SwaSan SS : Who Am I ( Chapter 2 )

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Hello guys.. here u go with next chapter..


……… Ramu kaka was staring at roof without blinking his eyes.. like smthng was there.. hided.. may be couldn't see by human eyes bt can feel by our mind..

Swara : ( called him frm door itself ) R.. Ramu kaka. ..

Ramu kaka cm into his senses hearing swara's voice..

Swara : What happened Ramu kaka?? Where were u staring at??

Ramu kaka : ( hold 1 hand of swara in his hand tightly n gestured her through eyes ) Look there.. in that corner.. can u see anything??

Swara : ( looked at everywhere ) No.. no Ramu kaka.. nothing is there.. what did u see there?

Ramu kaka : No.. I also dint see anything… bt.. smthng is there fr sure.. though we can't see it bt we can feel it…

Swara's face turned white due to fear.. She gulped hard..

Swara : ( stammered ) Don't. .. plz.. d.. don't say like that na.. Ramu kaka. There's nothing. Y r u scaring us? U also dont see there.. do.. u need any help in kitchen?

Ramu kaka nods no silently.. still looking there..

Swara : ( sweating ) I'm.. I'm. . Going out.. call me if u need anything.. ( ran out of kitchen )

In living room, sanAnsh were playing by pillows.. n hitting each other..

Seeing swara's scared n white pale face Sanky went near her n asked her cupping her face : Shonaaa.. wat happened?

Swara told all incident which happened in kitchen. Sanky got angry..

Sanky : ( got up frm his place ) what the.. m nt gng to spare him nw.. ( started to go towards kitchen )

Swara : ( stopped him holding his hand ) Leave it na Sanky.. he told what he felt or think.. believe it or not its our decision na?

Sanky : yeah shona.. bt wat he feels or thinks  he shd keep it with him na.. y he's telling us.. ( said in frustration )

Swara : ( squeezing his hand ) let it be na Sanky.. u don't spoil ur mood.. plz.. for me??

Sanky : ( smiled ) Ok madam.. as u say..

Swara : Ok.. now cm with me n help me to unpack our stuff… n we'll get freshen up too..

Both went to unpack their luggage n got fresh up..

When Sanky cm after taking shower, sun already went down n bcz of so much trees there's not a single beam of light was there.. Everything was dark.. Swara was standing beside window frm long time seeing smthng outside..

Sanky : ( keeps hand on her shoulder ) Shonaaa???

Swara : ( suddenly jerked out of fear ) Sankyy..

Sanky : What?? What happened shonaa? Y u jerked with fear?

Swara : ( hiding her fear ) N.. no no.. nothing..

Sanky : Swara.. tell me dear.. what happened?  ( softly asked )

Swara : umm.. Sanky.. I heard.. sm.. voises frm outside.. dats y.. I was seeing..

Sanky : Which voices?

Swara : like bushes.. I mean.. sm1 was walking while skidding.. I donno what..

Sanky : Here? Who'll cm here by walking?? ( said sanky and started to go outside )

Swara : ( hold his hand out of fear and asked ) Now where r u going?

Sanky : Will just see if any1 is outside there.. ur fear will also go.. ( saying this sanky opened the door )

As soon as sanky opened the door, a huge draught of wind cm inside.. Sanky also get startled fr a second then told to swara..

Sanky : See urself. .. no one is there.. bcz of wind trees r dashing against each other.. n u must hv heard that sound.. ( saying this he closed the door )

Ramu kaka : ( called them frm inside ) Children.. dinner is ready..

Soon Sanky, swara n Swaransh left fr dinner..

Maximum after 3 hrs all were sleeping cuddling to their blankets tightly.

It was 12 or 12 : 30 in clock may be.. bcz of constant voice of lizard Sanky's sleep got disturbed.. Finally he opened his eyes being irritated.

Moon light was cmng in the room from opposite window.. Window's curtains were shining due to moon light.. In that light Sanky Saw 1 figure staring at HIM!


Sanky saw beside him.. Swara wasn't there..

Sanky got startled and got up.. He observedthat figure's face neatly..

Sanky : ( sighs in relief ) My God Shonaaa!!! U scared me to the hell..

Swara dint spk anything.. Just smiled faintly…

Sanky : ( coming to her ) What are you doing here??

Swara : ( whispered huskily while keeping her finger on his lips ) Sshhhhhh..!!!

She stared at Sanky fr smtym and after that she started removing her clothes slowly..

Sanky : ( shocked + surprised ) Shonaa… r u ok???

After removing all clothes she cm near sanky slowly.. She was all wet due to sweating.. while Sanky was all cold..

She kept her lips on his lips.. He got shock like we got of hot ironing machine.. He tried to protest bt it was impossible fr him to get out of her tight hug..

After a long time swara had taken part in making s*x by herself.. So Sanky dint protest her.. and he gave himself to her.. Fully..

After a long 3 hrs.. they cmpltd their love making.. Sanky was lying peacefully having satisfactory smile on his face.. In all those years, this is the 1st time he experienced his intimation with swara so boldly, wildly, madly..  The Swara who looked attractive all time today was not only seemed attractive bt seductive too..

Sanky : ( cuddled to swara n whispered ) Shonaaa… u are too good.. ( smiled ) That was a great surprise! ( saying this he looked at swara )

Bt swara had slept long back……..


