Swaragini- The soul sisters by Kukku. (Part-3)

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A small house is shown. There a family has come to see a girl for their son. While both the families are deciding about the marriage a women with a small baby comes crying to the house.
Woman : I will not agree to get you married with anyone else.
Boy’s father : Who r u? What you want?
Woman : Ask your son, he comes to me propose, married me and this is our kid. Now he wants to marry some else? God what is this injustice?

Girl’s father ask what is all this? Who is this lady? How can your son get married to my daughter when he is married and already have a kid. R u people trying to cheat us? They all create a mess there with this issue.
Suddenly the woman shouts stop and remove her spectacles and wig. All were surprised to see Swara.
Swara explains everyone that it is just a Tv show and you people will have some gifts from our show.
Laksh came and gave them the gifts. All were happy.

Later at Swara’s home Rajendra shouts at his servant for his specs. A girl wearing a normal churidar comes and gives the specs to Rajendra. She is revealed as Ragini.

Ragini : I know how much you both fight each other you will be in front of tv for Swara’s show.
They all watch the show and were laughing.

Suddenly Sreedevi comes very angrily. Seeing her coming very angrily Ragini try to shut down the tv. Sreedevi ask Rajendra and Ragini don’t you guys have another work than watching this stupid show. Ll go to their respective rooms.

Later Swara came back to house and after seeing that their family is not watching she get angry.

Swara : Y u people don’t watch my show on Tv? OOOOO Army gave order not to watch it?
Sreedevi : Yes, I only told them not watch this buffoon show of yours. Swara just make faces and go inside.

During dinner all are having their dinner silently. But Swara is Swara she was speaking with Laksh through phone and making weird noises & making Sreedevi irritating.

Sreedevi : Can’t you pls keep quiet and have your dinner?
Swara : Are you guys discussing about 3rd World war, that could be happen?

When the servant serves her the dinner she ask what is this > I don’t want rice and goes to her room. Seeing her not having dinner Sreedevi also goes to her room with out having dinner. To enlight the situation Ragini goes to Swara’s room and pacify her. Later it is shown that both daughters came to their loving mother and trio slept together hugging each other.

Next day morning Laksh take Swara to some place and propose her.

  1. Kakali

    Hmm! Laksh proposed Swara! Weeii! Kukuuuuu..!! Will you mind revealing the pairs ? If not.! Best wishes for your upcoming episode.! Thnk u. ;-*

    1. Kukku

      Hahahaha…. Kakali it is a SWASAN fanfiction only. It was just a proposal only dear .

    2. Kakali

      Waaa! Then m super ok dear.! Continue soon.!

  2. Kukku is this from the movie colors in Malayalam ..??????

  3. Simi

    Hope swara will not accept

  4. IQRA222

    awesome episode didu
    can’t wait for the next part and must say your DP is really nice

  5. nice dear

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