Swaragini-My Sister Is My Enemy ( Chapter One )

Hi friends…I’m back with first chapter and I want to thank you all for such lovely comments, I really wasn’t expecting such an amazing response. If anyone missed the prologue and character sketch then here is the link
So let’s begin;
Swara’s P O V

The sky above was full of dark , tumultuous , ragged clouds and I was waiting for my so called sister to come…..wait wait wait I know you all must be thinking that why I’m being rude with her it’s because she deserves to be treated like this..She is a murderer …She is the murderer of my mother because of her only she died in that accident if she wouldn’t have gone to that road following a stupid butterfly then my mother would have been alive. I hate her…I hate her to the moon and back. You all must be thinking that if I hate her this much then why I’m waiting for her and where she was up till now…Well it’s a long story but I will tell you in short, after mama’s death my papa decided that he will send her to some orphanage as a punishment . I was very happy that she was getting punished for the sin she had committed and after two days she was standing near the door with her eyes filled with tears, a servant was helping her with her suitcase and I was standing behind my father, she was going out but she stopped and looked back towards us to bid a final good bye but my father turned his face towards opposite direction , now her tears rolled down from her cheeks but I think that she didn’t lose her hope and she held her hand a little upwards and weakly said ‘’Bye Di’’. Hearing the word di from her mouth unwillingly tears rolled down from my cheeks too . I don’t know why but something pricked in my heart seeing her like that . I still don’t know what was that ….Was that my hidden love that was slowly overpowering my hate towards her. Whatever that was it was soon vanished when I saw my Dida outside the house ,looking at her face I could tell her that she was very angry but not with Ragini but with papa, she was shouting at papa saying that how could he do this to her own daughter and that how could he send her to orphanage and so on, after quarrelling with him for few minutes she took Ragini’s suitcase from the servant and told my father that she is taking Ragini with her to Kolkata and she held her hand they both very slowly out of our sight. My hate for her grew more after realizing that she did not only snatched my mother from me but also snatched my Dida. From that day she was not only my sister but also my biggest enemy. I have not seen her since that day I wonder how she looks like will she be tall or short ,fat or thin or whatever . Wait… I think I heard a knock maybe she has come ….to be continued

Precap ;Swaragini meeting ( not a simple one) and some flashback of their past and maybe Radhika’s entryswarag

Hey guys I know this is boring but it was also necessary to write….. If you have any confusions then please do comment and give your opinion . Criticism and suggestions are always welcomed.
See you with my next chapter till then take care bye

  1. Awww…..swara is not at all wrong n ragini is also not wrong . As she was kid that time…..n swara was also a kid.

    1. Frozen_Queen

      Yes dear and I think they both will take some time to understand each other and thank you for your support

  2. do any daughter kill her own mother? It must be an acident..if swara lost her mother ragini also lost her mother..why swara cnt understand this?when swara tell ragini snachd her dida too i lost my cntl…hw rude she was?wt she expect to see ragini being an orphan? Thank god atleast there is one person who understand the situation nd took stand 4 ragu..this story seems to be so interesting..it’s litle bit emotional..bt iam waiting 4 sisters haterdnes to turn love..awesome concept..friendship,love,family..jst superb

    1. Frozen_Queen

      Yes dear I know she is very rude but soon she will realize that how wrong she is and thank you very much for such an amazing comment it really encouraged me to write and don’t worry their hatered will be soon turned into love .I’ll try my best to reach beyond your expectations.

  3. Asra

    awesome dear…what the mistake of ragini…y swara hate ragini thz much…if swara lost her mother na then ragini also lost her mother na…i lytly also accept swara pov…bcz she s kid when their mother died…so she don’t know about anything…but what happened to her father….he is responsible for his daughters life na…he is not child like swara…he try to convince swara and give a happiness to his both daughter na..but he is not like that…he is also thinking like that.. ragini s the reason for his wife death…how can a father think like thz about his own child…impossible father…if she died in her delivery time means that time also he think like that…His own child is the reason for his wife death…now I can’t hate swara….i only hate her father…He s whole reason for his daughters enmity…waiting for nxt one..tkcr dear…

    1. Frozen_Queen

      Yes you are right dear he will surely get what he deserves in further episodes and thank you for such an amazing feedback keep commenting

  4. Feeling bad for ragini

    1. Frozen_Queen

      Don’t worry dear someone is coming for her soon

  5. Srusti

    It was amazing dear though I don’t like ragsan & swalak as pairs I am a swasan fan but seriously ur story made me to read b coz I liked this story at first I am got angry ? over swara for hating too much a lot but she was a kid at that time I think swara is having only anger towards her sister but not hatred and make them to clear their misunderstandings soon deae

    1. Frozen_Queen

      Don’t worry dear they will soon clear their misunderstandings and about the couples I want to tell you that this story is not about them its about swaragini and please keep reading

  6. Super amazing

    1. Frozen_Queen

      Thank you very much tani

  7. love ragini and ur ff too

  8. Its awesummm,how gracefully u wrote swaras feelings,her anger even her luv,waiting for their meet and radhika…

    1. Frozen_Queen

      Thank you very much Sargam for your support

  9. A.xx

    Amazing and wonder what actually ahppened xx

    1. Frozen_Queen

      Thank you very much dear

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