Piya Albela 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Piya Albela 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naren opening a box and seeing dada ji’s prayer beads. He asks him to say Om with him. Harish is sad. Supriya asks what happened? She says Naren is here and Neelima agreed to do puja alone. Harish says I know, and says everyone will forget Bau ji, but Naren will not and blames his father for teaching big thing and sanyas to him. Supriya says he was his Dada. Harish blames Supriya also and says you are partially responsible. Naren calls Dada ji teaching him Surya namaskar. Malanga Re plays..Pooja looks at him. Naren recalls Dada ji’s teachings and asks Dada ji why did you leave me Dada ji. He cries. Kahan jaaye re tu plays… Pooja says you are missing your Dada ji and asks him to remember him and celebrate his barsi happy, like nobody did. She says everyone is waiting for you. Naren looks on. Pooja smiles seeing him.

Harsha and Supriya are making laddoos for Dada ji’s barsi. Naren thinks about Pooja’s words and offers help to Supriya. He makes laddoos to be kept for puja.

Pandit ji starts the puja and says bahu of this house shall put garland on his pic. Harsha says bothn bahus will put garland. Neelima and Supriya place garland on his photo frame. Pandit ji says we will do havan now and asks if family members are here. Harish says yes. Supriya calls Pooja and asks her to come. Neelima gets angry and is about to protest, but Hardik stops her. Naren asks her to come. Pooja comes and sits behind Naren. They all sit for the havan. Rahul’s phone rings. He rejects the call. Pooja looks on. Pandit ji says havan is complete and asks them to make cow eat the bhojan. Naren is about to take it, but Rahul takes the plate and goes. Pooja thinks something is fishy.

Rachel sees Anuj stopping Kusum from giving Pooja’s room to Rachel, and says he will give his room to her and will shift to hall. Rachel thinks he is mad about his sister. Naren serves the food to everyone. Supriya tells Pooja that elders will go to temple, and asks her to wrap up the work. Kusum asks Anuj to have sweets of his choice. Anuj refuses to have it. Rachel suggests that he shall go there. Satish says I will book taxi, and asks Kusum to get ready. Rachel asks can I come, as I will get bored here. Satish says yes. Anuj calls Pooja and says they are coming to Hrishikesh to meet her. Pooja says she is busy and can’t come. Supriya asks her to go and says she will do their booking in the nearby restaurant. Mayank hears her and thinks Pooja said that she is an orphan. Supriya asks Mayank to drop Pooja to restaurant.

Satish and his family come to the restaurant. They are informed that the table is booked. Pooja thanks Mayank for dropping her. Mayank says I will come and will give you company till your family comes. Pooja asks him to go. Mayank thinks to find out what she is hiding.

Rache sees Mayank dropping Pooja and thinks boss came to drop employee. Pooja comes and wishes happy birthday to Anuj. Anuj likes the arrangements. Pooja tells that Supriya did the arrangements. Satish says she works so well. Kusum taunts pooja. Rachel says hi to Mayank and tells that she is Pooja’s friend. She asks him to tell if there is any vacancy in the office. Mayank says office and thinks there is something which is hidden and thinks to inform Naren.

Rachel comes back and says hi to Pooja. Pooja is about to call her Rachel, but Anuj calls her Ritu and signs Pooja. He tells she is our new paying guest. Naren talks to his employee and asks him to keep extra water beside all the animals as the weather is hot. He thinks about Pooja and wonders where is she? Pooja tells Anuj that they shall tell everything to Mama and Mami. She calls Naren. Naren is upset with her and asks where are you? Pooja says she came for some important work and seek Supriya’s permission. She ends the call. Rahul thinks she will take revenge from Pooja and Naren and will change his life upside down. He recalls his result.

“Jeete Jee Waqt Nahi De Paate
Jaane Ke Baad Har Reet Nibhate
Mann Me Jab Hota Sneh Aapar
Kahe Bina Hum Kyun Reh Jaate”

(Couldn’t give time when being alive
Once the person goes, follow all the rituals
When there is an immense love in heart
Why do we stay without confessing love)

Someone informs Naren the farm caught fire. Naren runs to farm and see the fire. Pooja falls in the fire. Naren is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks you for the update I just hope this soapie going to drag like the others

  2. ACHU

    areyy yeh kya 3 bhai ek ladki ke pechee..one jasusi..another care and eager…next enmity

    1. Devga

      Haha rightly said achu …
      Naren – pure care
      Mayank – detective
      R**** – Revenge ( Pooja actually dint hand over him to police then y the hell he is behind her ? )

    2. aesa b hota hai

  3. As Salam o Alaikum H.Hasan and all muslims here thanks for the fast episode
    epi was good only because of ponar (pooja and naren)
    eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s epi
    i think it’s rahul act to burn the farm i could be wrong too

    1. Devga

      Wa- Alaikum -Salam osshi …. It’s a opinion plz don’t mention religion names …and show a difference…. Just commonly address all equally… I am not against any religion and all but just don’t use it in a public portal ….
      I am Indian ….. Sorry if I unintentionally have hurt u ….

    2. i don’t want to show the religion but if this could increase my good deeds so y don’t i do this

      1. just give me the answer of this question Zoya and Devga

  4. Devga

    Aww nice episode …. Evry episode I feel y did it end so soon ….

    Great feeling such a show ….

    But y Pooja hid about her mama family?

