Tree Heaven ( episode 5 )

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And here our story starts:
After ishani came out of bathroom she saw ritika sleeping and her blanket was open and she cover her…then went downstairs to eat diner she said to falguni that wants to sleep and that shes tired.. falguni says ok and everybody sits on table sharman sees the food and says that hes not hungry and goes upstairs.. ishani feels alone cause shes with grown up people …. after they eat diner ishani goes upstairs and remembers her recorder that ranveer gave her she starts recording her voice and after she listens there was another record that ranveer maked she clicks button start and here she hears ranveers voice “emm ishani actaually i record this for u… umm.. i have to tell u something important “I” umm…”I” love u”that time ritika was awake already and was listening the record and when she hears what ranveer says her eyes get big and she was shocked at that time ishani was silent she couldnt believe what ranveer said so replays the record when second time plays ishani smiles and goes to bathroom there she washes her face and at that time ritika gets ishanis recorder and replays it again and gets really angry and throws it and at that time ishani was standing and was looking at ritika …

ritika didnt realize ishani at that time and she says i just hate ishani i wish she could be gone so ranveer would be mine ishani was looking at her and then ritika realized her and turned her face to ishani and was silent then ishani get the recorder from the floor and said to ritika ” I” …”.I” hope u dont mean it” tears were in her eyes and she just put the recorder in her desk and turned off the light and lay to bed and cover her whole body with blanket at this time ritika was saying ishani its not like that i really joked that time …. please believe me…she could her ishani crying…….ritika went to sleep after 30 min after she thought all about what she just said and ishani was silent but… but tears were coming out of her eyes ……….
She couldnt believe what her sister said she was saying to herself is she really my sister she was repeating that question again and again to herself……..
Guys i know its not that long but i tried my best
Hope u will like it..
I wrote earlier because i had free time today…
Comment below what u think 🙂

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode dear I liked it the part of playing recorder and I think as u said ranveer loves her and she smiles at hearing at the second so I think she too loves him isn’t it ? And I wish ritika’s and falguni’s true color should be exposed . And ISHANI to know the real character of ritika and all anyway it was nice waiting for the next and hope u will rock .

    1. Nonosh2525

      Thank u verry much and yes ishani likes ranveer!!!!

  2. Very nice dear Nonosh I loved the episode very much just keep it up eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

    1. Nonosh2525

      Thank u very muchhh!!!???

  3. Very nice ??

  4. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    Nice epi and i can understand how ishani will be feeling and like the way u describe all emotions. oh i cant see ishani like this all alone with no one in her family who cares for her besides our ranveer. i hope ritika will not do anything bad and hope atleast she will understand her but very nice epi. update next soon and what is the age of our ishveer in ur ff?

    1. Nonosh2525

      thanks u very much!!! For now rv and ishani are around 12 and 13 they will grow up soon ! 🙂

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