Asad aur Zoya ke beech.. Pyaar ya Nafrat.. Ep 4

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Zoya is looking sad. Dil and Najma tries to pacify her.
Dil : Dont worry Zoya.
Zoya : I m sorry puppi. I disturbed ur sleeping.
Dil : By the way. How did Asad come to ur room?
Zoya remembers that she s having dream and she is hugging him.(Asya piano tune plays).
Zoya : Puppi.. I was having bad dream. I must have screamed. I think thats why he must come here.
Dil : Are u ok Zoya.?
Najma : If u say i ll sleep with u, zoya. Dont get scared.
Zoya : I am absolutely alright. puppi, najma u two go and sleep… I will manage.
They leaves.

Asad is in hall remembers Zoya holding his hand, Zoya hugging him and saying dont leave me… (Mitwa soft piano tune plays). Dilshad comes to hall and calls “Asad”. Asad comes back to his angry mood.

Asad : Ammi.. Did u c how she is behaving?
Dil : She dont know that u r my son. Its not her fault Asad. She is Bechari (Poor girl).
Asad : Ammi. She is not Bechari.. Ammi I am warning u. Dont let her stay in this house. Else She will ruin our peace.

Zoya : Stop it Mr.Khan.. I am here to say sorry to u. But u dont deserve my sorry. Wat did u know about me.? U started judging me from the first meet. I am here for important reason and I will go soon when my job is over. If u really dont want me to stay here, Then say it on my face. I ll go.

Dil : What are you speaking Zoya ? U are not going anywhere. Just go to sleep.

Asad : I pray that ur job will get over soon..

Zoya : I dont need ur prayers Mr.Khan.

Asad : I am not praying for u. I m praying to save myself.

Dil keeps hand on her head and gives OMG look to ASYA. They go to their rooms (Asya Quarrell tune plays).

Dilshad is sitting on the lawn. Asad comes there with coffee. Asad says “I know that u are sad Ammi. How long you are gonna live with his memories. He (Asad’s dad) doesnt care about us. He only cares about Money.” Dil replies ” Its not like that Asad. He did everything for us. But Its just that he is not bold enough to face problems together with family.” Asad says ” I really cant understand u ammi. I just wish ALLAH ALWAYS MAKE UR HAPPINESS STAYS IN UR LIFE… “. Rashid enters Bhopal in train and says to Ayan that “WE WILL STAY HERE FOREVER”.

Next morning Najma gives coffee to Asad and says “Bhai. Today Mom’s wedding anniversary. ” Asad replies “I know Najma. Is ammi ok.?”. Najma says “yes bhai. Asusual ammi tries to hide her pain.” Asad says “Today dont disturb ammi. Leave her alone.” and leaves ..

Precap : Dilshad, Najma and Zoya enjoying ride in roller coaster. Asad is angry at his home realising that because of Zoya ,Dil and Naj is not at home at late night..

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  1. hey kalai i think it is not puppi its pubbi..najma calls asad bhai jaan nt bhai

    1. i think its phuppo zoya calls it as phuppi.

    2. actualy kalai phuphi means father’s here zoya calling dilshad as phubhi

    3. Hey kalai.its correct.the word is Phuphi….i m a muslim…i know it….ur ff is it…keep going plz…all the best?

    4. I will correct Najma’s Bhai to Bhai jaan ruby.. Thank u.. 🙂

    5. its k buddy…pls continue ur story dr

  2. Ha ha ha asad zoya fighting so cool

  3. Wow.., it’s awesome. I love asya and their lovely fight. Tanq kalai, u change correct spell(asad)&ayan enter this story.

  4. shoooo smal episode ya ,plzzz make it little big ok plz…

  5. woooow super epi
    plzzzz make it longer
    thnxs 4r including ayan story also
    I want more & more asya fights Asad caring for zoya romance btw dem
    gud wishes for u kalai

    1. thanks anjum.. 🙂

  6. Very good episode, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode

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