes

Rag:ok ok now dnt tease my beautiful dii n hugs pari swara also joins

Utt:shona di n ragu di its almost late u both go n get ready also we have to leave

Swarag nods n leaves

@guest room

Swarag got ready in lehengas

Swa wears a redish n golden color lehenga with strait hair n light make up looking beautiful

Rags wear a pinkish n golden color lehenga with curls looking pretty

Rag:ooo my shona tiday glowing  haan whats the matter(teases)

Swa:shut up lado dnt talk too much

Rags laugh n hugs her

Rag:i m joking pushpa why r crying haan

Swa hit her head

Swa: i m seeing u r bcming naughty haan

Rag:ahh what to do after seeing such a h*t grl infront me how can u think i will control haan

Swa laughs n rags too both hugs eo

Swaragini plays in bg

Swa: loveee u my bf

Rag:lov u too my h*t jaan n winks

Uttara comes

Utt:ooomg di u both are looking soo pretty

Swarag:not more then u at union

Trio laughs

Utt:shona di u have to go temple to bring varmala can u go

Swa:ofcourse uttu i will

Swa:ok. Lado i m going n will reach here at 20 mins then we will leave ok

Rag:ok i m w8ing come early ok

Swarag smiles while swautt leaves

@sanlak room

Sanky gets ready in light blue sherwani while laksh in black sherwani looking handsome as always

Laksh is setting his hairs while he is lost….. Sanky notice this

San:lucky r u ok

Lak:yeah bhai feeling uneasy

San comes n check did he have fever

San:lucky u dnt have fever then(worried)

Lak:bro dnt worry dnt knw just restless

San:pakka u r okay

Lak:yeah bro

San smiles:ok then get ready fast i will n check both mental sisters did they got ready or not n goes

Lak thinks: y my heart is saying something bad is going to happen ooo goshhhhh plzzz save us from troubles

Scene shift

Ragini is trying to wear necklace but its not tieing sanky comes n sees her struggling n goes n ties her necklace… Ragini sees sanky through a  mirror she makes a angry face seeing him while he winks at her…. She widen her eyes n feels his touch n try to control her heart n kept the angry look

San:done (he said smiling)

Rags ignores

San stop smiling n looks at her


Rags ignores n starts to leave when sanky holds her hand

San:ufuuu ginu u knw na i m idiot Dumbo stupid n dnt have brain useless plzzz na that’s y i said u r not motiii u r slim n fit n smart now plz forgive

Rags fakes smiles n push him out n close the door while he makes puppy face

San:aray ginuu sorry yr open the door

Rag:go from here mr. Maheshwari otherwise face the consequence

San:ok ok i m going but forgive naa


San makes a sad face n leaves

While rags smiles touching her necklace suddenly her phone beeps she open her phone n gets shocked her phone slip n fall on bed n her phone rings she picks up the call while her hands were trembling n tears are continously flowing without stopping

Rag(cracking voice):hello

Whistle tunes plays from another side (hope u all knw who is he ofcourse tarun)

Rag(scared):who r u

Other side:aray ragu u forget me this much early very bad


Tar:ThankGod at least u remeber my name

Rag(crying):what u want

Tar:just come to the place which i want then u will got to knw everything

Rag(cracking):plzz dnt do anything to my shona

Tar:ahhhh so much love for ur sister ok i will not do anythig till u come here n dont u dare to tell anyone got that

Rag:i will not say to anyone but plz dont do (crying) tarun cuts the ca n sends her message she hurriedly  run outside

Scene shift

Tarun smirks after cutting the call n whistles his tune

Tar:Get ready brideia coming n plays dhol (drum)

Scene shift

Swara comes MM n finds rags everywhere but she did not find she thought to check guest room she goes n calls her but no response she checks her phone on bed she opens her phone n shocked too see something

Swa:Raginiiiiii n runs outside

Ap sees swara n calls but she runs

After sometime

Sanskar comes n search for ragini whole house but couldn’t find her he feels extremely restless n ask Ap also

San:maa did u see ginu

Ap:nai sanskar but i saw swara she runs outside without saying anything n goes

San keeps his hand on his head: ooo God if Tarun do something then…. No no sanskar he cant fo anything ahhhh but y i m feeling that she is in danger God plzzz help n runs to find her

