Love After Marriage (Part 13)

After lunch aishu and captain come to main hall. They get surrounded by their friends. Princi comes there, aishu wishes her. Princi and lecturer discuss something, then announced is made that our college degree batch students are here they’ll perform entertain you all. Princi asks aishu and captain to perform, aishu say her ma’am I can’t please. Princi tell its my order, by that time aishu also come there. Hod and princi order her. She say ok ma’am ill perform, captain goes to perform actor govinda’s songs. Aishu is thinking what to do, I didn’t say at home about this. By then arvi and his friends reach place, aishu is tensed.
Anchor ask them to cap for captain, then he says now aishu will be performing before that I would like students from other colleges also to come and show their talents. Arvi friends ask him to sing but he refuses. Surya goes and does mimicry, then he asks anchor to call arvi he’ll sing songs in 5 languages. Arvi is called, arvi sings.. “Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein Khayal Aata Hai” then anchor asks him to sing in his mother’s tongue “Nuvvena from Anand movie”. Anchor thanks him for such cute songs. Then some 5 students perform. At last anchor tells aishu will perform now on Hindu song “Tip Tip Barsa Paani” before her dance begin hall lights are dimmed. She starts first her eyes are shown, then her lips which are pinkish and then her legs. She is shown, all are seeing only her. Arvi and his friends are shocked bcz Mano told them once their doesn’t allow them to participate in entertaining things. After performance is completed,anchor thanks aishu for dance. Then winners of different competition are announced, arvi and Surya win many medals for building robots in 3hrs. Then aishu and captain win for coding and debugging. Some more announcements are made. Thanks giving is done, after that aishu and captain perform on Tere Liye song in different styles. Feast gets over…
Aishu is seen running after her performance, arvi see her. Then she takes vehicle drives back home. Arvi while coming home think how cute aishu was looking while dancing, then her eyes which was attracted him the most. Surya see’s him lost, asks him I’ll drive I want to go back home safe. Arvi stops and shifts his seat. Surya is shown driving, he start irritating arvi taking aishu’s name. Arvi doesn’t reply him, both reach home.
At night arvi is still thinking of aishu. His mom see him lost and ask him what happened? He say her mom I saw a girl yesterday, she is soo cute her eyes speak more and her smile is soo cute. Today also I saw her in college where I had been for feast she danced over there, really I am lost in her thoughts. His mom starts teasing him to show her, I’ll call dad wait tell him also every time he thinks you’re still kid. Arvi asks her please don’t tell this to dad. Mom tell ok on one condition, you should show me her photo at least. He tell her ok ill show you. He opens facebook and show her pic. Mom also tell him she is cute and perfect for my son. He gives her a stare, she tell him to get a job then I’ll only go to her home and ask her for my son but after you’re brother’s marriage ?. He promises he’ll study and get a good job before thinking of these things. Mom tell him to fall in love, bcz you’ll do these things perfectly and ask him to sleep well ?. He thanks her and say her good night sweet dreams.

Precap: Arvi see Aishu at park playing with kids

  1. Oh arvi was is a cool buddy… waiting for next update

  2. Nice epi di..looks Amazing..Aww Arvi is so good yaar..i like ? him….Surya’s line was funny i want to reach home and Son convo was Cute and Funny .Waiting for next part eagerly..precap looks interesting..take care ?..

  3. Thank you ? please let me know if you wanna change in track? I wanted to make look real but if you don’t like it please tell

    1. Hi pooja no dr… ur story was to gud dr… especially arvi ka pyaar that was awesome…. i feel agar hamare liye aise ladka mile tho so life is beautifulll

  4. Story will be like girl falling for her would be,then memory loss and after that marriage. Again in marriage how a girl can fall for her hubby. With little twist and turns in her life,why accident happened will be revealed before marriage. Then how she regains her memory etc etc… If you wanna change anything please let me know

  5. Hey pooja its very nice but plz when did ash nd rv meet first I mean how many years ago nd for how many years they were in relationship
    Nd plz I don’t like this captain and competition so plz change this track
    Tm isme yeh put kar sakti ho ash apni friend Ki wedding me gyi nd by coincidence jis ladke se ash Ki friend Ki shadi thi wo arvi ka best friend tha nd wha par ash nd arvi Ki bonding hui aur pyaar
    If u like it u can put this in your ff nd otherwise no problem
    Sry if u r hurt
    I don’t want to hurt u

    1. Ur suggestion is cute ill make use of it by adding something to it dear ??

  6. Awwwww,so cute. ..lovely story, keep it up. Eagerly waiting for the next episode

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