Swaragini – The Sisters Story Season 2 (promo)

Hey guys
This is the new promo of sister’s story due to some reasons I couldn’t start that ff….. That’s why I am starting with this new one……

Swaragini POV

We want to go to our house….. We don’t want to stay here…. We have not seen our family since 6 months….. We are missing our Maa Papa dadi and dadu….. We are regretting loving and marrying sanlak….. Papa told us not to marry sanlak but we became blind in their love….. Now our regret also can’t bring our decision back…. Here comes our husbands and like every night we consummated…… It’s not like that they raped us we by our own willing allow them to touch us and why not after all we love them….. Their touch make us disguised but still it has pleasure…. One day surely we will become mad……

Hope you guys will like it…….

  1. so short update??nice

  2. Interesting

  3. Sus

    So confusing weird type prolong dear

    1. SammieR

      Actually this is somewhat different from other ff’s…. You will understand what is in this prologue after the story proceeds…. But I can assure you that this ff is entirely different from others…..

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