Swaragini – Lies (My Friend-Season 2) Episode 12

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Part 13:

“Bhai, I will come tomorrow.”Sanskar muttered then left Ragini’s ward.

“How can I make Ragini stay in hospital to be with me?”A question nagged Lakshya sharma’s mind from the time Aditya denied about the marriage.

His eyes fixed on the stair case. When he came near stair case, he acted like getting call. He started to take downstairs with a careless attitude.

“Doctor…”Sanskar shouted by seeing Lakshya Sharma who was slipping from stairs.

Lakshya started to roll on the stairs and finally his body hit the floor.

The nurses and other doctors admitted him and started to do the first aid while some other called his father.

Sanskar waited outside of Lakshya’s ward . Rudra stormed inside the ward.

“Laksh…”His eyes turned into teary by seeing his son’s bandaged hand and leg.

“Just a hairline fracture in arm and leg, papa. Don’t worry about it.”Laksh said with a smile. For the first time, Rudra felt a hidden message in his son’s word.

The other doctor and nurses left by giving privacy to them.

“Papa, Don’t let ragini know about my fracture. She would be worried.”Laksh said in a worried tone while Rudra taken aback by seeing smirk in his son’s face.

Sanskar stopped in the front itself by hearing lakshya’s request.

“why would Cutie worry about him?”Sanskar thought then entered.

“Hope you will understand, papa.”Laksh said with a pleasing face and closed his eyes as he was getting sleepy.

Sanskar stared Laksh and Rudra alternatively for a second then left silently as he didn’t want to disturb them.

At Swayam’s house,

“Do you really want to do this, Swayam? It will hamper your life completely.”Uttara asked in a serious tone.

“We have already started, Uttara. Just we have to move forward in this issue.”Swayam said by giving his brand smile.

“But, we can stop now itself.”Uttara pleaded.

“If you don’t want to do, tell me. I will do in my way. But , it will be more destructive.”Swayam threatened.

“Ok. I will do.”Uttara accepted finally.

“Anna…Uttara…”Swara called from behind by seeing them .

“what are you both discussing this much seriously?”Swara asked by putting her luggage.

“Leave that. What are you doing here? Have you fought with Sanskar?”Swayam asked by masking his expression.

“Actually, tomorrow, it’s not a good day. So, Annu maa told me to leave today itself.”Swara lied.

“ohh!”Swayam nodded while Swara sat on the sofa in hall.

“Give me Coffee. And, where is my room?”Swara asked while putting her leg one on another.

“Always thinks herself as queen”Swayam murmured then slapped on his sister shoulder.

“Come and help me.Otherwise, Not only coffee even forget about dinner.”Swayam exclaimed.

“Hmm… you are maintaining your kitchen very well. Don’t you have any servants?”Swara asked by sitting on the slab in kitchen.

“what is the need of servants? Can’t we do our works by our own?”Swayam asked by pouring the milk in a vessel.

Swara twisted her lips.

“How do you know about my marriage?”Swara asked.

“why wouldn’t I?How you spied about me through your contacts, I did the same.”Swayam just shrugged.

“you might be get to know about my marriage as a news.”Swara threw a tantrum against her brother.

“Throw your questions directly ,Swara.”Swayam said by looking at his sister.

“In this past six years, do you have any idea about my life? how many times I have expected you to be with me? How many times I long for my family? When I married Sanskar, what do you know about him? I might have married a drunkard, womanizer or abuser. Or even, I would have been trapped in the name of love. Did you care to know about the person whom I married? Leave all this, I had been hospitalized once for three months. I was laying there in a bed being unconscious nearly for two months like an orphan. Where were you go at that time? Now, you are showing me your sudden care.”Swara’s body started to shake badly as her emotions pounded on her heart walls.

Swayam looked at the boiling milk.

“A Lot of times, I wanted to be beside you,Swaru. Especially whenever I saw longing for our family in your eyes, I wanted to be with you badly. But, I am scared whether you would runaway somewhere again. I was there whenever you went out with Laksh(Kashyap). You wish to buy things but refused because of money . Though I gifted you through Laksh, It pained me how much you would be embarrassed to get gifted by a friend. The way you stalked about my well being, I wished to stop everything ,Swaru.When you married Sanskar, I was there in that registrar office in a corner, being scared to come in front of you. And about those three months, Still I regret Swaru. I was like a mad by destructing myself.”Swayam stopped in the middle, put the coffee powder in the coffee filter set and let it boil.

