Sanyukt 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ila informs Rahul that Shree counselor had come and not Tanu. Rahul shatters hearing that. On the other side, Hetal continues yelling at Tanu to tell her boyfriend’s name and address because of whom their father died. She continues yelling. Tanu scolds her and leaves. She reaches home and continues crying. Ila seeing Rahul shattering cries to control himself. Rahul says he is fine and smiles. He says he thought Shree as Tanu under inebriation and poured his heart out, he wants to meet her and apologize. Ila calls Tanu and informs that Rahul wants to meet her and requests to help him forget Tanu.

Rahul travels in his jeep. A taxi driver stops him and requests him to drop his passenger as his car broke out. Rahul agrees. Driver calls Tanu. Tanu comes in front of Rahul as married woman with red sari, sindhoor, bindi, etc.. Rahul is shocked and calls Tanu. Tanu acts and asks if they know each other. Rahul is shocked and says they are college friends. Tanu says she has weak memory, what is his name. He says Rahul. She asks if he is Rahul Mehta. He says yes. Someone calls her. She acts that her husband called her and says I love you, she will return soon, to be patient, to take care of children, etc. Rahul is shocked.

Tanu continues acting and speaking to her fake husband. She tells her fake husband that she met her old college friend and is going to relive old memories. She tells Rahul that she has weak memory and forgot everything, she wants to chat with him and relive old college memories and says let us go somewhere. She gives money to driver. Driver returns money and says he will take when he drops her back in the evening. She says Rahul let us go. Rahul gets her in front seat and looks at her teary eyed wearing goggles. Tanu also wearing goggles shed tears. Phir le aya…song..plays in the background.

Precap: Rahul tells Tanu that his love for her was true and his helplessness forced him to reject her, apologizes. Tanu says common, if he had not rejected her, she would not have got such a good husband, she is thankful to him instead.

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