Swaragini – Lies (My Friend-Season 2) Episode 1

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Episode 1:

“what is Lie? ” A question popped in a little boy’s mind who reads the title of the article.

The confused boy took the book in his hand and then walked towards his mother who was waiting for his father.

“maa, what is lie? ” Boy asked the question.
The surprised mother looked at the boy.
” from where did you get to know this word? “Mother asked then the boy showed the book.
A smile crept in her face.
“How many times I told you to not enter into papa’s room? ” she pinched the boy’s cheek playfully for which the boy returned the blushing smile.

Mother took him in her lap.

“what is lie? ” The mother repeated the question while she was thinking how to answer.
” the words which we tell to hide the truth ” mother said.
“maa what is Truth? ” The boy asked.
The mother smiled bit broadly by thinking about her explanation.
The little boy who doesn’t know about truth and lie or other stared at his mother simply.

” see there, Laksh’s papa came back ” Mother said.

Laksh, the boy, turned happily then pouted by not seeing his father.
“maa.. ” he squealed a bit.
“papa still didn’t come back ” he said in a complaing tone.
“that’s truth and what I said it’s lie ” Laksh mother said.
“Now do you understand what is lie and truth? “Laksh’s mother asked.
Laksh returned a thinking expression while Laksh’s mother caressed his head. She knows that her intelligent son couldn’t understand these words for his age.
“Suji… Laksh… ” a voice interrupted their thinking.
“Papa… ” Laksh muttered and ran towards the door to welcome his father.

20 Years later…

A Cop who was looking stunning in his uniform, entered into in his office at prison.

The Prison warden saluted him while he just gave him  a nod.

“Good morning, ASP sir… Sir, No.502 is getting released today”the warden said.

“Make everything ready…”ASP ordered then took a newspaper in his hand.

He flipped the papers being uninterested while a  news in the corner of a page drawn his attention.

“Former Police men was found dead in his car; Police suspects as suicide “

“Sir…”The warden’s voice distracted him while the warden was standing along with a  prisoner.

“Come in…”ASP said.

Warden came inside and took out a ledger then asked the prisoner to sign it.

“Try to live in a good way…”ASP said in a robotic voice.

The prisoner looked at the ASP then his name plate.

“Sanskar…” A creepy smile crept in the prisoner’s face.

“That society decides,ASP sir…”Prisoner said while his eyes stuck at the news paper.

A Satisfactory smile shown in his face while Sanskar monitored prisoner’s action.

“Hope, we won’t meet each other in future…” Sanskar muttered as he was bit suspicious.

“I hope so…”The prisoner replied then went out of prison.

“I met him before…”Sanskar thought.

 “what was his crime?”Sanskar asked.

“His name is Shakti,sir  .He was an accomplice in the murder of ex-Commissioner Ramkumar Kashyap and his wife Sujata. Their son , Lakshya Kashyap killed them before 6 years then committed suicide. All because of an unwanted obsession…”Warden informed.

Sanskar sighed then carried on his work.

Outside the prison,

Being nowhere to go, Shakti sat in a chair in bus stand.

He took a book out from his bag. The book seem to be very old and someone bounded news paper pages  . He opened the book very carefully.

“If lies would make such an disaster, if humans hate OTHER’S lies so much, then why still lie exist in this world? It’s because Lies and Humans mind are weird- inseparable combination which God ever created. we hate other’s lie so much ; we glorify Raja Harishchandra so much; then, in our real life, why do the lie exist? why would we prefer to lie in some situations though we know the consequences of lies?

we lie because we fear to lose something because of the truth. Fear to lose will make any human tell lie. Because we prefer the success and don’t bother about the way.

Let’s go through an example.

