Swaragini (His Love for her and Her love for him) Episode 12

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Hey guys….hope u like the episode.

Recap:Swara asked Nikhil to marry her.

The priest asks Ragini to do the ghat bandhan.Ragini looks at Laksh.Laksh nods.Ragini pretends to tie it.Swara is in tears and looks at Laksh.Dadi sees that and prays to Lord to return Swara’s happiness.Suddenly,lights go off.Everyone panic and is shocked.Laksh shut Swara’s mouth and takes her from there.Lights come.Swara is not there.Nikhil is shocked and looks on.They all shout Swara.Ragini looks at Sanskaar and they smile.They go from there.

Laksh brings Swara to a temple.Swara shouts asking him to leave her.He brings her to the temple.She pushes him.
Swara:What the hell? Who r u to make me away from my marriage?
Laksh holds her.
Laksh:I am still ur husband and I have right to stop u from marrying someone else.
They have an eyelock.Music plays….Swara sees pain in Laksh’s eyes and tears also.
Swara cries and says u had right but not now.U remember u asked me to burn my mangalsutra and sindoor.When they were burning our relation also burned.And i will see who stops me from reaching my marriage.He holds her but she pushes him and goes.She reaches near the car.Ragini comes there and closes the car door.
Swara looks at her.
Ragini:Haan Swara, aur aaj tumhe Nikhil se nahi balke Laksh se hi shaadi karni hogi.Dekho Swara,Laksh ne yeh rishta katam ki thi aur jab wo hi tumhe keh raha hain ke wapas aou tho…..(Yes Swara,and today u have to marry Laksh only and not Nikhil.Look Swara,Laksh had ended this relation and now when he himself is asking u…..).
Swara claps.
Swara:U can say anything but today i will marry Nikhil only.
Ragini holds her hand and says u will marry but not with Nikhil.
She apologizes to her and drags her to the temple.Sanskaar comes and brings pandit,mangalsutra and sindoor.

Sumi gets a message from Sanskaar and smiles.She goes to Shekhar and says they are fine there.They go to manage the guests.

Swara shouts asking Ragini to leave her.Ragini brings her opposite to Laksh.They both stand infront of the idol.
Ragini:Laksh,marry her and return her happiness and rights to her.For the first time I am asking u to do something against her wishes.For her happiness only.
Ragini cries and cups Swara’s crying face.
Swara:Ragini please I will not marry him.
Swaragini plays….
Ragini steps back and Sanskaar holds her.
Swara is shocked and looks on.Swara again tries to elope but Laksh holds her hand and asks Pandit to start the mantras.Pandit tries to run from there(funny scene).
Sanskaar stops him.
Sanskaar:Oh mister! Where r u going?
Pandit:I cant do this forced marriage.
Sanskaar pulls him aside.
Sanskaar:Actually the girl is my wife’s sister and my brother’s wife.She is angry with my brother.Please understand.The girl is not so mentally fine.Please.
The pandit agress.Sanskaar turns and gets shocked seeing Ragini.He takes her to the temple and avoid eye contact with her.She keeps staring him angrily ????…..The pandit start mantras.Laksh holds her hand and forcefully takes pheras with her.He apologizes to her.She stares him.He makes her wear mangalsutra even after she says no angrily.He fills her maang with sindoor.She holds his hand to stop him but by then her forehead is already filled with sindoor.She cries angrily.

Annapurna comes there and happily blesses them with Sujata and Dp.
Dp:Laksh,u asked for our farmhouse keys right? Here take it.
He gives him the farmhouse keys.
Ragini hugs Swara and apologizes profusely.Laksh holds Swara’s hand and takes her from there in his car.Ragini stares at Sanskaar and leaves with Annapurna and Sujata.
Sanskaar:Teri tho band bajne wala hain Sanskaar.Tu tho gaya beta!(U will be doomed today Sanskaar!! U r done for!!).

Swalak reach the farmhouse.Swara refuses to go.Laksh lifts her in his arms and takes her to the room upstairs.She shouts at him to leave her but in vain.He brings her to room.She at once gets surprised seeing the beautiful decorations in the room.Rain start falling and there is thunder and lightnings.Laksh comes near Swara and hugs her from behind.He kisses her neck.She smiles a little and enjoys his touch.
Swara:Laksh leave me!
He turns her and pins her to wall.He starts kissing her neck.She gets lost.He bites her neck.She tries to free herself but he clutches her both hand and starts kissing her neck again more intensely.Music plays….She finally pushes him and recalls her baby.
Swara:U married me by force but cant have any relation with me ok!

She goes to washroom and cries under the shower.
Swara:Why u made our relation like that Laksh? Why?
Laksh drinks wine outside and smiles thinking today I will make it up to u Swara….I already lost u once…dont want to lose u again.

Swara comes outside in a gown.She searches for her clothes but finds only one black saree(sleveless).
Swara:Where is my clothes?
Laksh:It will reach tomorrow.
Swara:For ur info I am going tomorrow ok.
Laksh:U cant go because I had blindfolded u become coming here remember.Now either u choose to wear this saree and sleep with it or in gown itself.
She takes the saree and goes angrily.He laughs.
She comes back wearing the saree.She is looking beautiful and hot.He gets mesmerized seeing her.He comes to her.He kisses her lips.He lifts her and takes her to bed while kissing.He starts kissing her neck,her shoulder,her belly etc…..He clutches her hands to stop her from stopping him.She finally stops him and goes to change in a gown.She changes and sleeps.He looks on.

Ragini comes to room and sees it decorated.She sees Sanskaar.He puts his hand to his ears and apologizes.She turns and smiles.He hugs her from behind and whispers in her ears while she closes her eyes.He asks how shall I earn ur forgiveness?She smiles and shyingly says u know.He turns her and asks really.She nods.They smile.They kiss.Music plays…He wraps his arms to her waist and pulls her closer.They kiss harder.They fall on the bed and continue to kiss.They take their clothes off and are still kissing.They finally break the kiss due to short of breath.They smile naughtily looking at each other. Ragini(in a sleeveless gown) come to him and says there is no one at home.Everyone has gone to Gagodia Mansion to talk to Nikhil and will stay and return tomorrow.He asks sure.She nods.He(in a pant) runs behind her as she runs off the stairs and reach the hall. He puts his feet near hers and she falls on the sofa.He falls with her and starts kissing her neck softly.He then kisses harder.She turns him and is on top of him.She kisses him.He takes her gown off.She is in a top.She continues kissing him.His puts his hand on her waist.He lifts her through the waist itself and takes her to room.He pushes her on the bed.She smiles seductively.He gets ontop of her and removes his pants.He gets intimate with her and Ragini moans with pleasure.She tries to stop him but he pins her hand hardly until she screams and says u scolded me naa and was angry with me.This is the punishment.She smiles and says I accept this punishment.He gets intimate with her again,this time harder.She continues to scream.He kisses her to stop her from screaming.But she continues moaning.She finally gets him on the bed and says now my turn of punishment.She pins his hand and makes love with him.He also moans.She kisses him to stop him from moaning.She gets away and stands up.She asks now u know how u feel when u r not able to moan.She turns.He holds her from waist and pins her on a table.She says ouch.He says then lets settle our scores.He again makes love with her.

Precap:Laksh prepares food for Swara and feeds her She gets touched by his gesture and looks on.

Hey guys plzzz comment how it was….love u lots guys….keep smiling and stay blessed dear :)……..

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