Swaragini (His Love for her and Her love for him) Episode 11

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Recap:Ragini came to stay with Swara.

Swara is shocked to know that Ragini left home.
Swara:But why Lado?
Ragini(funny scene):Actually I fought with him and ended my relation with him?
Swara:But why?
Ragini:He kept wet towel on the bed.
Dadi and Sumi giggle.
Ragini:Swara enough with talks, I am going to sleep.
She goes.Swara looks on.

Its night,Ragini is sleeping.She gets Sanskaar’s call.She comes out to talk.Sanskaar comes there and hugs her from behind.She gets surprised and smiles.
Ragini:U r so romantic! U found a way to meet me huh?
Sanskaar:If someone has such a beautiful wife,we ought to be romantic.
She hugs him.Swara comes there and sees them.Ragini sees her,pushes her and scolds Sanskaar.He is confused and looks on.A funny scene ensures.She signals towards Swara and sends him out.
Swara:Ragini,if he is making the effort why dont u agree?
Ragini:Why dont YOU agree with Laksh?
Swara looks on.
Swara:What should I agree when the person itself is not making any effort.
She goes.Ragini looks on.

1 month passed.Ragsan is still trying to convince Swalak.Laksh has finally agreed to convince Swara.
Ragini:Sach me Laksh?(really Laksh?)
Laksh:Yes Ragini,I realized that I was too harsh with her.And ur warning changed me.
They laugh.
Sanskaar:Then go Lucky and convince her.

Laksh goes to Gagodia Mansion.Servant opens the door.Swara sees him and gets shocked.They look at each other emotionally.Music plays…. Their soul meet and hug each other.Swara looks at him teary eyed and asks Servant to close the door.Laksh pleads but servant closes the door.Swara runs to her room and cries.
She looks at the two dolls and pick one(Ragini).
Swara:Today again I am feeling weak.I want my doll to come and make me feel better.Swaragini plays….

She hears Ragini’s voice and goes outside.Ragini is talking to Laksh on the phone.
Ragini:What? Swara closed the door on u? Fine I will try to talk to her.
Swara is shocked and realizes Ragini’s drama.Ragini ends the call and gets shocked seeing Swara.
Swara stops her and runs from there.Swara takes her car and drives.Ragini also follows her in her car.Ragini calls.Swara picks the call and puts in on speaker.
Ragini:Swara listen to me…
Swara:I have listened what I had to.
She ends the call.Ragini misses Swara’s car.

Swara gets out of her car and someone kidnaps her.She shouts.The person take her to a godown.She sees him and gets shocked seeing Nikhil.She asks who r u?Nikhil says chashmish.She gets surprised.She says Nikhil and hugs him happily.Nikhil is shown to be Swara’s childhood friend.
Nikhil:Shona! U married and didnt even tell me.And by the way u stopped wearing glasses.
Swara smiles and nods.
Swara:Why have u brought me here?
Nikhil:Because I love that beautiful girl who was with u at the temple.
She says Ragini and hits him(thinking he is joking).
Nikhil:Has Ragini grown up to be that beautiful? Wow!! I heard she seperated from her husband?
Swara:Yeah Actually….
Nikhil stops her.
Nikhil:What about u?
Swara looks at him.She gets an idea.
Swara:will u marry me?
Nikhil gets shocked and laughs.
Swara:I am serious,I am not asking u to marry me for lifelong.Just because of Ragini.Once she gets convinced that I have moved on she will not pester me to return with Laksh.
Nikhil looks on and thinks he will get a chance to stay near Ragini.He agrees.

He drops her home.She takes him inside.
Swara:Maa!! This is Nikhil my childhood friend.And I am gonna marry him(looking at Ragini)
Sumi and Dadi are shocked and looks on.
Ragini:Swara!! How can u think like that? U dont even know this man!
Swara:Ragini please! He is my best friend since childhood.He is Nikhil.
She recalls Nikhil eyeing Swara in the temple.
She goes from there.
Dadi:Shona!! U will not marry Nikhil!
Swara keeps her hand on her head and says u have my swear.Dadi gets shocked and cries seeing her.
Dadi:why r u destroying ur life shona?
Nikhil:Aunty! Dont u worry.I will keep her happy.
Sumi:if u r happy then i am happy.

Swara comes to Maheshwari Mansion.She gets emotional seeing the house.She comes inside.All get happy seeing her.She informs everyone that she is getting married tomorrow.They all get shocked.She turns and sees Laksh.She goes.He recalls Ragini calling him and telling him everything.

Its one day later, its Swara’s marriage.She dresses up in a bridal lehenga.She is looking pretty but unhappy.Ragini too gets ready.She is also looking beautiful.Laksh calls her and tells that all arrangements are done.She ends the call and smiles looking at Swara.
Ragini:Swara, from now whatever will happen will be for ur betterment ok?
Swara nods.Ragini goes.Swara gets up,closes the door and starts crying bitterly.

Sanskaar pulls Ragini aside and romances with her.
Sanskaar:Give me a kiss atleast.
She kisses on his cheeks.He smiles.
Ragini:I am scared Sanskaar….R u sure everything will be fine?will Swara be happy?
Sanskaar:U trust Laksh naa?
Ragini nods.He kisses her forehead and goes.

Swara comes downstairs with Ragini.Nikhil looks at Ragini and is mesmerized by her beauty.Laksh looks on as Swara sits in the mandap.The ghat bandhan is about to be tied by Ragini when suddenly the lights go off

Precap:Everyone panic when the lights go.The lights come back and Swara is not there.Everyone is shocked.Ragini smiles at Sanskaar and they go from there.

Hey guys plzzz comment how it was….hope u r not finding it too typical….love u lots guys….always keep smilling and stay blessed :)……

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    Fantastic update dr…loved it!!!keeep rockng n stay blessedd dr 😉

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    Fab loved it. Xx

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    awesome.ragsan scene superb.

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