Love and love only by zerah malik episode 3

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Hi….guys..its me, Zerah malik with third episode of love, love and love only…

Hope you all enjoys…

Epi 2 link:?

Episode starts with

Anika is in kitchen finding medicine for shivaay she saw somya

Anika : somya didn’t you go to temple

S : no.. Bhabi I din’t go because of cry baby

S : bhabi.. What are you finding…

A : medicine for Shivaay

S : what happens yo bhaiyya….

A :he fell from bathroom

They both go to his room and couldn’t him there

A : where do Shivaay goes

S : he is not in bathroom also

A : how can that happen he can’t walk.. not even stand properly…

S : come bhabi let’s check

When they are searching for shivaay they saw prinku

AniSom : prinku didn’t you go to temple….

P : you too didn’t go

S : but why didn’t you go

P : actually mom was….

Suddenly prinku got a call she excused attend it

P : ma…at you alright ?I am coming there

POC :______________

P : but ma.. You are unwell na…then how can you

POC ______________

P : OK ma…

After the call….prinku was confused

A : who was on call?

S : Is everything alright ?

P : mom called me that she is going to Goa but ranvee Told to me that she is not well… so I decided to go home that’s why I didn’t go to temple….

That means he lied to me…

A : Shivaay also lied to me
.let me see him.. I will show to him…

S : rudr also made me sit at home

P : so let find our dear husband s.. they will be sitting somewhere and enjoying

On the way to search their husbands they saw gauri…..

Anisompri : YOU…

G : actually there is no puja today… By the way, why didn’t you guys go

S : but bhabi… That puja will be held every day

G : but ma told me that today there is no puja..Any way why did you stay back?

Anisompri : this is done by our husbands

A : but gauri.. Why did janvi aunty lie?

Everyon confused

G : now I get it…I saw Om near ma.. So this is Om’s plan….come lets search them …

while they started searching..they heard OmRudRan laughings

They peeped inside and listen to their conversation.

Shivaay : think plan was superb but I got many scoldings from her …..

Om : I didn’t knew what want to do I can’t lie so I ask help from mom..haha

Rudr : sumo is always jealous when I am talking to girls
What can I do….. because of my beauty and body girls are running behind me…

Ranveer : I said her that maa is unwell .

Rudr : I will get some icecream and come

When he turns he seea the girls..He get shocked

Rudr : sou..soumya…you here…that too with bhabis and prinku..

Shiomveer too get shocked

Sau : why can’t I come here ?

He goes to Near saumy and says
R : its not like that …….

S : don’t comw near me..You just go to those lovely girls
She leaves

shiv : anika…

Ani : don’t call me… You lied to me.

shiv : anika…listen…

But anika goes from there

Om : gauri… I…

Ga : don’t you dare to say any word you made your mom to lie

Om : NO… I only ask her to help me ..

G : shut your mouth don’t speak to me…and goes from there

by seeing ranveer ‘s scared face prinku stats to scold him…

Pri : stop your drama….. How dare you to lied .

Ran : but…

Pri : I will show you…Don’t come to me…

After they exits …..

Shiv : what can we do now….now she will scold me

Om : for forgiveness now I will have to do puja 3 times a day..

Rud : O… You had to do puja only
na ….this sumo will beat n I can’t bear her beating…..

Ranveer : u guys only have to suffer that much Your sister will not allow me to enter in house…tell me what to do….

Rudr : idea…he tell his plans…

After sometimes…..

Rudr goes to anika and compel her to come to pool area
Same as shivaay to prinku
Om to Saumya
Ranveer to Gauri

After sometimes Anigausompri goes to pool area…they are amazed by the decorations there

All the goes to their spouse

Shivaay : anika….I am sorry

Anika stays annoying…

Shi : I know you got worried about me but please….

An : learned to say sorry…!

S : but I did only for you Pls…. Forgive me…

After a while forgives him..

Rudr goes to saumya…

Ru : saumya…

S : why are you calling me.. Go to your girls. Ok

R : how can I go to when my beautiful cute lovely wife is here…

Rudr falla Dow on saumya’s legs and pleds

S: stop..stop…OK fyn I forgive u

Om goes to gauri..

Om : gauri….pls forgive me na… You can beat me do I anything but I can’t live if u r annoyed…pls…

After O pleaded so much she also forgives him

Ranveer goes to prinku

Ranveer : pls… Forgive me.. Pls….said with holding his ear…

Prinku melted by seeing him

Prinku : but promise me you won’t do such things

Ranveer promise her they both smiles

Rudr : so everyone patched up SO…IT’S TIME FOR PARTY…
Everyone cheers….

shiv : so what shall we play…

Rudr :
If the great rudr is here then no need to worry …we can play DARE CHITS

Om : explain the game duffer

Rudr : everyone will get a peice of paper…..n u should do the dare written in it

But their the partners can’t sit together except me n sumo

Shiv : with a horrible face WHY ?

Om : shivaay if you sit near bhabi you guys will do romance under table so no need of sitting together…n u duffer rules are rules

Shivaay with puppy face : OK….

So everyone sit in the order of :

Shivaay prinku

Saumya. rudr

Ranveer anika


Everyone write the task and put chit in the bowl

Rudr : first Om…

Om takes a chit and read :

” Blindfolded, spin around for 10 seconds, kiss the person in front you at the end of your spinning ”

Om make faces

Ranveer blindfolded him and shivaay make him spin
After 10 seconds he hold someon and kiss
When he opened his eyes he saw rudr smirking at him and everyone Is laughing

Rudr : bhaiyya….. You are very naughty…you kissed me.. Not bhabi??

