Tere Sang Yaara…With you, O beloved Beyhadh FS Part 5

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Arjun,Ayaan,Prem,Suman,Saanjh,Shubh rushed to the hospital where Vandana was admitted.
Arjun:Doctor..how is she?
Ayaan was crying:Please tell doctor..
Dr:Don’t worry.We needed blood.It was a problem first.Later we got blood too from the person who brought her here.Since that person donated blood we could do the operation successfully.
They all were relieved and happy.
Ayaan:Dr..who is that person who brought Maa here?Who donated her blood?
Arjun:Who saved Maa’s life?We are grateful to her.
Dr:Maya Mehrotra.
They were shocked.
Dr:Since she brought her here only she got saved.
They were stunned.Ayaan smiled emotionally.

Vandana opened her eyes.All were near her.
Arjun held her hand:Maa…how are you?
Van:I am ok.I was hit by a car.After that I don’t remember anything.
Ayaan:No problem as you are fine.The car driver got arrested by the person who saved you.
Van:Please release that person.Because it’s not that person’s fault.It’s because of my carelessness that I got hit by the car.
Saanjh:Now itself I will go and release him.
Saanjh left.
Vand:Who saved me?
Vandana was shocked:What?
Suddenly Maya entered the room.All were stunned.Prem,Suman and Shubh left the room seeing Maya.
Arjun:I will go and buy the medicines.
Arjun left.
Maya:How are you Maa?I am sorry Vandana aunty..
Vandana nodded:I am alright.
Ayaan:Thank you so much bhabhi for saving Maa’s life.
Maya smiled:It was my duty.Don’t thank me.
Vandana shed tears:I always insulted you..taunted you…hurt you…still you saved my life instead of taking revenge on me.

Maya smirked:I actually took revenge Vandana aunty.I am calling you aunty as you hate me calling you Maa.
Vandana felt upset.
M: If I had left you on the road to die you would’nt have felt any pain.But I saved you to make you realize the pain of losing me as a daughter in law forever.This is my way of taking revenge aunty.

Vandana was stunned,She was weeping.
Maya gave her soup:Have it aunty.Doctor told you to have it naa.

Maya:Anyways all the best. am going.
While Maya was getting out Arjun reached there.They had a face off.
Arj:Thank you very much Maya.
Maya said:Shhh..don’t thank me.

Giving him a killing look she walked off.
Ayaan:Maa..Maya bhabhi was right.The one whom you treated as your worst enemy has saved your life.Now you must have understood what a big mistake you did by not accepting a daughter in law like Maya bhabhi.
Vandana cried:Yes I did a big mistake by hating Maya.But she saved me making me guilty of what I did to her .I will never forget the favour she did to me.But now it’s too late.I can bring Maya back showering love on her as a mother.It will be like hurting Arjun and Saanjh.Oh God..what’s happening?
Arjun who over heard this was in tears.
Arjun came towards them.
Arj:But Maa…she separated me from you both.
Ayaan:Because Maa was very bad to her.So it’s not completely her fault.
Arj:But Ayaan..you were not bad to her,Still she…
Ayaan:No bhai.She did’nt do any mistake to me.Now I am going to reveal what I hid from you all since last 3 years.Maya bhabhi and I were in touch with each other always.
They were stunned.
Ayaan:I only told bhabhi to hide it as I knew that if Maa comes to know it she will make fuss about it.It was my decision to be away from Arjun bhaiyya seeing your awkward behaviour with Saanjh.So in my case bhabhi is innocent.

Arjun and Vandana became upset.

2 months passed away killing Vandana and Arjun with guilt.

Arjun Maya reached the court…

Judge and lawyers:We are again asking you both.Do you guys need divorce?
Arjun and Maya looked at each other.

  1. The Dark Hunter

    if only this was true in beyhadh… but alas it cannot be so 🙁

    thanks for the story its very nice and refreshing.

    love maya always <3

  2. wow , maya saved vandana’s life leaving everyone in guilt . ayan revealed that he was in touch wid may . atleast now they understood maya’s value . two months leap and finally maya are in the court , all lies in arjun’s reply , eagerly waiting for arjuns reply . nice episode

  3. Nice part. Now Arjun & Vandana is realizing their mistakes. This feels so good. They should realize. It’s a very very very nice ff. Waiting for the next part. And please post a larger part & post it soon.

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