Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Adi and Roshni get closer

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi thinking what is Raman and Ishita discussing. She goes to them and overhears Raman, saying Pihu won’t do this intentionally with Ananya. Simmi says what are they saying. Ishita asks will Simmi believe this, will Parmeet let her believe, he knew this but didn’t tell anyone so that he can blackmail me, I was afraid that Simmi will never forgive Pihu, as she is responsible for Ananya’s death. Simmi gets shocked. Raman says it was an accident, we will prove this, no one can harm Pihu. Simmi cries and says Pihu killed Ananya, why didn’t Parmeet say this to me. Simmi goes to Parmeet and asks why did you hide this from me, why did you do this with me. He says just beat me and vent out anger on me, but I m Ananya’s dad, I had anger in me, I wanted Ishita to go through the same pain, what’s this use by punishing Pihu.

She says Ishita saved her daughter, but I lost my daughter, I will send Pihu to jail, now Ishita will know my pain. Raman consoles Ishita and says I promise nothing will happen to Pihu. Simmi says just see what I do with her. Roshni talks to Ishita on call. She says yes, I have set up the clinic, thanks, I will call you later. She gets a call. The man tells her about Adi’s accident. Roshni rushes there to see Adi. She says that man gave this accident. Adi comes there worried. They hug. She asks are you fine.

He says yes, I was scared hearing about you, I thought I will lose you. She says I love you. He says I love you too. She says who called me if you are fine. He says I got a call and came to know about your accident, it means someone has called us here intentionally. She asks who. Shagun comes and says I called you. She scolds them for having an affair. She says Adi you are cleanly lying and giving gifts to your wife, didn’t you think of your parents and Aaliya, you are shameless. She scolds Roshni for being shameless to have an affair with a married man. Adi stops her. Shagun asks what’s Roshni’s status and upbringing. She raises hand.

Adi holds her hand. He asks her not to raise hand. Shagun stops him. He asks Roshni to go home and not worry for him. Roshni goes. Shagun says you went against everyone to marry Aaliya, you love Aaliya and now…. He says I loved Aaliya, now I love Roshni. She says its wrong, Aaliya is your wife, you can’t cheat her, you are married to her, marriage is a commitment, its not a game, you can’t break Aaliya’s heart. He smiles and says stop this drama, these talks don’t suit you, I know imp of family and emotions, what did you do, you cheated Raman and went for someone else, you left children and family too, you have no right to say anything to Roshni, I m your son, I will become like you, I love Roshni, no one can change this truth now. He leaves. She worries.

Roshni comes home and cries. She says Shagun would have told everyone by now, what would they think, I will off my phone. Adi comes and asks her to open the door, he has to talk once. Roshni asks him to leave. He insists. She opens the door. She asks him to leave. He hugs her and says I love you.

She asks him to go. He asks why are you stopping me, its not wrong. He threatens to take his life. She hugs him and says if anything happens to you, I will die, I love you Adi. They cry. He says I love you…. Roshni we will forget everything and live this moment. They hug. They get close.

Ishita talks to Pihu’s teacher. She cries. Raman sees her and consoles. He says we will protect Pihu, we will fight for her. She says Parmeet will take a next step. He says nothing will happen to Pihu. He hugs her.

Raman tells Simmi that Ishita didn’t do anything, it happened by Pihu’s hand, lawyer said if you give statement, nothing will happen to Pihu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So we are back to square one with Simmi’s revenge. Not even going to say anything about Adi! The worst episode of YHM ever.

    1. Yes Susan ! Desgusting is not the word to say after watching yesterdays episode ! Ashamed to comment also .if Shaghun had told she did learn from her mistakes so advising him .. wud have sound better . How can cvs make Adi so cheap …. Back again this is only infatuation … he will get fed up of Roshini . Roshini acting soo bad from begining and what a flexible character .. if little respect was there for herself and Ishra … she cud not go to this extend . Being an old lady … really feel bad to watch this
      extra maritial affairs and understand yhm is mostly watched by teen age girls … how will they respect marriage . Even ishra … too failed as couples and parents … Rubbish they r showing hiding all the truth ! Even now I am on opinion to bring Shaghun positive … cvs butchered all characters !Never expected cvs will script to Adi to point on Shaghun ! I dont like Shaghun but Adi was wrong ! waiting for his confrontation with Ishima ! Ruhi put her down now Adi … Millions of problems are there for Ishra to solve … and not a single one had a decent closure . I just want to take a flight to Mumbai give one slap to Ekta Sandip and all cvs … Feel pity for us viewers … from surrogancy we are suffering … whom to tell ?

  2. Adi u r such a shameless, so disgusting and annoying, he was the one who force alia to get married with u, she was almost destroyed her life before the marriage bcoz of u crap, after marriage also, he dint give her enough time as he was busy with his family problems…And now he is in love with this shameless roshni. And doing this hell like things, a big cheater and big destroyer. I hate you adi for everything u did to alia. And what is ishra upbringings to their childrens???

  3. We should live this moment, blah! ??
    Go and kill yourselves you disgusting people!
    I was waiting for someone to say that “Adi proved that he’s Shagun’s son” or something, cz in here when something went wrong shagun was blamed for everything. But today Adi told shagun that he is her son so he is behaving like her! How shameful this is?

    1. very true bluegreen 18 ..As much as I dont like Shaghun , Adi was totally wrong ! Cvs and their
      scripts to b blamed of .