    Harish knows everything I think …

    1. so that she accepted by all easily and she is here for Naren and if he came to know this he will be angry so

  5. Roumya

    hello all……
    devga ooshi akbar shristi mama zoya geeta anup sonya jyoti achu ammu cutypie …. sry if i forgot anybody
    i am hindu from tamil nadu…
    but my mother tongue is telugu….
    anup i feel its normal becoz even i have such questions which dont have a answer… answer might be there but none knows it….. my dad read gita if he knew he used to answer or else not
    and about todays episode… it was mind boggling… i am in love with narens character he is tooo good
    and devga are u the same one who used be active eht page??

    1. Devga

      Hlo roumya …. I am very very hardcore fan of eht … But to my disguise those days I was only in front of tv during 8o clock .. and I dint knw about TU … After wen eht was over I started to comment in nauc page…. So I was not in eht comment page…

      1. Roumya

        Oh then I might I have seen ur comments in nauc page….

    2. no details r required except age,date of birth,studies or work

    3. otherwise welcome to this page and keep commenting

  6. Love this serial soooo much
    Please air everyday!!!

    1. happy u commented keep commenting

  7. Walleikum assalam Ooshi Akbar and I also think that Devga is right it is a social site so plz don’t mention religion names and it is just a opinion.Hi guys mama, srividya,jyoti, geeta and all others.
    @mama assalam allaikum means
    May peace be upon you.
    Wallaikum assalam means May peace be upon you too.

  8. Nce epi and eagerly waiting for tomorrow.

  9. Mama don’t know will u here and check this page or not but still i am replying u here
    Assalam o means Peace be
    Alaikum means upon u
    so Assalam o Alaikum means Peace be upon u
    and Wa Alaikum means upon u too
    Assalam means peace be
    so Wa Alaikum Assalam means peace be upon u too
    these r muslim’s greetings
    actually Assalm means Slamti
    now u will say that i (Mama) asked a simple question but she(Ooshi) gave a long answer so the reason is i understand Arabic so explain it although u will not had any interest in it and i should be correct 90% then read my reply and if i am 100% correct then avoid it

  10. today we all(Devga,me and Zoya) explain Assalam o Alaikum amd Wa Alaikum Assalam me and Zoya on this page and Devga replied to Mama on yesterday’s page it’s a good coincidence
    by the way Devga what’s ur original name

  11. Sana,Diya,Avni,Srishthi,Sonia,Laavanya, Kan guys where r u all come i want u all back

  12. Okay Ooshi Akbar I agreed with u.first I thought that it could create some difference among all religion but now I think that u r right if this would increase ur goodness then y not.and from now onwards I will also greet u and other Muslims whenever I come to this page.sorry if i unintentionally hurted u.

    1. no no no problem no need of sorry to us two things r humanity/ according to our religion it will be called as HUSN E IKHLAQ means to behave good with others and second is our religion teachings and both r almost the same so no sorry

  13. hi dears.
    Ooshi i am not bored dear. Infact I am glad to know that u 3 (zoya ,ooshi,devgd) answered me n thank u very much for it. Actually i am always want to know about other religion n other things that i don’t know.
    I surprised to know that u r a girl n guys it is difficult to know from name that the guy is boy or girl

    1. Ooshi is my nick name and is a girl’s name now tell me about u what’s ur original name and what’s ur gender mama seems to be boys name hope i am correct

    2. Mama agr AAP ko kuch aur pochna ho to poch Lena hmain(Zoya,me and shaid Devga ko) khushi ho gi

  14. Hi Ooshi Thnx.Av aap yeh mt kehna k Islam mei thnk u kehna v mana hai.As mama told I am also surprised to know that u r a girl but happy also.okay can I ask u something if u allow me then only.
    Hi mama no need to say thnx as we r friends and in friendship no sorry no thank u.if u want to ask me anything else then don’t hesitate.

    1. Jo bat tum ne mama ko kahi hai wohi bat tumhare thankyou k jawab Mein main kehna chahati Thi lakin tum ne khud gi keh di aur tum ne Jo pochna hai pocho aur mujhe apni age aur studies k bare main btao

    2. Keh di k baad Maine 1 aur line likhni Thi woh ye k
      Iss lie no sorry no thanks

  15. Okay Ooshi.Phle toh hm apne baare mei batate hai.Hmara naam zoya hai hm Kolkata mei rehte hai aur hmne iss saal (year) hi madhyamik means class 10 ka exam diya hai.
    Av tm batao tm kaha se ho or kon se class mei prti ho.

    1. main Pakistan se hon mere shehr ka nam rawalpindi hai mera 11 april ko b.a part 2/ 4th year ka last paper tha ab ghar main result ka wait kr rhi hon waise tum ne mujh se yehi pochna tha ya kuch aur pochna tha

  16. No that’s enough Ooshi .

    1. ok g

  17. woww ooshi.i love u.you are Pakistani!!!and im an indian .I’m very happy to know that.you can’t imagine how much happy i am?
    sarhad paar ke meri pyaari si dost ko mera lakh lakh shukriya hmsbse jurne k liye.aur sath me sabhi ko v .
    wow technology kya chij h ? hame kitne fayde hote h.kamal h / superrrrr.
    aage kya kahu? ooshi aapke comments ko padhe bina n kuchh adhura sa lgta h.bhale hi mai comments ni kr paau.
    mai koshish karungi ki hr din mai present ho paau.

  18. mai pg 2nd year ki student hu.mera B.Ed v ho chuka h.

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