Dhanveer Karna was a person who prefers the dharma. He went to Guru Dhronacharya and pleaded him to teach him the archery. But, Guru Dhrona refused by pointing the caste of Karna. The thirstiness of archery knowledge kept increasing inside Karna’s heart. He met Lord Parashuram and requested him to teach him archery. The same question raised here about his caste.Being feared to face Parashuram’s rejection, he lied. he lied that he was a brahmin just to learn an art.

Lies starts from the fear.May be a  question has been raised in everyone’s mind. The people who was lying because of selfishness and greed, will they get the same fear?No,  most of the times, this fear to lie  , the human may feel only for the first time. After the first time , they will see lying as a way to get desired. They won’t feel guilt and won’t be feared to lie.  we, humans, always get into the way which looks like comfort us. But from where it starts?

It starts from anywhere .Telling a lie may start in school just for giving false excuses for not completing homework or giving false reasons to get leave from office . we lie to our friends that we were on bus but the truth we just were leaving the house. we lie in lot of instance. It’s because we fear, we get greed , most importantly getting into an illusion that lie is a comforting way. But, we never thought what would happen if truth exposed. If truth exposed, then lie again to cover the previous lie. It continues to the infinity.

we may raise a question. what is the problem with these small small lies? It always comforts us sometimes others also .The problem that these small lies never stop at small lies. It may emerge as a big crime at any time. And at one stage, people may refuse to believe your words.

 Is that only false statements lies? No… Hiding the truth  is also a lie. Maharani Kundi even after knowing that he was her son, she kept silent. Draupadi insulted him by calling suthputra. Kundi’s silence made a false statement true because of her silence. here, draupadi didn’t lie but kundi did by hiding the truth though she never made a false statement regarding karna.

On the whole, Lies not favor us everytime. whenever we lie, we lose something… it’s may be trust, people or something more. Sometimes, we won’t understand what we lost.  But, the wonderful part of our life that lies are beautiful illusions which we always headed to.”

Shakti closed the book while a tear drop rolled in his cheeks.

“Laksh killed his parents in attempt to cover his crime.I helped him…”His statement at court during the time of trial ringed in his ears.

“I did what needed at that time… and that’s not fully a lie…”Shakti murmured and then stood up.

He looked at the busy road.

“This world may not accept the convicted person. And so, for this world, I will end up as a normal person . I will hide forever from all these memories.”Shakti decided with determination and walked further to reconstruct his life.

Meanwhile, In prison,

Sanskar was looking at the newspaper again and again.

“Former Police men was found dead” The lines were disturbing him while his subconscious mind suspects something fishy. He looked into the photo and read the news repetitively.

“Sir, DGP sir will be here in five minutes…”Warden informed.

Sanskar nodded and in few minutes, DGP entered into Sanskar’s office.

Sanskar saluted him and offered him a chair. The warden left .

“what are you thinking about this news?”DGP asked directly by pointing the news.

“It’s a murder…”Sanskar said in a determinate tone.

“Yes, It’s third murder in a month. Same pattern… I suspect the convict  might be the same person… You will be getting transferred to law and order and will get a special team to investigate about this. Before he kill the next person, we have to catch him…”DGP said and stood.

“I will get my own team and unlike my previous case, I need full freedom for this case …”Sanskar demanded for which DGP just nodded.

Sanskar saluted then DGP left.

“who are you?”Sanskar thought by looking at the news paper.

On the other hand,

Shakti was walking towards a bus station while a thought was pestering him.

“I met that ASP Before. where?”Shakti thought.

” I ,Sanskar, promise that i will say truth… only truth not any other in this court. I witnessed that Laksh killed my friend ragini and then I informed the same to Commissioner sir on the next day.”  The unforgettable statement ringed in Shakti’s ear and stiffened his muscles while he started to feel drowsiness.  He felt the metal taste of blood on his lips .

A Smile crept in his face.

“Forgive me for my lie… Laku… forgive me for not taking a stand ” He muttered his words and collapsed on the ground.

“Sir, he dead…”An Hench man informed to his boss through phone and left the place.

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