Sethji 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sethji does a pooja. She asks a woman Yashoda how are your son’s wedding preps going? She says you know the ritual where the mom of the groom sits angry and the groom consoles her. How will I do this ritual when there is water all around the well. Sethji says there is another well near Baaji’s little camp. The woman says lets go and do it there. Sethji says yes lets go.

Ganesh wakes up and says today is my marriage. My mom is waiting at the well. Ragahv tells him she is at the small well. They all run towards the well worriedly. Baji says they will see the girl. Ganiya says I asked you to stay away from that girl but you didn’t listen.
the women reach near the camp. Sethji goes towards the camp. Ganiiya says I am here. sethji comes back to the well. Baji goes in and tries to hide the girl. He picks her up and says she has severe fever. He picks her and lays her in the dried grass.
Ganiya says mom lets go home I am hungry. all the woman laugh.
Sethji says you have to ensure your mom that you wont’ change after marriage. You will love your wife but also take care of your mom as well.
Baji listens this and says in heart mom I won’t let your trust break either. He says God please show me a way.
I have to save this girl. Sethji says after marrying your mom will also be your responsibility and so will be your wife. ganiya says I promise you mom.

Baji says I loved you. Pragati is fainted. He says I have to take care of her and not hurt mom either.
Ganiya gives his mom a sari as a gift. She says its lovely. They all are leaving. Sethji sees Baji. She goes towards his camp. baji comes out. Sethji says what are you doing here? He says I was looking at the ritual. She smiles. All the women are leaving.

Scene 2
Baji comes to the village doctor and asks his for a herb for fever. He says show me your temperature. Baji says I am not ill. Baji says is sethji ill or sambha? Baji says no no Ganesh is ill. We were punished last night so we were near the lake. He has fever. He gives him the med. Baji runs. He goes to the camp and makes Pragati drink the meds. She says its bitter. He says it is medicine. It has to be. He covers her feet. Pragati is still not feeling well. He massages her hands. Baji recalls seeing her in dreams.
Mithal brings food. Prgati doesn’t want to eat it. Mithal says we have to go to haldi or raghav can come here. Baji says I have to go out. Please don’t step out. It can be dangerous. She says dangerous? Baji says this is devsu village. Outsiders are not allowed here. For now you rest. I will explain you later. She sleeps. Mithal says for how long? Baji says once she is okay I will leave her outside the village.

Scene 2
Yashoda and Sethji go to the bride’s house and give them gifts.
Baji comes to the haldi as well. The bride comes. After haldi Baji comes back to Pragati. He touches her and says the fever is better now. She is asleep. I will leave her outside the border of devsu.

Precap-Baji and mithal come to the camp and Pragati is not there. Pragati comes to the temple and says who is sethji? I want to talk to her right now. Sethji is dazed and angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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