Swaragini Raglak ff Benaam Rishta Woh Chapter 5

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Recap: Ragini and Laksh’s POV’s

Now with chapter 5


Location: Raheja House

Sahil was sitting and thinking, thinking how Ragini was strong enough to tell about her past to him.

Sahil’s POV

I don’t understand how a person can love anyone so much. He kept on cheating her and she still loved him. That’s may be her true love which which made her so strong.

His thoughts were broken by Maya’s voice.

Maya : What are you thinking Sahil? Are you thinking about Ragini?

Sahil(still emerged in his thoughts) : Haan.

Maya starts laughing making Sahil come out of his thoughts.

Sahil : Ma….

Maya : Maine kya kiya, by the way, were you really thinking of Ragini. I told you na that you will like her.

Sahil : Ma aap bhi na.

Maya : Okay leave all these. I came to inform you that I want you and Ragini to go to the orphanage tomorrow.

Sahil: Tomorrow, but ma what about the meetings?

Maya: I will handle them. You need not worry.

Sahil: Ok ma.

Maya : What ok?? Call Ragini and tell her.

Sahil: But her phone number.. I don’t have it.

Maya : I know that you wouldn’t have taken it. Here is her number. I took it from Sharmishta ji. Now call her and tell her tomorrow’s programme.

Sahil : Ok I will call her.

Maya: Shall I tell you something beta, I just got a glimpse of my old Sahil today. I am very happy today.

Saying this she went to her room.

Scene to baadi

Ragini was still crying lying on the bed. Her phone started ringing. She went to pick up the phone that was kept on the table.
She picks up the phone.

Ragini(wiping her tears): Hello.

Sahil: Hello Ragini.

Ragini(shocked): Sahil ji, aap? How did you get my number?

Sahil: Woh ma took it from your mother.

Ragini: Oh. But at this time..

Sahil(sensing the crack in her voice): Ragini are you alright??

Ragini: Yes I am alright. I am just a bit tired.

Sahil: Okay. I just wanted to ask if you can come to an orphanage with me tomorrow. Actually me and ma go to that orphanage very often. Ma wanted me and you to go together this time. So if you don’t mind..

Ragini: Ok Sahil ji. Tell me the place and time. I will be there.

Sahil: No Ragini. I will come and pick you. Just be ready at 10 pm. And don’t worry. I will take uncle’s permission also.

Ragini: Okay Sahil ji.

Sahil: Sahil only Sahil is enough.

Ragini : Good night Sahil.

Sahil: Good night.

Sahil takes Shekhar’s permission to take Ragini out to which he gets the permission for.

Maheshwari mansion

Laksh enters Swasan’s room with teary eyes.

Sanky: Lucky what happened? Didn’t you sleep till now?

Laksh: Bhai, can you please ask Swara to call Ragini. I know that she might be
disturbed there. I just wanted to know if she is alright.

Swara: Don’t worry Laksh. I will call her.

Saying this she went aside.

Sanky: Lucky, please try to control yourself.

Laksh: How can I bhai? Now I can
understand the feeling how Ragini used to feel when she saw me with Swara. I always kept pushing her away from me and now…

His voice started choking at the end.

Swara came to them.

Swara: Laksh..

Laksh(standing up): Swara did you speak with Ragini? Is she alright?

Swara: I got to tell you something more important. Sahil and Ragini are going to an orphanage tomorrow.

Laksh: Is anyone else going with them or..

Swara: No Laksh, they are going together without anyone else.

Laksh: I need to go there tomorrow. I can’t afford to lose Ragini.

Sanky: Calm down Lucky. Swara did Ragini tell the name of the orphanage??

Swara: No Sanskaar she told me that Sahil will come to take her.

Laksh: I will go and follow them. Whatever happens I won’t allow Ragini to go away from me now.

Sanky puts his hand on his shoulder.

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