Om : Yuck !! ?

And gives a Death glare to rudr

Rudr see this and say : bhaiyya.. I know what you are thinking…better luck next time…

Ranveer : leave it now let’s continue our game…

So next was prinku…
Prinku take a chit and reads :

” Sit in your partner’s lap for next 2 chits….”

Prinku gets happy ASAP she goes to ranveer and sits on his lap they both get happy

Ranveer :hm…so you are in hurry to sit in my lap

Prinku gets shy…

Om thinks I wrote this task and they are enjoying….

Rudr : prinku …. It just said that sit in your parterns only not to do romance

Gauri : stop being jealous rudr…take your chit fast….

Rudr take hi chit and reads:
“Guve your phone to your partner for 5 min ”

Rudr lookin at saumy and say No…

Everyone :YES…

rudr gives his phone to saumya.. Saumy starts to look while rudr being nervous…..
After looking saumya says : ( anger) you were flirting with girls but before marriage…but after marriage you didn’t… So I love you…

Rudr : I love you too

Everybody :AWW……

Saumya becomes aware that all are sitting together…. she gets shy

Rudr :anika bhabi…take a chit fast….

Anika takes a chit and reads:
“Eat a raw egg ”

Anika :what… That too raw egg

(Old moment is shown)

Everyone brust out laughing

Anika : noo I can’t .. I Am feeling michmichi…..

Shivaay : come on anika… You can do it

Anika gave him a death glare

Rudr : bhabi.. Do it fast ….think about prinku and ranveer….

prinku and ranveer gave him a death glare

Shivaay : here .. raw egg it Is very healthy come on anika…

Anika : I don’t want to drink….
Before completing shivaay made her drink ……
After drinking anika says : I want to vomit and runs to bathroom…

Shivaay : I will go and check..

But Rudr and saumya pulls him

Shivaay : what are you doing she is vomiting there let me check

Rudr : bhaiyya.. If you go and check yo will not be back and busy with romancing….

Gauri : I will GO and check

After that anika comes….

Shivaay : anika… At you OK..
Anika gave him a cold look

Gauri : are you OK bhabi…
Anika nods…

In That break priveer sits tgthr n starts talking

Anika : ooh ho….now also romancing….

Rudr : prinku.. Stop romancing go and sit in your seat….

Prinku goes to her seat…

Gauri takes next chit and read :
“Massage your spouse head for 3 mins”

Om gets happy and says : hurray !

Everyone look at him and smirks
.Gauri shyly goes to Om and start to massage his head…

While massaging Om gives peck to her hand

Shiru : Om ….this is not your room

Rudr : time Is up bhabi… Go to your seat…

Ranveer take a chit and reads
do 5 push up taking your spouse …..

Ranveer does it by taking prinku…

Rudr : why this guys only getting an romantic one.. I think they are cheating…

Ranveer : stop being jealous rudr….

Rudr : i am not… Saumya take your chit…

Saumya take chit and reads :make your spouse sing a song for you…

Rudr sing soch na saki….after singing saumya hugs rudr… He reciproced

Shiom :rudr..this is not your room…
They get apart ….

Next shivaay takes chit….
He know what was in the chit as he wrote the task….

He reads : jump in the pool with your spouse

Everybody except shivaay :WHAT….

anika : ooh my god…
Before she spoke further he lifts her and jump in the pool

Rudr : I think bhaiya wrote this task because billy and billu only romance in water

in pool shivaay hold her closer….

Om : I think they are romancing in the pool

Prinku : obviously Is there any doubt for that

Rudr : let’s go and look

Gauri : Che…. Its bad habit Rudy

Ran : I think if we didn’t call they will die under water

Rudr : bhaiyya… Are you coming out or shall I come there …….

On hearing rudr voice they got apart and get out of pool…..

Everybody teases them ,after changing they came back

Rudr as Rudy he mixes punch in the drinks gives to all and he himself drank

After a romantic dance of couple …..
Everyone goes to their room and dozed off….

Buddies….pls…do comment

And i really appreciate and thanks all who commented on my previous episodes..

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      Thank u Rena….it is really sweet of you..

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    Bechari Anika. raw egg.. 😉
    waiting fr d nxt…. 🙂

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  9. Wow….So romantic…Lovely concept..Go and meet gul khan she realy need to read ur stories may b then after we will see some cutie romance in ishqbaaz and dil bole one too…Plzz continue ?????

    1. Zerahmalik

      AWW…..thats so sweet…..??
      This comment is really my pleasure..?

  10. Zerah dear, it is sooooo sweet funny and romantic episode. Post next part ASAP.

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      Thank arpita…..dear, i will go for my best..☺


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  12. Awesome…….. & d game was just Superb….. Luv it… Waiting 4 nxt….

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    Aww!! Soooo sweet…. Poor Rudra n naughty Shivaay……hahaha!!!

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      Haha..?..than I dear..☺

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  15. ur tittle best suits the ff there is only love love aand only love its awsome

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      That’s really kind of you to say?

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  17. Hey it was awsm year .. U gave priveer some romantic moments .. I really miss them a lot nowadays … I loved this epi it was cool..

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      Thanks…I’m so glad u like it..

  18. It’s was an awesome lovely episode. I’m waiting for your next episode. update soon……….

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