The story of broken trust and lost Love: raglak and ragsan episode 5b

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Hello my besties. This is part b and this is a treat to ragsan fans. But don’t think this is the end there are going to be many twist this is just the starting
the story of broken trust and lost love: episode 5b
Ep 5b
Rags pov:
Bela bela where are you where are you damn it. I said with a voice full of anger and knocking her cabinz door
Bela: wth who is this and why are you shouting?
Oh ragini you here. She said with a sub afraid voice
‘Yes I am here at sanskars office to meet you my true friend’ I said with a sarcastic voice while rolling my eyes
‘Ya. Ya ccome in ragini’ I could now sense her trembling voice
‘Hm’ I said

‘But don’t you hate him for what he had done’ she said
‘Yes but I love him too therefore today I will forgive him’ I said while rolling my eyes
‘Oh but if he cheated u again’ she said
‘He had never cheated me and will never’ I said while changing my voice into a thunderous
‘What but’. I must tell you guyz she was literally trembling and stammering
‘But vut is nothing u tell me why did you lied’ i yelled at her
‘Vo vo I didn’t lied’
‘Say bela did i kissed u’ sanskar came in the cabin at the right moment as per our plan

‘Oh u here’ she seemed to be shocked at the events happening
‘Ya we are together’ I said
‘Vo vo I am vo. Ya I have done it because I love sanskar I wanted to break you two and that most lovable relationship’ she said while increasing her tone with each word
‘U were successful somewhere we departed our way we didn’t met for 7 years but u know what truth is truth and a lie will always be a lie’ I said
‘U knew bela how much I love her.. then why did you I hate you bela get out of my office’ sanskar shouted at the top of his lung

‘Sansku please’ she said with watery eyes
‘Right know’ sanskar shouted
‘Ragini don’t be happy I will not stop bye guyz’ she stared and went away
Now we two were left alone. I knew I should have trusted sanskar. May be my life would have been better.
‘I am sorry sanskar’ I said bowing my head. I could not meet my eyes to his
‘Ragini why did you do that. How much did I missed you’ he said with words full of emotion and my hot tears rolling down the cheeks
‘So u also didn’t trusted me right’ I said

‘No I thought you are happy with sid therefore I didn’t want to come in between’ he spoked after a minute silence between us. No this wasn’t silence for me at least I read his eyes. Two eyes with so much pain that needed me
‘Yr he is my best friend u knew that right’ I said casually but I knew I could blast anytime with a emotional volcano after feeling his pain and my guilt
‘Han but I thought……’
‘What you thought say haan say’ and I started beating him lightly from my hands. I knew I had to change the topic or else I have had to break down in his office only
‘Ahhhhh ragini ah stop it oh gawd save me from this devil’ he said childishly. He have such a great sense
‘Okay I will stop but say sorry’ I asked him for a sorry while my eyes bleamed with a joy
‘Okay baba sorry now leave’ he pleaded
‘Hm okay’ and I smiled like a child
‘I love you’ he said with full of emotions buried in it from years
‘Hm.. han what…… and I opened my eyes fully shocked
‘Please accept me again yr I love you I need you please’
I saw his teary eyes though we were apart in these years he was my first love we shared a bond how could I see him like this but laksh and moreover do I still love him then what was that feeling with laksh. I am literally confused but one thing is clear I cant see him like this
‘Yes I accept you as my bf officially we are together’ I said to lighten up the movement
‘Oh my gawd thank god I love you’ he spoked smilingly for the first time in our two meetings

‘Say na’ he asked
‘I love you 2 baba’ I said
We shared a warm hug though it wasn’t our first hug but it was our hug after years
I left for my flat bidding bye to harsh and a flying heart to sanskar
I unlocked my flat
‘Oh gawd what is this this is so beautiful I know its you before I could say anything I can see only blackness. Ya he tied a cloth hmmm nice
‘I know its you why are you doing this’ I said smiling cheekly
‘Shhhhhh’ I could only hear this
‘Sanskar please open this what is all this. This isn’t anything new right’
‘What what u said sanskar how did he came in between’ he spoked
‘Laksh u u here but how’ while I opened the black cloth. So he was laksh oh shit now what

Laksh pov:
She said sanskar his ex bf name. but y she still love him. Tears flowed down my eyes. I could see her eyes with tears but
‘Say na’ I questioned her harshly
‘We we patched up’ she spoked after a minute with a stammering voice
‘Wait u are kidding right u must be making fun of me’ I think she was joking to surprise me
‘No laksh wehave sorted our differences and we’
Thudddddddd I fell down on my kness ‘ragini why did u do that’
‘Laksh please uh uh please don’t cry I cant see you crying’ she said
‘So u don’t love me right’ I said with an itching waterless throat

‘Laksh I want to tell u something that I’
Ae dil hai mushkil played I knew its her ringtone
Hello ya sanskar ya I am safe her.. me 2

