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Episode 1

Okay let’s start it

Swara and akash reaches the airport. Swara was shocked to see the crowd although they hadn’t reached the exit gate yet. Seeing swara’s shocking face akash gets a way to tease her.

Akash – what happened dear patni.

Swara – akash so many people are here but why? If any special person is coming here today?

Akash – yah of course yes. They are here only to see you. They were eagerly waiting to see who is mrs malhotra.

Swara – seriously? ?

Akash – yah. Now you saw na how much your husband was popular and loved.

Swara – hmm.

Akash – and if you hadn’t checked social media yet?

Swara – why?

Akash – that’s why. Are there was already a fight has started between the girls. They were messaging me that i shouldn’t marry you because they were more beautiful than you.

Swara – so cheap they are. Okay let’s go otherwise we’ll be late for your award function and the next party.

Akash – yah but just wait. I had sent the pa to inquiry about our security.

Swara – akash why you are so popular haan.

Akash just gave a don’t know wala look which makes swara laugh.

Seeing them already reporters are writing about their chemistry and how perfect they are looking. And finally after saying a hlo both left to their home.

At house

Swara was shocked to see the house. It was twice time bigger than maheswari mansion. Both rest for sometime and at evening they left for award function. Swara was wearing a white and pink colour anarkali dress with mangalsutra and sindoor in head and akash was wearing a suit. Both are looking awesome. In the car akash saw swara was lost .He holds her hand.

Akash – swara i know it was most difficult night for you but you have to be strong.

Swara – but akash in that function that person will be there. How I’ll control myself after seeing him. I had always loved him then..

Akash – okay then now gets down from the car and go back to that person. Yah your maheswari mansion is waiting for you right and also that laksh. Go and live with him although ignores the way he treat you.
Swara – sorry akash. I understand and don’t worry I’ll control myself.

Akash – just remember what he has did with you after seeing him. You’ll definitely get courage. And don’t forget that you are entering as mrs malhotra haan.

Swara – yah I’ll take care of that. And again sorry.

Akash – it’s okay.

Swara was making her mind up. And finally they reached that venue. They went and sit in the first seat. In the middle suddenly swara hold akash hand tightly.

Akash – hey, what happened?

Swara – just turn and saw if laksh has come?

Akash – okay. And they he turn and saw laksh was entering. Yes, he was entering.
But how. …Then he realised that swara’s love was always true and it made her understand that laksh has entered.

Hearing laksh has entered a drop of tears rolls from swara’s eye. But seeing the people she hide it. Then it comes for the award distribution. Laksh got best industrialist of the city. Swara saw he wasn’t happy. Because from last some year he was getting it for all the country and for international also . He said on his speech that he’ll try to get it next time and gives all credit to his wife piya who was smiling at him from the table beside her . Swara knows it will make her weak but somehow she manages herself. Next comes the last and most important award best industrialist for the country and also for overseas. And it was given to akash malhotra .Swara claps for him and encourages him to go. Akash went and receive the award.

Piya – laksh who was he?

Laksh – he was akash malhotra. Today only he has returned from abroad and really he was very much talented .He has aquired all these only within four years.

Piya – oh then he was that molhotra. Today i saw news about his and his wife coming about India but couldn’t see her.

Laksh – yah both were quite active at social media and has a huge fan following. Let’s see who’s she. And he has sent the party invatation for both of us. We’ll go there.  But suddenly he got a call and he and piya left hurriedly.

Akash dedicated the award to swara. But before swara reaches the stage laksh left. Swara eyes everywhere but couldn’t find him and piya. Both returnd sadly as their plan didn’t worked.

Akash – swara don’t be sad na he’ll come to the party.

Swara – hope so.

Akash – okay go and change.

Swara – no I’ll wear this one only.

Akash – okay then let’s go guests were coming.

Both went downstairs and greet everyone. Swara went inside as the chef called her there. At that time laksh and piya entered with gift. Akash saw them and try to find swara but she wasn’t there.

Akash – oh god where swara went. She was waiting for this moment but..

Then laksh went to stage and welcomes everyone for coming to party.

Akash – so guys you all are waiting for that person only na who is behind my success. She was my wife swara malhotra. And he looks towards laksh.

Hearing swara’s name laksh was shocked and he looks towards piya.

Akash – he continued. .do you all know all girls were fighting and messaging me that i did mistake by marrying her because they were more beautiful than her although they hadn’t seen her yet. Hearing this the guests laugh. But after seeing swara today i think their doubt will get clear today. So welcome the most beautiful girl of this planet and angel of my life swara malhotra. ..

And everyone were waiting for swara. Suddenly light goes and swara entered and all saw her. Everyone were jaw dropped. All were talking that akash was right she was an angel only. Swara was coming and stopped seeing laksh and piya. Laksh thought she’ll come near him. But swara went near akash and stood beside him. All come and congratulate them. So, now it’s turn of piya and laksh. Both went and give their gift. Laksh shakes hand with swara and he feels something. Swara didn’t react. But seeing their shocking face she smile happily.

It ends with laksh shocked and teary face and swara’s smiling face.

Precap – another twist and some more flashbacks of past.

Sorry guys for late. And sorry for not giving any past scene will definitely give in next part. Don’t forget to reply. Bye bye and take care. See you soon.

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