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Hi ? guys this is Shivika back with the second shot of W.A.D. =WAR AGAINST DRUGS.
Well somebody out there had asked me to replace Aradhya by Ishaana sorry dear I can’t do that but by all means you can think of Aradhya as Vrushika Mehta I really don’t have any problem as it’s just a name of the character. And precisely Om’s past isn’t connected to Ishaana anywhere here, so you can consider any main lead as it’s just a name.
Anyways coming to the S.S. guys I think so it’s not reaching to many people out there as I didn’t receive the number of comments expected but it’s okay as I badly want to write this one, moreover it just to show the heart wrenching condition of drug addicts and what all a family has to go through in which even a single member is an addict and what effects does it cause on an individual, family and society. And please guys if you are reading this then do comment even negative comments are acceptable.
Well let’s being.

With sorrow somewhere and happiness somewhere another night submerges giving birth to a beautiful morning.
Sun’s bright light is touching each & every knock and corner of the blissful planet EARTH. Making it glow in it’s own warmth and beauty. Light early morning rays and it’s sweet and peaceful warmth embracing the flowers and trees, melodiously chirping birds who got up to mark a new beginning, they take a flight again to make new frontiers and break the previous ones just to ensure that even now they are the rulers of this wealthy, vast and unexplored sky. An absolute picture perfect sunrise marking the new beginning of life & soul but within few hours like every previous day this beauty will be lost into the deep and never ending hustle and bustle of local traffic, highly irritated crowd marching as quickly as possible just to meet the daily schedule. Like every day even today every single individual will loose it’s uniqueness in this ever growing crowd. Forgetting in this merciless crowd where dreams are crushed in name of society and ethics, where hope has become a burden to carry and in this posh lifestyle people tend to forget that the lives they own are their own and not rented, those poor individuals can’t even devotee a single second to earn the peace of their mind. But there were few people whose life was going to get a new ‘HOPE’ for them this was not only a word but in itself it’s a full life. Let’s see what hope and for whom.

@8:00 a.m.
Aradhya was sleeping peacefully hugging her pillow across her chest and another is sandwiched between her legs.
Suryaansh enters in the room and smiles seeing his princess sleeping peacefully but what to do he needs to wake her up as she has a flight to catch. Adhiraj joins him.
Adhiraj: Good morning bada papa.
Suryaansh: God morning son.
Adhiraj: What happened? Seem to be in some other world.
Suryaansh: Nothing much today again Aru will go.
Adhiraj: Aare don’t worry bada papa she is just going to Mumbai and it’s not even miles away.
Suryaansh smiles and says keeping his hand on Adhiraj’s cheeks and patting it gently
Suryaansh: You won’t understand it now. Once you have a daughter na that day you will understand.
Adhiraj understood his meaning but seeing his bada papa in a bad mood would be the worst beginning of the day so he diverts him.
Adhiraj: Okay okay stop being senti early in the morning. Let’s wake this devil up before that Hitler comes in form.
Suryaansh chuckled at his words as he understood that he was trying to divert him, so not willing to waist his energy he nodes in agreement.
Suryaansh: Let’s go.

They go towards her bed when Suryaansh gently pats her head and says
Suryaansh: Get up rajkumari sahiba. (Princess).
Adhiraj giggled.
Adhiraj: Come on bada papa it’s been years since you wake her up like this but the result never changed. She keeps sleeping like Kumbhkaran. Wait and watch.
Suryaansh allows him to carry on.
Adhiraj slowly bends near Aradhya’s ears and says
Adhiraj: Get up Aru the Hitler is on round.
That’s it hearing this only Aru gets up with a jerk.
Aru: Where? When?? How???
Suryaansh and Adhiraj burst out into fits of laughter seeing her condition.
Aradhya realises and throws a pillow on Adhiraj and in crying tone says
Aradhya: You shameless and manner less guys don’t you have even a bit of wits, can’t you see I am sleeping.
Saying so she again lays down in Suryaansh’s lap and he creasing her hair says
Suryaansh: Get up beta you have to leave for Mumbai today.
Aru now remembers that she has a flight to catch so she begins
Aradhya: Papa my stomach it’s paining alot.
Suryaansh: Have a Trigan D and go. (Trigan D is a medicine for stomach ache.)
Aradhya doesn’t backs off and continues
Aradhya: Papa my head is also aching alot I think so I am having fever no no not fever I am suffering from Typhoid. I will have to go for widal test and it’s report will come only by evening and till then flight will be gone.
Adhiraj mimicking Damodar’s voice standing at her back and says
Adhiraj but with Damodar’s voice: What’s going on?
Aru jumps from bed and she is facing the opposite side of Adhiraj and says in a hurry.
Aradhya: No nothing I was just going to get ready.
Adhiraj again laughs at her condition and then she realises that he tricked her again so she begins to beat him with hands and he in order to rescue from her begins to run while she chases him.
Suryaansh stops their fight and asks Aru to get ready.
Near 5:00 p.m. Aru leaves for Mumbai although she is least interested but has no choice.

