YHM Yeh pyaar Na hoga Kam- Introduction

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my dear friendsRushi hereI hope u all remember meAuthor of YHM ffs (Dil ka rishta, undying love, Dil toh pagal hain, Dil ki nazar se Dekho) , yrkkh (true love), tei (Milan do Diloka)Sorry I was occupied with my studies so was unable to write ffI missed u all alotI hope u all too missed meBaby lisa, lisa, radhikaji, reshma, gayu, parichary, jasmine, Nivedha, neethu, varshini,kv,ipsita, ishan, guru n dear all I missed u all alotSo am back with new  short ffAgain its YHMBecause I love writing ff on itHope u all will like this one tooSo lets beginA huge gate is shownFollowed by college campus crowded with many studentsA notice board is shownStudents have gathered around itEverybody is pushing eachotherA young boy is shown struggling between crowd to get one glimpse of boardHe keeps requesting ppl to let him seeFinally he rolls his finger  over notice displaying names of studentsThe boy makes nervous face his eyes are welled up with tearsHe excuses himself and comes out of crowdAnother boy comes rushing to himThey hug eachotherAnother boy-Adi what happened R u selected?Adi(lump in throat)-Rishi am selected yes am selected I have got admission in city’s best engineering college yuppie my dream has come true am selected(The boy looking at notice board is our Adi Aditya from original YHM)Adi is very excitedAdi-I must call ma she might be waitingA melodious voice of arti is heardOm jai jagdish hare swami jai jagdish hareA lady in baby pink sari doing arti is shownLady folds her hands n silently prays Her phone rings 

She rushes to phoneIt shows “Adi calling”Adi-Ma ma ma ma ma ma am so happy I have been selected in Vjti maa am so so happyLady-Adi congratulations beta well done so so so so proud of us ganpati bappa heard my prayersAdi-Ma ganpati bappa didn’t do anything its all ur blessingsLady-AdiAdi-Ma please I dnt believe in god for me god doesn’t existPlease ma, Am coming home  after completing formalities u dnt worry He cuts callLady smiles with tears in eyesAn old lady comesOld lady-ishu ishu beta what happened did our adi get selected?(Lady in pink sari is our Ishita n she is Adi’s mum in this ff)Ishita hugs old ladyIshita-yes Amma yes n he is very happy(Old lady is our Amma)Amma smiles An alarm is ringingA young girl taps it in anger n keeps pillow over her ears n tries to sleep ”

Aliya, Aliya Aliya get up Aliya”(So young girl is Aliya)Aliya(half sleepy)-mom please stop shouting n let me sleep plueaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeAliya’s mother-Aliya get up at once u need to go to Vjti Chachu has got ur admission done u just need to do some formalitiesAliya wakes up all shockedAliya-wat wat wat wat the hellEngineering college no way call Chachu I cannot do engineeringAliya’s mom comes to her roomAliya-mom what non sense is this engineering no way its patheticAliya’s mom-Aliya we have planned best for u Ur career will be made Aliya makes facesAliya-mom thats something which boys do mom I want to enjoy my college life vjti is prison not college A man enters roomAliya-Dad see na Chachu has got my admission done in vjtiAliya’s dad-my princess Dnt worry college life will still be fun trust meN u know what many handsome boys come to study in Vjti so chill babyHe winks at herAliya hugs himAliya’s mother-Mihir what sort of father r u? Telling ur daughter such things Its her age to study nMihir-ohhh come on simmi let my daughter enjoy her best days of lifeSimmi leaves in anger(Simmi is Aliya’s mother n Mihir is Aliya’s cool dad I hope u all will like this)Ishita is making Adi eat food with her own handsIshita-Adi have this sheeraAdi-No ma I know this is Prasad of ur ganpati bappa please keep it away from me pleaseAdi gets up n leavesAmma comesIshita is upsetIshita-Amma Adi disrespects god so much I …..

Amma-ishu he is angry with god because god snatched his father from him, he has seen u struggle he cannot have faith its not easy for him to trust godAdi is shown looking at photo having garland His eyes r filled with tearsAdi-I miss u papa miss u alot(Ok friends so thats all for today so what do u think is it ishra ff or ff on adi n Aliya? N who was Ishita’ s husband?

Any guessesDo let me know ur take on thisAm eagerly waiting for ur commentsThanks love u all )

  1. Jasminerahul

    what a surprise.i was wondering where u went.happy that u r back.in all ffs its abt ishita ruhi,here its ishita adi.thanku so much 4 that.is raman her husband?i hope he comes back.surprise is that mihir simmi r aliya’s parents.never expected that.what a cute naughty dad is mihir.u r the writer who made mihir simmi jodi popular.waiting 4 adya meeting in college.i hope its both ishra n adya ff like ur previous ishra abhika ff

  2. Lasya Priya K

    I think its both ishra nd shadi nd aaliya’s ff keep going rushi… ur every ff have its own twist. So continue nd plz update son OK nd be regular.

  3. Awesome dear. I think both ishra and
    adi,aliya ff. I like ishra ff more

  4. Lisa

    Rushiiiiii….u don’t know how much I missed u…I msges u also on this site…I used to open this site to see if u came with another ff or not but today my face had a smile after seeing ur name…baby Lisa missed u shhooooo mushhhh…nd about this ff…so much mysterious…plz mqke it a ishra ff …i want it to be ishra..puleez…it was awesome rushi…ur ffs r awewome..nd i know this one will be awesome

  5. Nivedha

    Wow Rushi Welcome back to YHM world.. Cool to see you back… And where is my chlakutty Raman??? I think Ishu’s hubby is Subbu or Mani… Ruhi is yet to come Na… So my baby ll be with Ruhi I guess…

    Sry… I m sooper excited to see u back.. N I m blabbering a lot??? Welcome back Rushii

  6. Kumud

    Really different from all the ff have been reading BTW nice intro

  7. Can’t say anything but fabulous!!!!! I think it’s ishra and adi aliya ff (both). A very very good start!!! Keep it up!! And please update soon because I can’t wait!!!

  8. Good to see you back Rushi!!!

    I think that Ishu husband and Adi father is Raman.
    Raman had lost his life because of his business rival revenge to kill Raman.
    Adi misundterstood God and did not know about Raman’s enemy

  9. Nice update pls continue soon

  10. nice to see u back…no idea about how the story moving ahead…update next one fast….

  11. Welcome back rushi!!!! Sorry I didn’t comment on your ff dil chahata hai because I was a silent reader but I never missed commenting on dil ka rishta and undying love I loved them !!! This plot also seems interesting looking forward for it:)

  12. Neethu

    Hey Rushi!! Good to see you back with yet another interesting ff? And i think raman isn’t ishu’s hubby but its mani. Waiting for raman’s entry. Is ruhi also a part of this ff??

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