Swaragini – Lies (My Friend-Season 2) Prologue

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This story is based on Thriller.


                                                                                Lies… what is our thinking by hearing this word “LIE“? what is the emotion which you feel by hearing this word? Is it hatred for that simple word? If it’s hatred, then you might be hurt by a lie. If it’s a smile , then a lie saved you or another person’s lie brought happiness in your life in either way ; is it a guilt in which you destroyed a person’s life with your lie?  or an emotion which you can’t describe or nothing ?

A Simple word “LIE“, How the emotion differs from person to person? it’s because if one is getting benefit by a lie then another one is losing.There are a lot of scenarios. But, I wish to give you a simple example from a Tamil epic “Silapathikaram”.

Just imagine my friends. In a court, there was a hearing going on for a theft case. The accused was really an innocent while the witness decided to lie against the accused so he could get something which could benefit him i.e money or power.

The lie-the false statement against the accused- benefit the witness and made the accused lose his life….  presented pain to his beloved one.

The witness who falsified his statement could see this as a way to get his desired while the same statement , when the accused remember that lie, it would give a enormous pain and anger which finally turned out to be hatred. But , Sometimes Time doesn’t give such a chance. Before the innocent feel hatred, his life would have ended.

Kovalan, Husband of Kannagi who was a very good woman, was falsely accused that he stole Queen’s anklet when he was trying to sell his wife’s anklet to a gold smith. The real convict was the gold smith and he put the accusation on Kovalan. King ordered to execute Kovalan without any trial by putting his faith on gold smith’s word mainly because of his anger. Kovalan, an innocent who came to new city just to begin his life , was executed because of false accusation.

A Simple lie have taken the innocent life even before he could understand the trap. His words never reached king and finally, his life was over.

what are you thinking, dear friend? Does the lie would became a truth finally?

No… His wife Kannagi proved her husband’s innocence . The King died in guilt and remorse. The queen died because  sadness of losing her husband affected her. Everything was happened in a moment. The undefeatable nation lost his leader and Kannagi’s curse even destroyed the city.

Just consider the emotions friends. The anger of Kannagi who lost her husband in false accusation; The Guilt of King when the truth was exposed; The sadness of Queen which made her lose her life; The moment happiness of goldsmith when his lie accepted as truth; And finally, Kovalan’s indescribable  emotions who was going to die for a false accusation and a final disaster for the whole city.

Lies never only effects the liar. it affects everyone who all are connected with that lie either in a good way or opposite.  Still in this world, There are lot of Kovalans who are losing their life,dreams and chances just because of someone’s lie. But, the sad part that Kannagi’s can’t prove Kovalan’s innocence in today’s life. Even she proves, Most of the persons whose would be standing in king’s position won’t feel any guilt for their wrong judgement.

Lie is like a fire. How you can use fire to light a candle or destroy a forest by killing the living creatures inside it, lie is the same as fire.

Lie could make a society’s life better. yes, Lie could make a society’s life better.

“Thirukural”, The famous tamil epic which speaks about the “Dharma” of human’s life explains the effect and nature of lie. In that there is a statement.

If a lie would favor a lot of people’s good life, then the lie should be considered as truth”.

Don’t you feel Weird,friends? isn’t it? How much weird it is? One side, The same epic says that lie is a sin. The another side, it is not.

 A Lie which is for a selfish reason, considered as a sin while for the society, it’s not. Isn’t it ?It’s all based on reasons or it’s all how humans justify the reason.

 I hope you all might have known about Mahabharatha. An Epic which tells about dharma in the path of betrayals, lies , sinister plans and most importantly by glorifying the good qualities in human.

Lord Krishna, who went through wrong ways to save dharma, proves the same. Gurukshetra war is a tale of lies and sinister plans from both side.Lord Krishna was glorified for his wrong ways just because he did those to save Pandavas-The wise people . On other hand,Shaguni, who did the same was hated. Because , their action doesn’t get matter; The reason behind their action, that matters a lot . Just remember friends, we are in the world in which tiger and deer, both justified for their actions. The same applies here for lies.

If lies would make such an disaster, if humans hate OTHER’S lies so much, then why still lie exist in this world? It’s because Lies and Humans mind are weird- inseparable combination which God ever created.  we hate other’s lie so much ; we glorify Raja Harishchandra so much; then, in our real life, why do the lie exist?  why would we prefer to lie in some situations though we know the consequences of lies?

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  8. Devihaa

    Wow Sara ka.. finally you are back with your next season!! I’m really a huge huge fan of ur first season “my friend” … I just love it a lot!! The way u potrayed Laksh .. who was so innocent and good hearted … Who came from a village.. and then how you mingled the character of everyone.. and finally made into a family!! So many suspense.. so twist.. your first season Was so applaudable!!
    And I’m really excited for your second season ka.. and as you explained lie has two face!! Just like a penny. One is it’s good effect on those who enjoy their life by that lie.. and other is the disastrous side which ends their life!!
    However.. nanmaiku solgira poi .. poi alla …
    So basically lie is as powerful as a knife!! You can use the knife to kill someone or rather u can use the knife to operate a patient!!
    So.. ka.. just wanna say.. neenga romba talented ka!!

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    Wonderful start baiyu

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  19. Jiyani

    Amazing dear and loved it

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