Laksh comes downstairs he is sweating badly he finds everywhere for swarag but did not find them he runs outside n bumps into sanky

Lak:bhai i think something is wrong

San:yes laksh even i m also feeling

Both faces are hell worried n tension are clearly shown on their face

Lak:lets check their room first

San nods n both runs

@guest room

Sanlak enters room n find ragini phones on table….. Laksh goes n checks her phone n plays a video in which swara is shown taking varmala n some goons behind her n then screen goes black n only shouts are hearing which is of swara voice both sanlak become shock n numbbbb for a moment…. tears start flowing from laksh eyes

Lak:swaraaaaaa n starts to run but sanky hold his hand

San:its not swara shouts its fake (he said with rage)

Lak: that means its

San: its a trap for ragini to go there (sanky completed while his eyes are red so as laksh both clench their fits n runs outside)

Ap stops n ask

San:maa our frnd have accident swaragini are there me n laksh are going to see them we will directly reach the venue

Ap:but san….  B4 ap can say both runs outside n starts their car

Scene shift

Ragini reach a  house or godown type place n runs inside

Rag:swaraaaa…… Swaraaaaa (she shouts while crying n finds everywhere)

Voice:Raginiiiii save meeee i m hereeee plzzzzz saveeee meee

Rag(wiping her tears): shona n runs towards a voice n opens the door n sees whole room decorated while she sees a girl standing wid back infron of her in same lehenga like swara

Rag:swaraaa n goes n keep her hand on her shoulder

Rag:swara i came lets leave before anyone came…… Girls turns n she is shocked to c a goon

Rag:ahhhhh n tries to run outside when the goon hold her hand n drag her wid her while she keep pleading n trying to release her hand

Rag:chorooo mjhe…. Leave meee u bas**rd n bite on his hand…. Goon screams while another goon pulls ragini from her hairs n drag her while she kept shouting…. Atlast goon through her on someone foot

Rags looks up n find tarun staring at her….. Her eyes are red her hairs are mess up her kajal spread on her face she fears seeing him

Tarun looks at both goons in anger n takes out his pistol n kills both on their hands

Tar:how dare u….. How dare u touch my ragini haaan….. How dare u to make her cry

Goons shout in pains

Ragini shivers n closes her ears with her hands

Tar:leave before i kill u both (he said with anger n through his pistol)

Ragini shivers n tarun look at her n holds her from shoulder n make her stands

Tar:ragini dont b scared i will never hurt u i love u ragini

Ragini looked at him shocked n disgust

Rag remembers sanlak saying about tarun n her all momemts n convo she closes her eyes n curses herself then she remembers sanky saying’ me n laksh always want ur happiness we will always protect u’ his words ring in her mind she wipes her tears n push tarun with full force

Rag:where is my sister( she said in anger)

Tarun look at her shocked n then laughs

Tar:do u think i need to kidnap ur sister after knowing  that if u just hear her scream then also u will come

Rags look at him confused

Tar smirks:confused babes n comes near her

Tar: soo i dont kidnap swara

Ragini looks at him shocked

Tar:yes i dont kidnap her i just send my mans to follow her not to kidnap cuz i knw if u see someone following ur beloved sister also then also u will come here running n look i m right u come also n laughs evily

Rags blood boiled n she slaps him hard on his face

Tar:uuuuuu n pulls her closer to him by her hairs with anger

Tar:dont u dare to do this again otherwise i just need a sec to smash u n push her hard n she fall on floor

Tar:take her to outhouse n make sure no one comes n goes from there

Some goons comes n holds ragini tight n drag her to outhouse which is fully decorated like marriage hall when she steps insides dhol starts playing n some goons starts dancing she looks at them disgust she tries to run when one goon twist her hand hard n shw winced in pain n cries

Scene shift

Swara is shown hiding behind a tree she sees some goon standing n hears some dhol sounds also

Swa thinks: dhol sounds…. Who will play drum on this type of area y i m feeling ragini needs mee but how to go inside these goons i have to knw who is behind all this i will not spare whoever the person is….. W8 sanskar n laksh can help i think i need to call them n finds her phone but forgot to bring it she frowns n prays fpr ragini safety she secretly goes inside

Swa pov
I secretly goes inside n hide behind a drum n heard someone talking to priest i think the voice is familiar shw looks up n find tarun in blue sherwani talking to priest about his n ragini marrige she become shocked n all her thinking seneses become numb for a moment n ragini smiling face flash infront of her tears starts flowing from her eyes

