Swaragini-My Sister Is My Enemy ( Prologue and Character Sketch )

Hi guys, I’m new to TU and this is my first FF on Swaragini . Please do read my story and tell me should I continue or not….So let’s begin


1st girl’s P O V

The sky above was full of dark , tumultuous , ragged clouds and I was standing in front of my house….actually not my house but my late father’s house from where he threw me out when I was only 8 years old . You all must be thinking that what could be reason behind his act…. Don’t worry I will tell you , It was because he held me responsible for my mother accident. You all also must be wondering that if he threw me out then why I’m here in this house . I’m here because It was my father’s last wish that I should stay in this house with my elder sister but I’m afraid to live with her because she still hates me I’m afraid that I won’t be able to tolerate her hatred towards me after all she is my sister and I love her very much . I caressed the name plate gently remembering all the moments that I spent here. I held my suitcase and started walking inside and at last I reached to the door, I knocked twice and waited there for the door to open.

I was thinking that was I even ready to go inside a and suddenly my phone beeped, It was a message from my devil…oops sorry my best friend and my savior it says ”Don’t you dare to step back because have to win your sister back and you have to prove her that whatever happened was not your fault ’’ Seriously ! how the hell she know me this much I’m pretty much sure that she has some super powers. My chain of thoughts was broken by the sound of the opening door and there she was standing with pure hatred in her eyes, she was My Sister, My Enemy .

Swara Gadodia ; she is a sweet , kind hearted , bubbly and a little bit overconfident a d stubborn ,28 years old ….currently running his father’s fashion designing company called “THE SR FASHIONS’’. Hates her younger sister very much because she thinks that she is responsible for her mother’s death.
Ragini Gadodia ; she is a cute, humble, bold ,kind hearted , 26 years old girl…She is working as a deputy MD in a music company called ‘’RAAG’’ of her best friend who was a great support for her in her difficult times and she is still always there for her.
Radhika Mehra; she is the bff of Ragini and also her boss . I will not reveal her character so soon because she is the main supportive character and also a mysterious one because of her terrible past.

This story is about the relationship of two sisters which is broken by some misunderstandings…So let’s see how will they heal this relation .This story is mainly focused on friendship and sisterhood and the entry of our heroes will be in the ending episodes . Don’t worry I won’t torture you for a long time I will end this in 10 parts .The pairs are Swalak and Ragsan and after reading the character sketch you all would have come to know that who is the first girl and who is her sister .If you have any confusions then you can ask me and lastly please ignore my grammar mistakes because I’m new to English language I started learning it since last two weeks only. Criticism is always welcomed.

  1. Interesting!! Thanks for swalak and ragsan

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  2. Awesome can anyone tell me a ragsan ff name without swalak

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      Dear you should go for Guilt by Sally_blr its one of my favourites

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  4. Awesome and plz give equal imp to both girls

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  6. outstanding…loved ragini’s pov…waiting 4 nxt part dear..

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      Thank you dear and next part will be Swara’s pov

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    Super dear I loved it a lot and give more sister scenes and their feelings towards each other

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      Don’t worry dear this ff is all about their feelings and I hope that I won’t dissapoint you

  10. Its awesummm,wondering how their bond will develop,radhika’s character seems really interesting and our swarag lyk always rocking!!!!!!

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      Thanks dear they will heal their relationship soon with the help of Radhika and thank you for your support

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    Amazing but plz try to introduce the heroes earlier xx

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      I’m sorry dear but I can’t introduce the heroes earlier because in earlier episodes I only want to focus on the sisters but as you have requested I will introduce the heroes after 5 chapters

  14. Sri

    Awesome story line dear
    But plz make it make in story name that it is rag…….San
    As some swasan fans like me will get confuse and will read it and feel bad for swasan
    I liked ur story but sorry dear I can’t read it as it is rag……..San and swalak

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      Sorry if it hurts u
      But I always will be a obsessed SWASAN fan

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      Don’t worry dear I didn’t hurt me and from now on I will write it as Rag……San and don’t feel bad for swasan as they are a real couple not an imaginary one and also suggest you to read this story because its main focus is swaragini not the couples.

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