  4. You know sometimes I really wish persons will stop getting in my face if and when I state my opinion why does it bother some it’s my freaking opinion read at your own risk puhleesee do not tell me not to call Adi a pervert what do you call someone who has a wife and is eye balling another woman? A frikkin disgrace,and anyways as I have stated before this shit is not real it’s fictional and hello I am not a dude.

    1. Well said!

  5. Adi is so shameless , he has a wife aaliya, and he still love another woman, adi is disgusting.

  6. I love this episode even though I couldn’t see.?LUV u Adi?

  7. I remember all the gyaan that Adi was saying when pandithji told everyone that Adi’s kundal has two marriages. He even compared himself with ishra and said that like they did before I’ll also marry Aaliya twice!
    Whenever I recall those stuff I’ve got a doubt whether thay have planned this a long time ago. I mean even during the mehendi ceremony Aaliya’s mehendi got lighter when Roshini’s megendi got completely dark! Plus ishita applied mehendi on Roshini’s hand before aaliya mistakenly. Even during the sangeeth ceremony Adi danced with Roshni at first! I don’t know but I’m completely confused!
    Is this is a plot? But now I’m so done with Adi that I can’t makemy heart agree to think this as a plan. But don’t forget that same thing happened with mihika before. Oh god! ThissThisserial is driving me crazy!!!

  8. Well I like adi and roshini

    1. Me too ?
      I don’t know why people are so against them. Yes it is wrong, but this is what society is like now. So rather than blaming, best thing is to sit back, watch, enjoy and learn. If they think it’s wrong, they can not do it in real life! Simple as that 🙂

      1. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. In which society do they say it’s okay to cheat on your partner and lie to them?

      2. This is not something you can sit back and enjoy, Adi has an extra marital affair and he has crossed all limits of shamelessness. Society is not like this, having an affair was and will always remain a bad thing, it destroys so many lives and what about the person who is being cheated upon? You think it’s enjoyable for them? This shatters their life and trust, its so heartbreaking for them to know that the person they had pledged their life and love to has lied and cheated all along. Adi was so crazy about Aaliya, he struggled so much to get her to love him and then get married to her and now he has suddenly decided that he loves Roshni and wants to leave Aaliya. To be honest in the beginning I liked Roshni better than Aaliya (during Aliya-adi marriage) but what they are doing now is wrong in every sense. Some people here ship Adirosh and according to them there’s nothing wrong with this. I just don’t get it, how can you even think that there’s nothing wrong? Cheating and lying aren’t wrong? Roshni has become modern so Adi now deems her worthy of himself and goes to her. Here Adi is totally wrong and nothing defends this disgusting act. Even Aaliya has male friends but if she can remain loyal to Adi and their marriage then why can’t Adi? Clearly Ishita’s upbringing has nothing to do with this because she raised both aaliya and adi and aaliya is loyal. Even if this is a drama cheating is ALWAYS wrong.

  9. The comment that Adi made to Shagun that being your son, I will be like you only…is totally uncalled for. Shagun has learnt from her mistakes and definitely, she would not want her biological children to repeat the same. The emotional blackmail which Adi did to Roshni by holding a broken bottle to hurt himself is so disgusting. Earlier he blackmailed Aaliya to make her marry him. Can anyone get love by blackmail?

    1. Well said Viju ! Agree with you !

  10. I like Adi and Roshni together…really enjoyed the scene where Adi was going to hurt himself and Roshni hugged him. Roshni has become s*xy now.So Adi is falling for her. Adi should divorce Aliya.

    1. I wonder if you would forgive your husband for cheating on you and leaving you because the other woman is s*xy.

  11. It is a damn NO NO for me you gals out there put yourselves in Aliya’s shoes and see how it feels wen your husband is cheating on ya and two marriages my foot I do not believe in this stuff I shape my own destiny no one but no one can shape mine awwwww the poor fella realize he is in love with Roshni awwwww MY FOOT!!!!! And need I remind persons society has nothing to do with one being unfaithful to his wife Roshini needs a damn good licking from Aliya and then again Roshini is not worth it if every time a husband and wife gets into s little tiff and the husbands go out looking for persons to hump then we the wives will always have to be slaves in our own homes this nonsense has to stop because this stuff happens in real life too Adi is too damn immature,he could have waited a few years more but nooooo you know the saying marriage in haste repent……now for the outburst from my esteemed commentators.

  12. Thank God someone is supporting adirosh u guys know I was not happy to see the comments because most of the people r against them.Don’t know y r they like I mean come on wake up this show is about drama.Ekta’s one of the best show

  13. Shameless adi you are total loser
    I curse atlast he shouldn’t get neither aaliya nor uncultured roshni

  14. Way to go Mike he should lose both indeed the corn and the husk.

  15. So guys listen there are some people who clearly don’t know the meaning of PERVERT means touching someone in appropriately and against that person’s wish.I am not 25or 19.U all may be more than my age or even less but I find it really interesting. And that emotional blackmail what will u do if you want something bad or that thing is your life u will obviously blackmail and say that u will kill your self.So it is natural for any person to do so

    1. I am a normal person all the others here are normal too but I don’t go around blackmailing if I want something and I’m sure other people here also don’t do so. If you really want something the right way is to earn it and then get appreciated. Blackmailing is not natural it’s insane. But I guess your interpretation of natural is different so it seems normal to you.

  16. He shouldnt get ALIYA or roshini

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