Swa:no i cant let him to destroy my sisters life i have to do something n sees here n there  n finds wooden stick n holds it tightly n slowly slowly steps forward n hides when tarun turns n priest left she sighs n sees

Tarun starts talking wid someone on phone…… Swara step forward him n stands behind is back…. Tarun is talking in phone while he sees swara reflection on mirror vase infront of him n smirks….. Swara tightly hold stick n about to hit him when he hold stick n snatch from her hand

Swara looks at him shocked

Tar:chi chi chi shona its not the thing of childrens n laughs

Swara got angry n about to slap him when he hold her hand n twist it badly

Swa:ahhhhhhh leave ( tears)

Tar(angry): dont u dare to slap me… Ur sister already face the consequence now its ur turn

Swa: u bl**dy m*r*n leave me n my sister

Tarun leaves her hand n laughs

Tar:do u really think i will leave u both sooo easily especially ragini ahaan never she is mine n will always b mine i love her when i first saw her now no one can snatch her from me

Swa: i will not let u to destroy my sister life (she said in anger)

Tarun laughs n claps

Tar:wooow what a love of ur sisters must say one stupid sister come to protect her sister n second intelligent one came alone to defeat Tarun Sighania not bad haan n calls some goons n says them to clap for swara all laughs n claps

Swara shouts:raginiiiii…. Raginiiiii where r u come out we will leave from here n no one can stop us raginiiiii (she shouts) n about to go when tarun holds her hands tightly n push her to goons who catch them

Tar:for night she is ur guest serve her good haan n winks at goons n laughs

Tar:today is my marriage with ur sister sali sahiba soo i don’t want my beloved wife to w8 for me soo i m going but dont worry my mens will u great company that u will never forget n goes from there playing whistle while swara keeps shouting

Scene shift

Goons force fully make ragini sits on mandap n sign to all drum players to leave all leaves

Rag:help….. Helpppppppp meeeee plzzz (she begs goons n cries)

G1:awww poor baby crying very bad let me remove ur tears n comes near her while tarun holds his hand n punch on his face hard

Tar:dont u dare to touch her(he said wid rage)

Goons fears n steps backward while ragini pushes him n tries to runs when tarun holds her hands

Tar:no my would b wife no u cant run away from ur husband its bad habbit haan chlo shabash like a gud girl sit n tries to touch her face while she push him n shouts

Rag:never i will die rather then marry a jerk n disgusting m*r*n like u n tries to run when tarun sign his mens to hold her

Tar(angrily comes n slaps her): dont u dare to make me show u a real mee

Rags laughs sarcastically: i already saw ur real face u r jerk

Tarun holds her hand n forcefully make her sit on mandap

Tar: u will see a real me after wedding babes (he said smirking)

Rags tries to released her hand but he kept it more tight

Tar:if u dont marry me then ur sisters will face the consequence u want ur sister hurt bcz of u

Rags:shut uppp i will never ever believe u ***** nor marry u n bites his hand

Scene shift

Swara tries to runs when goons hold n slaps her fard for which she falls n her bangles got broken n blood starts oozing from her hand

G1:see how s*xy she is boss says to give her company u all go i will give her company alone

Swara feels disgust n cries

G2: y u alone let us 4 give her a company may b she enjoyed us fours n all laughs n starts coming near swara she steps backward n sees a vase she through at goons one goon got hurt n angry swara tries to run when goons holds her from hairs n tries to kiss her swara closes her eyes n turns her face goons is about to touch her lips when someone hit hard on his head hearing goon scream swara opens her eyes n sees 2 cold red eyes seeing goon with rage shw smiles through her tears n murmurs


Laksh looks at swara with tears n her face he clench his fits seeing her burning cheek n hit the goon who hold her very hard on his face…. Goon is about to hit laksh from back

Swara screams:Lakshhhhhhh but someone holds it with rage n beat the goon with that stick

Swa smiles n murmurs: sanskarrr

Sanky has also tears n his eyes are red due to anger he beats the goon

San comes to swara

San:where is ginu

Swa: she is at backside outhouse that tarun is marrying him plzz save her(she cries)

San:nothing will happen to her till i m alive n cups swara face n runs outside
Scene shift
Tarun is shown forcefully taking pheras with ragini while she kept crying n shouting