@5:30 a.m.
Om gets up but now those innocent eyes that once use to portray truth are now spitting anger and venom, his eyes seem to have been overpowered by urge that is making him restless. He quickly gets up from his bed and runs across the room in search of drugs but he doesn’t find anything. So he goes near the door and bangs it as hard as possible. But he gets no response.
Om wails in pain and urge.
He again bangs the door and as he gets no response in anger he throws the vases kept their and in that process a piece injures his feet. He becomes hysteric and the sweet Om gets replaced by a totally lost and uncontrollable Om. After approximately an hours of mind-numbing toil when no response comes he cries out loud.
Om: Aaahhhh Aaaaahhhhhh.
He bends near his bed post crossing his legs and resting his hands on them completely exhausted by the bad fated struggle. His eyes are not brimming with tears rather they are over flooded with hate and violent look.
In disappointment he bangs his head on the bed post a number of times and then he sits back totally devastated.

@5:40 a.m.
Shivaay, Anika, Rudra and Soumya were standing there willing to see Om once when they herd Om wailing in pain and crying out.
ShivRu were about to open the door but Anika holds Shivaay, while Soumya holds Rudra tightly both try hard to get rid but neither of their wives is ready to let them off. AniSoums and Rudra’s eyes are overflowing with tears.
Rudra: Sumo please leave me my O needs me let me go.
Sumo nods in No and tightens her grip further on him.
Rudra begs her innocently like a kid: Please I promise I won’t call you moti or Sumo, I will do whatever you want but please don’t stop me. Please Sumo I beg of you.
Soums can’t control this anymore and hugs him very tightly and cries.
Soums: Don’t worry Rudra nothing will happen to bada Baal wala Bhaiya, he will be all right soon.
The voice that was always filled with fun, love, enthusiasm and hope had now faded to such an extent that even Soumya was doubtful about the non resultant hope that she was giving him day after day.
On the other hand Shivaay and Anika had hugged each other very tightly both were holding each others back so tightly that the neat fabric of their cloth had crushed up badly in their hands and maybe with in few minutes that fabric would only remain in their hands and with every shout of Om that hold kept getting tighter and tighter. Finally not being able to hear the growls of his brother Shivaay leaves. Anika follows him.

Shivaay is sitting near the poll and looking at the water maybe in the search of their bright and sweet past, whose sole witness accept the three brothers was the silent water or maybe seeing his dark present or searching the hopeless future. No he was completely blank, no though paved way through his mind and his body was becoming numb every passing second like he was placed in an ice cube, all the while shouts of Om were passing through his mind and those shouts were piercing his sole.
Anika kept her hand on his shoulder gently and Shivaay turned towards her and within a second he hugged her tightly from her waist placing his head on her stomach he first almost crushed her body under his grip and making her lose her balance but some how she stabilised herself to support her husband and creased his hair and next moment the hard veils of her husband crushed her soul as well and tears traced a new way through that well known path of her eyes and cheeks.

Anika’s mind thought: Why? Why God? What do you get playing with innocent lives what wrong did anyone from the three brothers do to you. Om he was the most innocent and pious soul totally devoted to you. He always considered his work as his life, he never harmed anyone. Why? Is it also bad, to be too good. I never asked anything for myself in my entire life, you took away my family, my brother was handicapped, in front of my eyes my adopted parents died. You showed me all the worst time neither did I ever complain and nor did I ever asked for anything from you. But please do some mercy, show your presence if you can. Please god please. (Tears flowed harder from her eyes.).
Anika’s P.O.V.ENDS.

