swaragini rocks (swalak and ragsan) chapter 4

Swalak ( Ragsan) fans plz comment guys. And yes happy diwali. Yesterday we saw swalak fighting and ragsan meeting.

Scene 1.
Next day. Swara goes to college and start playing her guitar. Everyone gathers there and cheer for her. Lucky comes there and he also start playing his guitar. Everyone leave swara and go to him. He smirks.swara again starts playing a rocking music. They both stop seeing Sanskar there. They go to him. Swara tell to Sanskar. Swara: Sanskar yaar you plz tell your brother about me and who I am. Lucky : sanskar you are my brother so you tell this cat to be away from me.Swara: o hello. Lucky. My name is swara not cat and ya if I am cat then you are mad. Just go Agra. Lucky :listen miss rock star, you are mad. Swara: you. Lucky: you. Swara: you. Ok let’s ask Sanskar. They both turn to ask Sanskar but was not there. They both give look. And go.

Scene 2.
Swara sees her friends. They were teasing a girl. She goes there and tell them to stop. She sees that girl. She was Ragini. Ragini thanks swara for saving her. Swara scolds her friends. Ragini introduce herself as Ragini gadodia. Swara tell Ragini. Swara: Ragini would you like to be a member of v sparklers. Ragini agrees. She leaves.

Scene 3.
Ragini meets Sanskar. Ragini: you. That day I had told my name but can you tell your name. Sanskar introduce himself to Ragini. Ragini: nice to meet you Sanskar. Ragini slips and sanskar holds her.Manchala plays in Background. Ragini thanks sanskar. Ragini: again and again you make my to say thanks. Thanks. She smiles. Sanskar:no need to say thank you. It’s ok. But you have to go for coffee with me. Ragini smiles.

Scene 4.
Principal of the college calls swara and lucky in his office. They go there. Principal : swara and lucky you are the best dancer of college so you’ll go to Delhi to represent our college for a National dance and music competition with v sparklers and yes Sanskar will also go there to give speech for performance. OK. They leave. Swara thinks I’ll have to dance with this mad boy(lucky). Lucky: OMG I’ll have to dance with this cat. They leave for Delhi .Ragini also go with them as she is also a member of v sparklers now.

Precap:Swara get jealous by seeing another girl with lucky. Swara and lucky dance with each other.swara gets kidnapped.

  1. Love it. Continue writing plz. Glad u did ragsan and swalak. But aditi do u actually like ragsan and swalak? Or do u like swalak?

    1. First of all thank you. Lila I like both swalak and ragsan. But I like swalak more than ragsan.

  2. awsm yaar….swalak fighting ws asusal superb nd ragsan scenes were nice….thank u yaar for swalak ff….pls continue…waiting for nxt part

  3. Oh god ragsan so cute….

  4. Waiting for next epi
    Luving epi
    Thanxx aditi

  5. wow.. grt but plz aditi thoda saa extend kijiye.. and thanks for making swalak.. and plz fast reveal that swaragini are identical twin…

    1. Sumi, they are not identical twins. they are twins but non identical.

  6. Woowww swara nd laksh will dance
    Really aditi I m enjoying ur ff
    Ragsan Moment were also good
    Thank u aditi

  7. Luv swalak nd ragsan
    Aditi ur ff is best
    I m also enjoying it don’t stop

  8. I m feeling good that there r swalak nd ragsan fan
    Aditi continue u r best
    I m reading only ff.i stop watching swaragini
    So plz don’t stop
    I was silent reader but after reading ur request i also start commenting so that u can continue ur ff
    I luv ur ff

  9. Pls continue the ff and I am a ragsan fan so Pls don’t separate them or make ragini evil….pls a request

  10. Yaar i m also swalak nf ragsan fan
    Aditi ur ff. Is interesting

  11. Nice aditi
    Luv swalak nd ragsan

  12. I like this ff very much
    I just love swalak nd ragsan
    Hope u wiill continue

  13. I m missing sumi nd dida plz bring dida back
    Thanxxxxxx aditi

  14. Really mona i m also missing them especially dida
    Love swalak nd ragsan

    1. Charvi soon dida will enter the show.

  15. Swalak r rockzzzz
    Precape is good
    Thanks aditi plz don’t stop nd bring some twist

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