" Sanky… Sankyyy.. wake up na.. " Swara was shaking Sanky continuously.

Sanky was still smiling reminiscing last night moments..

Swaransh : Dad.. Dad.. wake up naa.. ( pulled his blanket )

Sanky : ( irritatingly ) Aah!! What do u both want? Lemme sleep na yaar.. dont disturb..

Swara : ( made sad face ) Sankyyy.. Ramu kaka is nowhere to be seen..

Sanky : Arey.. he'll be here only.. or may be went out fr smtym.. will cm..

Swara : No baba.. He isn't here since morning. See the timing.. its 11:30 of morning.. where will he go without telling us?

Sanky : Damnn!! If this oldy ran away being scared?!!

Swara : Sankyyy.. stop it.. even dont say like that infront of swaransh.. He'll also start.. and Ramu kaka's luggage is here only.. He's only missing. U go and search him..

Sanky : let it be na.. if he left then too.. m nt gonna search her.. he really pissed off me.. u only go n make sm breakfast.. he'll cm.. where will he go?

Swara got up being annoyed bt Sanky hold her wrist n pulled her towards him. She was in his lap..

Swara : Sankyyyy… Swaransh is seeing.. wat r u doing.???

Sanky : ( naughtily ) Shonaa.. u were awsm yesterday…

Swara : what are u saying abt? ( swara said looking at swaransh )

Sanky : Ok.. ok.. I wont talk anything infront of Ansh ok? Sorry.. now go n make smthng delicious fr breakfast.

Swara went to kitchen.. Sanky turned to Swaransh.

Sanky : SO champ.. what plans fr today??

Swaransh : Dad.. Should we play hide n sick behind that trees?

Sanky : Ok done champ.. I'll cm after taking bath. Ok?

Swaransh : Yeeeeeeee!!! I'll play with dad… yeppiee.. ( saying this he started jumping )


Its been 2 hrs since dad n son were playing hide n seek.. Sanky bcm tired n sat on nearby bench..

Swaransh : cm na Dad.. will play fr sm more time.. ( He still wanted to play )

Sanky : No my son.. m tired nw.. u go n play alone fr smtym..ok?

Swaransh : ( disappointed ) What is this Dad..! Huhh!! Kattii!!

Saying this he got bzy playing alone in that jungle.. ( I'll call it jungle only cz so much yrees n all.. thats y )

Sanky opened sm magazine n got bzy reading it.. He could hear Swaransh's voices..

Swaransh : Zussssss… I'm a superman. ..

Bt after smtym.. He dint hear any voice..  so Sanky got up n called him..

Sanky : Champppp…

No response.

Sanky : Swaransh…..

Again no response.. Finally Sanky went inside jungle in search of him..

After smtym he saw Swaransh sitting near 1 tree.. all scared..

Sanky : champ.. what happened?

Bt he was staring at smthng.. Sanky looked everywhere bt dint see anything..

Sanky : champ.. what happened beta? What are u doing here??

Swaransh : ( scared ) Dad.. m very scared..

Sanky : Scared? Why beta? M here na? Tell me why r u scared? ( asked him caressing his hairs )

Swaransh : There was 1 didi.. Dad!

Sanky : Didi? Bt there is no one champ..

Swaransh : Not now Dad.. she was here b4 smtym..

Sanky : Ok.. wat did dat didi said to u?

Swaransh : She was naa.. sitting with the support of tree.. nd was crying.. I went near her and asked her I'm superman.. shd I help u? Bt she looked at me very angrily.. ( his eyes got filled with tears )

Sanky : Achcha! Let her cm again.. I'll see her.. ok? Cm now lets go home.. u mst be hungry na?

Swaransh : And Dad, u knw wat, that didi had no hairs.. She wore red coloured saree.. She was bald.. n not to show that she put her saree on her head too..

Sanky : Chhii.. Stop talking nonsense ansh.. no one was there..

Swaransh : No.. That didi was there.. yes.. she was there.. n she had bruised very badly near her mouth.. she was all injured..

Sanky : ( while scolding him dragged towards house.. he started to cry.. listening his voice Swara cm out ) Stop ur imaginary tales.. cm home quitely..

Swaransh was crying.. Swara hold him..

Swara : arey.. wat happened? Bachcha?  Why r u crying?

Sanky told her all incident.. Hearing that Her facial expressions started to change.. She started sweating badly.. She lost her balance n abt to fall.. Sanky hold her..

Sanky : ( concerned ) Shonaa.. hey.. r u alryt? Wat happened?

She dint spk anything.. she jst saw once at sanky n ran in their room.. Sanky n ansh to ran behind her..

Sanky : Shonaa.. wat happened? Will u tell me? Y r u so scared?

Swara took out 1 pic from side table n showed it to ansh..

Swara : Was that didi is same like this?

Swaransh : Haa.. haa.. mumma.. this didi was only sitting there.. she's the same..

Swara eyes widen.. she was all shivering.. She showed that pic to Sanky..

" Shanaya Swami " a name was written there upper side of pic.. that pic was of same girl which ansh saw.. bt the most terrifying thing was.. smthng was written there in small bracket.

Birth Date : 12th march 1989
Death Date : 25th may 2012

" DEATH DATE – 25TH MAY 2012!!!!!! "


M stopping here..
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