Hai suna ye poori dharti tu chalata hai
Meri bhi sun le araj mujhe ghar bulata hai
Bhagwan hai kahan re tu
Hey Khuda hai kahan re tu
The sunlight enters the dark mansion and it’s first rays fall on Anika as if God has agreed to her prayers and is asking her to leave her worries on him.
Both Shivaay and Anika feel the warmth and part away and look into each other’s eyes.
Hai suna tu bhatke mann ko raah dikhata hai
Main bhi khoya hun mujhe ghar bulata hai
Bhagwan hai kahan re tu
Hey Khuda hai kahan re tu
Soumya enters and tells them dadi is calling everyone for puja they go to temple.
Pandit/ Priest: Who will do puja today.
Dadi in a flow: As usual all my three grand sons.
She realises what she said and looks at ShivRu who pass a painful look to her.
Both head towards the temple unwillingly just to keep dadi’s wish.
They hold the aarti plate but leave some place between their hands indicating that no one can take Om’s place in their house,family and life. No matter he is there or not but his place will always be reserved in their heart.
They begin to pray.
Main pooja karun ya namajein padhun
Ardaasein karun din rain
Na tu Mandir mile, na tu Girje mile
Tujhe dhoondein thake mere nain
Tujhe dhoondein thake mere nain
Tujhe dhoondein thake mere nain
All fold their hands and bend their heads in front of lords idol.
Jo bhi rasmein hain wo saari main nibhata hoon
In karodon ki tarah main sar jhukata hoon
Bhagwan hai kahan re tu
Aye Khuda hai kahan re tu
After a while dadi asks AniSoums to join the two.
And both join leaving Om’s space empty.
Tere naam kayi, tere chehre kayi
(camera shifts from Lord Shiva’s idol to Lord Ganesha to Lord Rama’s to Lord Hanuman to Lord Krishna and finally ends at Goddess Durga’s idol.)
Tujhe paane ki raahein kayi
Har raah chalaa par tu na mila
Tu kya chaahe main samjha nahin
Tu kya chaahe main samjha nahin
Tu kya chaahe main samjha nahin
As usual Shivaay was cracking a deal with God when Om said from behind.
Om: USS raab Sa tun kya dau paich ladaiga,
Tera muqadaar bhi uska banaya Hua hai,
Aaj jahan tun khada ha Vo dharti bhi uski ungliyon par chalti hai,
Kya da sakta ha tun usa tun toh khud uska karzdaar hai,
Agar daina hi hai toh aapna ahankaar da Dai,
Vo aapna bhakton ka sirf dard bantta hai.
(What business deal will you crack with God,
Your destiny is also written by him,
The land on which you are standing also moves on his fingers,
What can you give him?
You are already indebted to him.
But still if you want to give him something then give your ego to him,
He only shares problems of his devotees. (indicating ego to be the biggest problem.))
Shivaay: Come on Om, please stop your Urdu shayari.
Om just smiles.
ShivRu look at each other.
Soche bin samjhe jatan karta hi jaata hun
Teri zid sar aankhon par rakh ke nibhata hun
Bhagwan hai kahan re tu
Aye Khuda hai kahan re tu

Hai suna ye poori dharti tu chalata hai
Meri bhi sun le araj mujhe ghar bulata hai
Bhagwan hai kahan re tu
Hey Khuda hai kahan re tu
Bhagwan hai kahan re tu
Hey Khuda hai kahan re tu..
Dadi: Shivaay, listen today your dadu’s best friend’s grand daughter is coming here. As he is your dadu’s friend so I couldn’t say no to him.
Shivaay: It’s Okay dadi no problem.
Anika: Dadi I will get the guest room ready.
Dadi nods.
Soumya: I will go and instruct the workers dadi.
Dadi nods again.
Jhanvi and Pinky were about to say something but dadi ignored them and asked Rudra to help her to her room, Rudra obliges.
Shivaay leaves to feed Om.