Curiosity was urging inside me‘What did he say’
‘I love you’ she said. So that means they are together now
‘Oh so u are together now. Be happy’ I said while my heart aching
‘Laksh wait I want to’ uh uh I could hear her sobs
Before she could say anything I left from. Yes I was not happy but I wanted to see her happy
I promise myself I will never come in between them. but I have to see whether sanskar is right for her. I love her and I will always support her but who will support me. I am breaking down.
Rags pov:
He left from there without uttering a word. I wanted to tell him that I need him I wanted a friend like him. but why am I feeling bad. I should be happy I got my first love and my only bf again and he loves me so much. I made a mistake leaving him but I will not hurt him again.
Knock knock. Who must be there at such a time. Did mom came
‘Whose there’ I asked somewhat frightened as it was 12 and I am really afraid of ghosts
‘Are I am there gini yours sanskar’ I heard him and felt a little relaxed
‘Oh 1 sec let me open the door. Come in welcome sanku’
‘Oh thank god you opened the door’

‘What are you doing here’
‘Vo I wanted to meet you’while he naughtily stared at me
‘Oho. What what are you staring at me am I looking so bad sanku’ I asked him making a childish face to ignore his hot gaze
‘No I am admiring you. You are looking so good in this night outfit what would I do after our marriage’ he said while I was confusingly rolling my eyes
‘Han marriage’he said casually while I was in my shocking expression
‘And what did you said what will you do’
‘Oh how would I control seeing you my so beautiful wife near me evmeerytime’ while caressing my face
‘Sanku’ hm I was feeling little embarsssed

‘Okay don’t feel uncomfortable I will not flirt with you from now okay’
‘Is it still hurting’he said while touching the love bites on my neck
‘Hm’ I nodded in positive
‘I will make it all right. Before I could say anything I felt him near my neck licking those scars. I felt my stomach getting taut while I closed my eyes reminicising my old moments with sanku and laksh and my moment. What what the hell why am I thinking about him between us. I removed his thoughts from my mind
He looked at me to take permission to kiss.
I know gini u are a conservative girl. You can trust me’he said while assuring me
I nodded in positive
He came closer and more closer. Our hearts were racing and pondering wildly. Thwn I felt two hard lips on mine. We kissed after years. Though it was slow initially but it became passionate one and after a moment it became wild he bite my lips while licked the same to soothe the area. After a 50 sec or so we aparted. I could see tears in his eyes
‘What is this sanku’ I asked him while wiping his tears

‘vo vo I gave you pain again. I am sorry gini I am so wild like an animal I became like this again’ he broke down again.
‘No sanku it is a sort of showing love don’t feel bad nd I assure you ull never get back to that stage again I am there’
I knew it was my fault. If would not have left him he would have not became so aggressive. But I knew he love me
I asked him to sleep in his embrace. I can see he slept peacefully like he is sleeping after ages.

So guyz this is it. I will not update any ff part till Friday. I want you people to sr. comment nd love you
Guyz there will be some flashbacks in ep 6 in which ull know how ragini changed sanskar. Laksh will be seen heartbroken

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  1. Shana98

    Uuuggghhh Mann I feel so bad for Laksh ???and nice epi

    1. CAsush

      tysm shana

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      ummmm wait

  4. Sreevijayan

    Awesome updatw dear..really confused on which side she shud be in

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      sree same here i am confused

  5. Plzz make it raglak

  6. Nitu1992

    POor laksh…. 🙁

    1. CAsush

      nitu he is paying for his deeds

  7. Omg! I’m again confused about pair
    My vote is neutral?

    1. CAsush

      lovely same here yr

  8. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Ragsan were Amazing
    Both are feeling sorry for each other
    LOVED it
    Poor Laksh
    Waiting for the next one……………..

    1. CAsush

      oh spp you back tysm

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome dear

  9. Asra

    awesome dear…feeling bad for laksh…ragini also confused like me…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

    1. CAsush

      asra tysm and you 2

  10. Jazzy

    hmmmn so pair is raglak i think

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      no comments but why are you so confident

  11. Awesome loved ragsan scenes alot …. Feeling bad for laksh

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      aw thanks

  12. Poor Laksh

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  13. Fairy

    Awesome amazng fabulous update dr…i loved it!!aww!!mera baccha laksh 🙁 ….keeeep rockng n stay blessed dr 😉 😉 😉

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      fairy thanks a lot and laksh ke liye no comments

  14. Ragz_teju

    it was super duper amazing …i am loving it

  15. Akshata

    awesome, ragsan part was fabulous, but to be honest feeling bad for laksh.

  16. Silent_writer

    Nice but pairs is confusinh aaah

    1. CAsush

      even i am not sure about the pairs

  17. A.xx

    Fab loved the raglan part and I think that she should stay with lakshya as Sanskaar was her past and lakshya is her future ❤️ What she feels for Sanskaar is what she use to feel for him but what she feels for lakshya r her current feeling her real feeling which aren’t forced ❣️ Loved it and post soon xx

    1. CAsush

      ummm yeah

    2. CAsush

      but first love will always be the first one

  18. Raglakholic

    I’m feeling bad for laksh
    Please dear make it raglak

    1. CAsush

      i am trying to do that

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