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Kunj and Twinkle were in the Dhaba celebrating the fact that Kunj got admission. They were talking about their life.
Twinkle= Kunj do you know when I was little maa used to take me and Mahi to a similar dhaba after school. It used to be so fun she said with tears in her eyes.
Kunj= I don’t really have a lot of memories in India as Dad sent me London to study at a young age. But I remember there used to be this Paratha place in London and it used to remind me of Bebe parathas .

Kunj= BTW Twinkle I never knew that you would like to have triplets he said with a smirk
Twinkle= Kunj are you mad. I only said that so Principle gives you admission. I would always want to have cute daughter first.
Kunj= Same as they are dad favourite and love dad more
Twinkle= exuse me MR Sarna our daughter will love me more
Kunj= no me
The nok jok continued .
Kunj= You are saying it as if you want a baby now BTW I don’t mind he teased but you have to wait for some time he said and blinked at her.
Twinkle gave Kunj a disgusted look. They soon realised that they are taling about THEM having children and became quiet
There Parathas had come with aloo sabzi and dhahi with a glass of Lassi.
Twinkle began to eat her paratha and was enjoying whilst Kunj was looking at her smiling.
Twinkle noticed that Kunj wasn’t eating and asked him why.
Kunj= Twinkle feed me please
Twinkle= WHAT?

Kunj= Please before I went to London Bebe used to feed me with her hands and I came back and ran away from home the 3rd day after coming back
Twinkle smiled at him and feed him Paratha. They then drank their Lassi and Twinkled smiled looking at Kunj.
Kunj= What happened?Twinkle smiled and got her dupatta and wiped the lassi that was on his face as a moustache.
They both shared an eye lock that was broken by Twinkle.
Twinkle= Kunj I think we should go home now.
Kunj= I will go pay and then bring the bike here.
Twinkle waits and Kunj brings the bike and they both go home.
Next Day Delhi
UV had the day off work as it was a Sunday. No one was at home apart from him and Mahi. He noticed the Mahi kept and feeling dizzy. He got happy thinking that she might be pregnant. He called the doctor home.
UV= doctor Mahi keeps and feeling dizzy can you tell me what happened?
The doctor looks at Mahi and realises that she was the girl who had taken the abortion the day before.

Doctor= MR Luthra I had told your wife that she will feel dizzy and weak after taking an abortion. Just make sure she has regular feeds.
The word ABORTION echoes in Uv ear.
Uv= Mahi was pregnant and never told me he had tears in his eyes.
He turns around and sees Mahi standing behind him looking scared. He looks at mahi who looks at him and walks backward. He goes to her a holds her hand and takes her to their room.
UV makes her sit in the bed next to her and asks her calmy
UV= Why did you take an abortion?
Mahi didn’t answer
Uv= Mahi I asked you something he said placing his hand on hers
Mahi breaks down into tears and hugs him.
Mahi = I am sorry UV
UV= why did you do it?Mahi= UV I thought hat you would not want the baby as you just want me as your …b.ed… mate she said with tears in her eyes.
UV wiped her tears and side hugged her.
UV= Mahi its not that I really Love You
Mahi was shocked hear his confession.
Mahi= You love me?

UV realised what he said and stood up and was about to go but Mahi held his hand.
Mahi= UV if you ever loved me don’t go away and tell me what Chotti Maa told you told you the day before our wedding.
Uv was shocked to know that Mahi knew that chotti maa told him something. UV reveals everything to him about what Chotti Maa told him She was shocked.
Mahi= That means she lied
UV= lied?
Mahi= she told me that you were being forced into this marriage and didn’t want to get married.
UV= mahi that’s a lie I fell in love with you when I saw your picture.
Mahi was touched and smiled.

Mahi= Uv I am sorry for doing the abortion she cried.
Uv wiped her tears and kissed her eyelids.
UV= I am sorry too and I want to tell you that I love you.
Mahi= I love you too she said and hugged him.
They broke the hug after a while and smiled at each other. They both then lead forward to Kiss but UV stops as he remembers that he has got intimate with her many times before without her permsion. Mahi sees this and smiles and kisses him he smiles and responds back to the kiss. He then covers her with the blanket and they make Love.
1 month passed Kunj started University and was working very hard. He also continued his part time job as a manger at a shop to provide money for him and Twinkle. Twinkle would follow duties of a perfect wife and would make regular coffee and tea for Kunj when he was working. Being in the house all alone most of the day she would get bored. Kunj realised this and brought her a dancing form so that she could dance and her time would pass throughout the day. On the other hand Mahi and UV madly loved in each other. They both tried their best to find Twinkle but luck never favored them.

Twinkle finished her dance class early today and went to the market to buy ingredients for Kunj favorite food. She was going to make Chilli Paneer and Hakka noodles. Her eyes suddenly fell on someone who also saw her and went to her. She dropped all her bags and ran to find a taxi whilst that person also went behind him.
She quickly got into an auto and went home. She reached home and ran into her room and began to cry.
Kunj came home and called out for Twinkle
Kunj= Twinkle Twinkle
He went to their room and saw her crying .
He rushed to her
Kunj= Twinkle what happened?
Twinkle saw him and immediately hugged him and started to cry.
Twinkle = kunj I saw them today in front of my own eyes.
Who do you think Twinkle saw?

PreCap= flashack to start

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it too good finally evrything is fine between YUHI just hope it remains the same all good
    Kunj is such a sweet heart I mean he asked Twinkle to feed him ?
    And the talks reagarding the kids ? triplets and all ?
    But what did Twinkle see ?????
    Cant wait for the flash back post soon
    Love you ❤?

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…uaar lovely episode….. Awesome….

  3. Mindblowing episode simmy twinj talks in the dhaba about children was so cute

  4. Sohi

    Iam happy for mahi liked twinj chemis

  5. dreamer...arundhati

    Simi…..lovely one…..superb

  6. Aanya_pandey

    Yuvi n mahi finally became yuhi.. that ws so good to read.. n kunj teasing twinkle ws so so so.. naughty.. that ws jst mid blowing

  7. Chiku

    ??????itna saaraaaa suspense. Woaaaaah i am waiting to read next episode ??????????post soon
    Loved it
    Plz oost soon
    Love u??

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional epi…

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    U know what !!! You’ll driver me crazy..I love it yrr….plssssssss post soon…can’t wait more….post soon……plszz plss
    Love u

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    Wwesome lovely I like yuhi’s stry yoo cis he loved hr frm etsrting srry cant commnt on prev and ya dus was nic twinj kids whoooooo ok so nooo long commnt srry mock tests soooo……

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    Wow yaar simmy amazing awesome loved it yaar ….

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    Lovely episode.. twinj talks about kids is so cute..

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    woowww.. I loved the way they were talking about their children and how twinkle fed kunj… I really liked it

    love you

  15. Simiyy awesome amazing fabulous episode loved it n misunderstanding btw yuhi have cleared wow n twinj nokjhok was also cute yr plsss asap

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