Om was lying on the floor and was submerged in ocean of thoughts.
Shivaay entered.
Shivaay sees his brother and a layer of guilt forms on his eyes. He moves towards him with a plate of food in his hand and keeps it on the bed.
He holds Om’s hand and Om looks at him with pleading eyes.
Shivaay controlling himself says
Shivaay: Om have some food.
Om gets disappointed and nods in no like a kid and buries his face in his arms.
Shivaay looks at Om’s feet that was bleeding a while ago but now blood had stopped he goes out of the room and comes back with a first aid box. Shivaay sits on the floor and drags Om’s feet towards himself and keeps it on his lap, Om tries resisting but Shivaay doesn’t let’s it go off.
Then slowly he applies ointment very carefully, the smell of ointment makes Om restless he takes the bottle of ointment from Shivaay’s side without his notice and brings it closer to his mouth, Shivaay sees this at nick of time and snatches the bottle from Om.
Shivaay: What the hell were you trying to do Om.
Om: Shivaay please please give it to me, please.
Shivaay strictly: NO.
Shivaay packs the first aid box and leaves taking it, while Om keeps crying.
Shivaay enters after cleaning his hands.
He takes the plate of food in his hand and brings one bite near Om but Om refuses.
Shivaay: Please Om, please eat it.
Om: No Shivaay, I am not hungry.
Shivaay holds his face and stuffs the food in his mouth.
Om looks at Shivaay and hugs him and cries miserably. Shivaay pats his back and slowly feeds him.
After the food is finished Shivaay sits with Om both are still on floor and they talk about random things.
Om: Shivaay will I be fine.
Shivaay: Yes Om, I will make you fine at any cost because I can’t handle Rudra and his so called intelligent talks alone.
Om laughs slightly.
Om: You are too much man.
Shivaay: I know.
Om gives him disbelieving look.
Om: By the way where is my Dumbo.
Shivaay: Office.
Om: So today it’s his turn.
Shivaay nods.
AniSoums enter.
Anika smilingly and hiding her tears says
Anika: How are you Om?
Soumya also joins: Ya bada Baal wala Bhaiya how are you now?
Om smiles and says
Om: I am fine. How are you two?
Anika: Aare what’s going to happen to us, but this bagaad billa keeps torturing me with his norjahan ka nakhra and hi-fi bullet train type English.
Om smiles widely hearing her and seeing this pain in all the three faces disappears and their face gets adorned with a happy smile too.
Soumya: And your duffer he has asked me to go to gym six times a week and diet at least for four days. He has stopped my paranthas as well.
Om laughs at her silly complaint.
Shivaay: By the way you both are complaining against us, but you forgot to tell what you both do?
Anika innocently: Accha (Oh really!) ok you only tell. What we do?
Shivaay: Om as usual this Panika threw water on me.
Anika: Oh please at least tell him the reason.
Shivaay: The reason wasn’t that big. It was just that I wasn’t waking up. That’s all.
Anika: Wasn’t waking up after I tried to wake you up for an hour and when I was left with no other option, I poured water on you.
Like this all keep talking and after a while they leave and Shivaay bolts the door with a heavy heart and teary eyes.

@8:30 p.m.
A cab stops in front of the mansion and Aradhya gets off the cab.
She is wearing a pencil blue denims, with a yellow balloon top, beautiful bluish yellow metallic neck piece, blue watch and blue high heals with glares and a turquoise blue purse. She was looking magnificent.
Aradhya enters the mansion led by two servants.
Aradhya to herself on seeing the mansion.
Aradhya: Is this a house or a haunted house. Oh God do ghosts and phantoms live here. Uurgh this Hitler he has choosen a place like himself only.
Yes, once a jolly and lively Oberoi’s house which was filled with laughter and buzzes of chit chats, pulling each other’s leg was a tradition and a perpetual habit of the brothers to cook couldn’t be seen far and wide now. The all time play garden had turned as in autumn is around the corners. The house where silence wasn’t expected even if someone was hell upset didn’t have slightest of noise. It seemed more like an old, historic building rather than a house. It wasn’t that the house wasn’t neatly kept but the silence was haunting and cruel.
Anika sees Aradhya and goes to her.
Anika: Hi.
Aradhya: Hi, Aradhya Rajput.
Anika: Oh yeah dadi told me about you. I am Anika.
They shake hands.
Aradhya: Well doesn’t anyone lives here.
Anika passed a gloomy smile and said
Anika: No nothing like that.
Aradhya: Oh okay.
Anika: Ramesh uncle please take her to her room.
(to Aradhya) catch you at dinner.
Aradhya: Okay.
Anika: Get freshen up, dinner will be ready in 30 minutes.
Aradhya nods and Ramesh escorts Aradhya to her room.

@2nd FLOOR
Aradhya is on video call with her family.
Aradhya: Papa I should have joined an army camp.
Suryaansh: Why? What happened?
Aradhya: What, what happened papa is this called a house. Such a big house and I don’t think so that any human would live here. A ghost house…. Yes it’s definitely a ghost house.
Adhiraj in teasing tone: Are you sure you have landed up at a house or in some mirage.
Aradhya: What what did you say bhai. Say it once again and trust me I will hit you by getting in the phone.
Adhiraj mocking to be scared: Oh I got scared. You are so scary I was wrong you can’t be a ghost, you are definitely a witch. (Saying so he shows her a tongue and laughs and she gives an annoyed expression.)
Aradhya: Let it be it’s useless to talk to you I will go and have my dinner.
Saying this she bids bye and goes to have her dinner.

