Will he be my destiny!!!! shot-2

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Hiiiiii guys sry for my very late update hope you all remember the story.ok let’s go to story………

Bulbul and Pragya was sleeping,that time bulbul woke up and went to restroom.
She heard someone’s voice that is familiar to her and she also heard another voice.
So she went out to see what was happening there she was shocked to see tanu with some other person.so she went near them to hear what they were talking and she also recorded that(video recording)

Tanu:nikil baby why you came here at this time????
Bulbul:nikil baby!!!!!!!!!
Nikil:I just want to see you dear I can’t get my sleep without you so only I thought to meet you……
Tanu:uffff o dear what happen if anybody saw us together you should leave now after my marriage I will manipulate abhi and get his properties on my name and then I will give him divorce and then we will get married.

Nikil:wow baby no one can beat you in this case!!!!!!!
Bulbul was hell shocked.
Tanu:ok baby bye I am going to sleep now byeeeee!!!!!
Nikil:bye dear see you soon

Tanu went to her room and slept
Bulbul doesn’t I informed it to Pragya

Morning mehandhi function,

All are gathered Pragya wore white colour chudi abhi too wear white sherwani
Abhi’s mom called the servent to bring the mehandhi.
The maid is coming from upstairs Pragya is standing near the stairs
At that bulbul forcefully pulled the maid the mehandhi fell down on pragya’s head and hand everyone were shocked even Pragya too at the same abhi too coming down so little amount of mehandhi fell on his head too

Abhi and Pragya looking at each other …….
Tanu came to Pragya
Tanu:I know you did this purposefully
(Tanu knows about pragya’s love through her diary and she made a plan to stay Pragya here itself bcoz she want to see pragya’s pain)
Pragya:no I didn’t do anything…….
Bulbul:no I did this purposefully
Tanu:what a hell!!!!! and she raised her hands towards bulbul but abhi stopped her.
Abhi:why did you done this bulbul???????
Bulbul: abhi I don’t want your marriage to happen with this chudail…….
Pragya and abhi at the same time

Whole family where shocked

At that time the light gets off

A video is played there

Everyone where shocked to see nikil and tanu together

Pragya felt happy inside……..
After that
Bulbul:so this is the reason for stopping the marriage
Tanu was hell shocked
Tanu:an bh abhi just listen to me this all fake….
Abhi: enough tanu enough
All the elders said that this marriage can’t happen
Abhi:no this marriage is going to happen today itself….

All the one were shocked and Pragya was shattered

Tanu:see bulbul just stay away from me or else you will suffer a lot
And she went

Bulbul goes to meet abhi

Bulbul:can I come in????
Abhi:ya come in my dear chotti!!!!!!!!!

They both have Hi-fi
Abhi:wow bulbul you acted very well
Bulbul:just like you abhi

Abhi smiled


After recording the video bulbul came to meet abhi
She shook him and said abhi Bhai just wake up!!!!!

Abhi: bulbul tum…!what do you want???????
Bulbul showed the video abhi was shocked…….

Abhi: thank God you helped me to stop this marriage
From yesterday I am thinking to stop this marriage
Thanks a lot chotti..
Bulbul: what???what are you blabbering Bhai
Abhi:haan bulbul I don’t want this marriage because I love someone

And abhi told some more information(even I don’t know)and they discussed about the mehandhi drama…..

Flashback ends……..

Morning marriage day all the one gathered but they were not happy
Bulbul searched Pragya
Bulbul: where are you Pragya????
Pragya:I am here bulbul (the sound came from balcony)
Bulbul: come the marriage is going to happen…..
Pragya:you go I am not interested in it
Bulbul turned her and was shocked to see eyes
It is like a blood stream
Bulbul:omg!why your eyes are like this?????
Pragya: don’t play with me you know why i am like this Na
Bulbul: even I know everything but this is is your fate to see your lover’s marriage and this your lifelong punishment for not confessing your love….
And you have to come if you loves abhi truly

Here groom and bride were came
Groom’s face was covered…….
Tanu was in ninth cloud

After sometime he wore the magalsuthra around Tanu’s neck and filled her hairline
Pragya went to her room without telling to anyone

At that time all heard a clap sound

All the on were shocked to see him

Tanu fainted in shock…………….

I am sorry I f I bored you all bear with my mistakes i think the next one is the last shot…….
I know this shot also very short i don’t have time to update long sorry sorry sorry all!!!!!!!!

Bye guys think take care!!!!!!!……..


All the one asks Pragya to open the door……..

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  3. wow what a amazing twist ? bulbul and abhi plan is awesome i think tanu and nikhil are married and abhi loves pragya eagerly waiting for next update please di i am waitng

  4. next shot when will u post ? but felt bad for pragya

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      Thanks mass sneha and within tomorrow I will try to update.

  5. interesting yaaaaaaaaaaa

    happy week end

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  6. I really agree with you massSneha because I also thought that only and really happy for this update and I am gonna miss you after the Last shot thanks for this

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      I will miss u all after this I will try my level best to came up with a story

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