Ishqbaaz Ten Years Later (Episode 1)

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It’s night and Shivay opens his cupboard to change in hi usual night suit. He sees Anika’s photo and says,’ mere dimag ab bhi tumhe kosta hai par mera dil tumhare liye aaj bhi tarasta hai.’ He breaks down remembering Anika. Rudra comes and says, ‘ mujhe pata hai ki Anika bhabhi ki aaj bhi miss karte ho lekin aapne Jo unless saath kiya, main uske liye aapko kabhi maaf nahi karooga.’ He goes and Shivay looks on teary eyed.

Om’s room –

Ishana comes and calls Om for dinner.Om angrily says that he is not hungry and tells her to leave. Ishana asks him the reason of his anger. Om angrily breaks the sculpture he was working on and says,’ jaise tum kuch jaanti hi nahi. Tumne mere Bhai ki zindagi Barbad kar do aur tum meri family ke peeche padi ho?’ Ishana gets confused and says,’ aap kehna kya chahte hain?’ Om shows her a video and Ishana gets surprised.

Anika’s bungalow –

Anika, Shivansh and Shivika are having their dinner. Shivansh asks Anika,’ aap hamesha aaj hi ke din paneer butter masala kyun banate hain?’ Anika remembers herself making it for the first time. She almost tells them about Shivay when a thought crosses her and she says,’ raat bohut ho gayi hai aur tum dono ki kal school bhi Jana hai. Jakar so jao. Good night.’ She picks up the plates and goes away. Shivika says,’bhaiya aapko nahi lagta aaj mama kuch badli badli so lag rahi hai?’ Shivansh replies,’ You’re right. Shayad mama kisi cheese ki lekar tension mein hai aur would cheese paneer butter masala se Judi hui hai.’

PRECAP- Shivay meets Shivansh.

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