Aradhya somehow finding her way reaches the dinning table.
Dadi: Anika go and call Aradhya.
Anika nods.
Aradhya cheerfully: I am here guys.
All the Oberoi’s felt really different because it was after a long time that someone would have chirped so happily in their house but there was not much difference made as the harsh reality came back in their heads.
All just passed a plain smile to her and greeted her. Much part of the dinner went in awkwardness for Aradhya although the silence on dining table wasn’t unknown to her as hitler never allowed them to talk while eating but still it was pricking her from inside.
After dinner everyone left towards their respective rooms.
And Aradhya was again back to the most monotonous job of finding her way back to her room.



Aradhya heard a door’s knocking sound and she moved carefully towards the noise so created.


As she kept taking her steps forward the sound of banging of door raised. And finally she reached the door and very carefully unbolted it.
As soon as the door opened the man inside folded his hands across his eyes just to prevent the sharp rays of light to pass through his pupil but after a while he removed his hands and looked straight towards the light, the light that was so sharp as if they would pierce his cornea now seemed to be having no effect on him.
Aradhya too looked at the light it was a monochromatic ray and she blinked hundreds of time seeing it but when she turned towards that tactful looking man, his eyes were large enough and weren’t blinking at all, seeing his condition it was clear to her that he hadn’t bathed for quite a long time. That hulk sought of man whom she was seeing actually not only seeing but even analysing seemed more of an adivasi types to her. His long hair seemed to have had no cut since a ages and they were shabbily arranged. His face seemed to be dull and pale as filthiest yellow. Much part of his face was covered by beard which wasn’t properly shaved but it wasn’t very long too yet it made him look scary. His hands were in a bad condition.

VOICE FROM ALTER DIRECTION: What are you doing here?
Aradhya’s deep thoughts got broken by that voice and she moved her eyes just to look in deep questioning blue orbs that belonged to Shivaay.
Shivaay repeats: What are you doing here?
The enrage in his voice startled Aru and she very carefully and calmly said
Aradhya: Actually I was searching my room, when I heard the door knocking so just came to open it, that’s all.
Anika who came from behind looks at her and says
Anika: It’s ok Aradhya, come I will show you your room.

Aradhya is lying on her bed but sleep seems miles away. She was tossing on her bed remembering that weird looking creature, his physique, his pale face, his blackened hands, his long badly kept hair, his not so bad looking clothes nothing was bothering her that much as his eyes were. Those black iris seem to have magnetic effect on her, she had drowned in those eyes and they were the only thing she was viewing in her eyes and it was on a rewind mode. The way his big black tired eyes weren’t responding to that sharp rays of light, as if someone has hypnotized them. To her his eyes didn’t seem to be his but enslaved by someone as those feelings weren’t his, those emotions seem to be fake. As if those eyes have hidden another pair behind them which was as vast as Pacific and had thousands of hidden secrets in them. No idea did she have of those eyes which were screaming the unspoken words and every single word went on deaf ears.
Those eyes kept haunting her all night taking away her sleep.

It wasn’t till the next fortnight she got to get a glimpse of that hulk man.
Till now she didn’t ask anyone about his presence and neither did she see him again. There were two reasons for that one was the effect of Shivaay’s voice and the impatience in him was scary for her and second was the eyes of that man, that have hardly submerged their effect in her soul, when their next encounter took place.

Om was standing near the railings and looking deeply towards the moon.
Aradhya came there but didn’t notice Om standing there but Om felt someone’s presence so he turned. Aradhya once again began to notice every inch and corner of Om, nothing much seemed to have changed since their last meeting, accept for his clothes and that coldness in his eyes which now seemed to be calm yet too tiring and the sleeves of his shirts were rolled up and for the first time Aru looked at his arms.
Om wasn’t much comfortable with her presence so he begins to leave but gets startled by what she says

Aradhya: You are a drug addict, right.

Om doesn’t responds and leaves in haste.

Aradhya to find about Om’s condition.


May your day goes amazingly beautiful and A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE READERS YOU ALL MEAN ALOT.

Stay happy ?
Keep smiling ?
For now signing off
SHIVIKA ?………….

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  13. Mrunal

    u know dear..
    whenever i read W.A.D. i always cry a lot… u wrote it with to intensity..
    that pain definitely can be feel bcoz of ur words..
    whenever u write in this ff ur works turns totally different…
    none will believe that this is the same girl who write for obros vs ssisos..

    love u dear..?

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