Rags realeses her hand n slap again on tarun face

Rag:dont u dare to touch me u bl**dy men

Tarun stands with rage n about to slap rags when someone holds his hand n punch hard on his face

Rags open her eyes n smiles seeing sanky

Rag:sansku n holds his hand tightly

Sanky looks at rags n cups her face n wipes her tears n nods no rags slightly smiles

Tarun get ups wid rage n hit sanky but sanky holds his hand n sees towards him wid rage n starts beating him…. Goons comes n hold sanky but sanky hit tarun with his leg on his stomach n beats all goons

Scene shift

Laksh is beating all goons very badly harshly n full force everyone is screaming in pain.. Swara is standing at a corner n crying she sees one goon coming towards laksh with knife she gets shocked n hits goon


Laksh turns n saw swara fighting wid goon…. He pulls her n fight wid goon n all goon are shown lying on floor wincing

Swara looks at laksh whose hands is bleeding shw tightly hugs laksh n cries…. Laksh also hugs her back n tears also flow from his eyes… He break the hug n wipes her tears n kisses on her forhead n hold her hand tightly n runs outside

Scene shift

Tarun is shown beating sanky while some goons hold ragini who is continuously shouting for sanskar n crying loudly…. One goon hit rags she falls on floor n her ankel got hurt she holds it tightly n shouts

San sees her n shouts

San:heyyyy dont u dare to touch her i will killllll u ( n tries to release himself with rage)

Tarun laughs

Tar:wah wah what a love story heheh but ur love story will b incomplete sansku n pulls sanky cheeks while he jerks

Tar:ooooo baby is angry awww angry young man sanskar maheshwari Hahahah n hits on his stomach

Rag:sanskarrrrre she shouts

One goon hold her n tries to stand her but her clothes gets torn

Sanky  closes his eyes with rage n with full force he push all goons n beats them very badly…. Tarun sees a rod n about to hit sanky when laksh comes n holds it n hit him with rod

Swara comes n hit the goon which hold ragini

Swa (crying):ladoo

Ragini sees swara

Rag(crying):shona n tightly hugs her n both cries

Swaragini sad bg plays

Sanlak are continuously fighting wid goons n tarun

Ragini sees swara hand n face n cries holding her hand

Rag:this is bcz of me na y did u come here shona

Swa:i can’t leave my sister alone n dont blame urself ragu its fate na n wipes her tears n sees her torn clothes n ankel

Swa:ragu u got hurt did its paining alot(she ask in cracking voice) its all. Bcz of me i dont have to say u too talk to tarun n cries

Rag(hugging her): no u r in this state just bcz of me what if something happens

Both hugs n cries

Tarun sees this n sanlak fighting wid goons n sees towards knife n then towards swarag he holds knife n goes towards swarag n drag swara n is about to stabbb her when sanlak holds their hands n beats him very badly…
Ragini look at them shocked n she sees towards swara who is numb she felt like her whole world is going to shatterd…….. Police come n arrest everyone

Tar: i will never ever leave u sanskar n laksh u all did wrong by messing with a wrong person i will destroy ur all lives its my promise n police starts taking him when swara stops them n comes near him n slaps him hard

Swa:this is for hurting my sister n if u ever come infront of any one us then u will b dead meat

Rags also comes n slaps hard

Rag:this is for hurting my loved ones

Both sisters says this wid rage

Tar: i will always remeber this n goes with police

Swara hugs ragini while she did not hug her back sanlak look confused as well as swara….. Ragini goes without saying anything

Swa:ragini n is about to go when sanky holds her hand

San:shona u stay here i will go

Swa nods teary eyes while laksh comes n holds swara she rest her head on hia chest n let the tears flow from her eyes

Scene shift

Ragini is standing on road all the happenings is flashing on her mind….. Sanky comes n put hand on her shoulder…. She turns n immediately hugs him n cries hard

San:shhhhh ginu dont cry u r not a crybaby

Rag(crying): i m not worth of anyone sansku i never listen to u n laksh u always said me but i dont listen its just bcz of me sansku just bcz of me n cries

Sanky tighten his grip on her n caresses her hairs while a tear drop from his eyes seeing her torn dress he immediately cover it wid his hands n hugs her tightly

