Swaragini-The Secret Reopens Episode 30

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Hellooooo….i am so so so sorry..ita late I know..i am so so sorry once again..i know manuy of u were waiting for the update..lets start..i lll try my level best to be on time the next time pukaaa..

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so lettssss start…

“So it all started 25 years ago….our house was decorated..completely songs..chattering of the guest everything…turned into noises..kious..screams..firing of bullets..the evening which was supposed to be the best..the memorable night turned disastrous the happiness turned into the sadness..the illumination turned into darkness for ever..that night not only we lost 2 members of our family we even lost our HAPPINESS…OUR CHOTU”
Laksh-wen and how and where and who died?
Shekhar-“Laksh that was the wedding of my sister with your chachu that is durga’s brother..
All looks shocked except the elders..they didn’t know wat was going n and what was in store for them now…

Shekhar- Our chotu..Ragini and Swara’s elder brother.
Ragini n swara looked shocked..
He continued..

“that night changed our lives..laksh,swara n sanskaar had gone for the trip they were 5 years old..ragu..was 3 years old.[ chotu was 7 years old]…she witnessed the entire scene..isliye ragu u tell na that u dream of sme1 shouting..and a gun sound it is because of this only..the entire scene got stored in ur mind..”{as they were of 5 years they dnt remember the existence of their bro..though they get some flashes but not a pur memory]

swara- but papa wat exactly happened?

Shekhar-“the marriage was going take place when”


“stop this marriage” a man entered saying
“who are u?”asked shekher
‘baby u didn’t tell about me?..he asked priya{shekhars sis..bua of swaragini}..koi baat nhi..waise saale sahib I am rituraj..rituraj thakhur..i love ur sister”
“but I don’t love you..i have told u so many time why are u troubling me”shouted priya

niraj consoled her{durga’s bro sanlak’s chachu}

“wat the hell are you saying u bl***y man u are of my age and u want marry a girl who is 10 years younger to you…”shouted shekhar
“get lost from here and dare u interfere in my priyas life do u get that”screamed Niraj

priya stared crying seeing the scenario..

“get out..”durga shouted too

‘acha u all want me to go na..give me my priya I ll go” said rt{rituraj Thakur}
‘she is not urs she is only mine’ said niraj

rt took the gun out of his jacket and said’priya tell them u are mine..i love u a lot..i ll keep u happy..i ll love u timm my last breath..u ll be my wife..my life..’he shouted…

it seemed he had jst run out of the mental asylem so mad..so aggressive..not wanting to understand anything..

‘rt keep the gun down u cannt take the law in ur hand’ shekhar said
“arrey saale sahab I have already take it in my hand”shouted rt

“priya I gave u a chance to be mine but u//u refused u lost the chance baby..but no issue..’he continued saying as a mad person
“wat if u are not mine..u will not be nira’s also u know how?…because I l kill you..be ready to die’

and fired the shot..

as a movies hero..;]..niraj took the bullet in place of priya on his heart..saving his love..but rt was not less he again fired the bullet..which pierced through priya’s heart..both fell on the floor holding eachothers hand…

it is rightly said..if two ppl love eachother very dearly..god also has to accept his defeat Infront of their love…

before dying..
“nn…ee..rra…j..i have aa..lw..ways llooved u and will love u…”
“I lloove you aannd..wwill llove yyouu..”saying this both closed their eyes only to meet in the heaven..

everyone gathered arnd them shekhar sumi duraga ap trying to wake them but In vain..it didn’t take time to realize that they had lost their siblings forever.

With rage shekar and durga turned only to find rt leave with chotu inhis arms..

“so wat I didn’t get priya..i am taking ur son..shekhar..u will always regret messing with the RITURAJ THAKHUR..u will never be able to find me..never..u will always regret losing ur son…haha…and he ran”

shekhar and durga ran behind him but rt disappeared in the dark..sumi was continuously crying..for son…

2 years passed but the police was also not able to find chotu

one fine day..
ACP-sir I think rt has hid ur son somewhere or,….he has ki..
Shekhar-stop..my son is alive I knw that..my heart says thay

ACP-sir we tried our level best but..i think u have to forget him

Sumi-how can I forget him..huh…she cried..he was her first child afterall..she had loved him..most dearly..he was her live..though all her kids were smaebut chotu was indeed a lill spcl..first afterall..she had spent entire two years with..purely with him..after which swara came followed by ragu…how could sme 1 ask her to forget a piece of her heart..her heart was solely comprised of her family..her children and one piece was missing..just like a jigsaw puzzle she was incomplete..a major piece was away..that place was reserved..for her son..no happiness in the entire world could replace the sadness she had in her heart..she wanted her son badly..it was not that she didn’t love swaragini..they were also very damn important for her..but she also craved for her son..somewhere deep inside the heart..

Sumi could nt forget chotu and inorder to forget all these sad memories..gadodia family shifted to newyork..

Flashback ends..
Every1 had tears in their eyes..every1..except!


“Daw meine khelliya hai..bas anjaam baaki hai”{I have played my move..jst the result is left}

questions..who was the man in precap?

Keep guessing..

And thank you every1 for ur support its because of u all only I have reached episode 30 today..

And ya..i jst wanted to know are u feeling this ff to be boring..in that case I ll end it..it will all depend on u all..

Till then

Take care..

loads of love..


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    amazing and except ragini i think loved it xx

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