San:no its not ur fault ginu dont blame urself

Rag:if u n laksh did not come n stop then what if something happens to shona haan (she breaks the hugs n looks painfully at him)

Sanky holds her hands which have red marks of tight hold… He looks at her eyes n feels her pains n tears also start flowing he immediately pull her n hugs her

San:dont cry ginu we will talk later ok now we have to go for bhai wedding he is waiting n break the hugs n wipes rags tears while she wipes his both weakly smiles n rags nods

All left at MM

After getting ready all headed towards venue… Ragini now wears a simple lehenga all looks dull but for familys sakes all smiles….. All ask reason but sanlak cover up laksh holds swara hand tightly who is looking at ragini painfully…. N sanskar held ragini hand tightly who is ignoring swara

To b continued…. ..

Precap: sab bta doon heheh

Heheheh guyzzzz plzzzz dnt kill after this chappy in tried my best to gives this chappy as u expected for meeeee plzzzzzz do comnts n let me knw ur views i hope it was not boring cuz part 1 seems cuz i got less comts do tell haan n yuppp bad news guyz i m ending its season one before December ends n stopping my 2 ffs ‘a story of game’ and ‘ my desi girlz’ after posting one chappy of each for sometime cuz i have semesters n 2 family weddings also so i need a brake but dnt think that i will stop this i will continue it for sure….. N plzzz bear mee n after taht i will post heal my wounds only sooo a big sorry guyzzzzz but do understand meee plzzzzz dnt hate meee ok love u all n tckr keep smiling n stay blessed

Fizo ?

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  1. Balaji


  2. Sindhura


  3. Ragsan scenes are nice

  4. Crystal089

    it was awesome fizo loved it to core swalak have relaised their feelings and rags have started loving sanky and the way sanlak fought with goons was awesome waiting for next part its too intersting don’t know what plans tarun is making i am too excited plsz update soon……….

  5. Asw

    Nice yaar that tarun deserve the slap of hurting the sisters keep going

    1. Silent_writer

      Tysm n yup he deserve

  6. AMkideewani

    Superb Fizz but don’t end your stories cause I love them very much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Awesome episode..swaragini bonding is super .swalak and ragsan scenes are super…..

  8. Amazing

  9. Mindblowing epi….ragsan scenes are so cute and painful…swalak scenes are nice….

  10. Ragsan scenes are awesome

  11. Superb dear

  12. Jazzy

    superb yaar loved it alot it was amazing fizoooo poor ragini but why she is angry with swara maybe bcz she came hmmmmm
    but u never said me that u r emding it before dec ohhhh noooooo yaaar i wantes to see ragsan as pair fassssstttttt
    but till now u haven’t revealed about that mystery girl

    1. Silent_writer

      Tysmmm jazzzz n have patience

  13. Asra

    mind blowing update dear….i loved it alot dear…omg felling bad for our ragini…i hate thz tarun go to hell man…finally swalak realised their feeling…tarun get out from their life but that girl s there na…don’t separate them ya…waiting for ragsan love story…plz update soon dear…tkcr dear…

  14. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Fizzzz, you nailed it dear..Loved it to the core.. It’s beyond awsm…The way sanlak fight for their lady love, it’s too good.. Keep it up dear..Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Silent_writer

      Thnkxxx alottt chuti

  15. Ragz_teju

    amazing dear….

  16. Inu

    Superb, awesome and no other words to say.

  17. A12345

    No words…jst outstanding

  18. A.xx

    Fab and Tarun has gone mad for ragini and I don’t think he will give up this easily? Anyways wonder why Rags is avoiding Swara and loved it so post soon ❤️❤️Xx

  19. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dr

  20. Pari123

    Wow superb episode dear really loved it just love swalak and ragsan you write well keep it dear and thank for informing me

  21. Sally_blr

    This was so emotional. Kash the serial would have been like this. Ahhhh you made me chutki. Rags is so shocked and broken thinking what would have happened to Shona. Such an emotional sisters bond. Uff. Love you for this. I thought I’m tragedy queen but you made me only cry. Jaa mai tere se baat nai karni.

    1. Silent_writer

      Tysmmm apiiii heheheh n u r tragedy queen nt mee

  22. Akshata

    awesome update but emotional too. loved swaragini’s bonding and care towards each other. not to forget sanlak , they protected them. i think tarun will come back to take the revange.

  23. Hemalattha


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