Swara observed his pain in his voice and wondered whether she could be happy for having her brother like a shadow as same as she did or be sad for longing for him.

“I have read in a lot of articles that twins share a special bond. But, All you have for me is hatred. And, I know I deserve that.”Swayam said while Swara held his hand.

“It’s not hatred Swayam. I am just hurt. “Swara spoke openly.

Swayam slowly released his hand from swara’s grip and mixed coffee extract ,sugar and milk to prepare coffee.

“Have this coffee”Swayam said with a smile and handover a coffee cup to swara and he took one in his hand.

The change in her brother’s expression startled her. His middle lines about destructing himself worried her. The way he controlled his sadness, that was not her brother. He used to express whatever in his mind either happy ,sadness or fear.

“we have spoken a lot today ,Swara. Can’t we start afresh by forgetting all the bitter memories? I don’t want to miss my sister anymore.”Swayam said in a pleasing tone.

“No Anna…”Swayam’s felt dejected by Swara’s answer , started to move from kitchen.

“Because which you term as bitter memories, there was a person who made me smile, who encouraged me constantly by opposing my mother without letting me know about it. Though from outer it looked like he was fighting with me, in his heart he cared for me. Even still, he cares for me.”Swara muttered which made Swayam stop in his tracks.

“There is no need to start fresh. Just we have to understand eachother. Not we, I …”Swara finished her coffee and started to wash while Swayam stood behind her.

Swara turned and saw Swayam who was staring at her.

“why are you looking like a owl? Cut onion and tomato. I will fresh up then I will cook. Come and show my room.”Swara said .

“Left room next to stairs in first floor.”Swayam said .

Swara walked towards her room while Swayam smiled whole heartedly.

Swara closed her room and slanted against the door. A long tear released from her eyes.

In a medical college , on the day Swara met Lakshya Kashyap,

Laksh was pestering her with his worst jokes.

“Stop disturbing me,Laksh. I don’t want to be friend of anyone.”Swara replied in a retorted tone.

Swara was coming out of the auditorium and stopped by seeing her parents .

“Laksh, stay here only. They are my parents.”Swara said then walked towards her parents.

“maa…”Swara called hesitatingly then she felt, her cheeks were burning.

“why did you run away? You have completely destroyed my husband’s pride.”Her mother cried while her father held her mother and side hugged her to control.

She looked at her mother’s eyes which was expressing concern for her instead of anger.

“this is your bank account ATM card. I will put money on every month. Use it.”Her father muttered before leaving the place along with her mother.

“you shouldn’t have done this,Swara.”Swayam muttered then he got the slap from his sister as answer.

“It’s all… It’s all because of you, Swayam. My son like that My son like this. Swara, your brother like the toy. Give it to him .He is the heir . you are meant to go another’s house .That’s all I heard from my maa. My wishes… My dreams… she doesn’t even ready to hear about it. If My maa is not ready to hear my wishes, how my father would be? From my birth, you snatched everything from me… parents love… affection… But, I can’t let you snatch my dream.”Swara made her brother as a sole responsible for her condition though she knew he was not the one to blame.

Though he didn’t do anything directly, he was the reason for her struggle and he remained as a audience instead of taking stand for her as per her view. The pain she accumulated from her childhood went out as a anger on her brother.

Swayam turned by holding his cheeks then Swara walked fast from that place.

Swara wiped her tears then entered bath room to fresh up.

At Maheshwari Mansion,

“Swara…Swara… maa, where is Swara?”Sanskar asked .

“Swara went to her brother’s house.”Annapurna replied.

“But, isn’t it decide to send tomorrow?”Sanskar asked being confused.

“I send her”With this answer Annapurna narrated the incidents to Sanskar.

” She was hell adamant to break your father. I don’t know what I can do. One side, your father and on another side, your wife.”Annapurna expressed her helpless state.

“Maa, don’t worry. I will take care of her.”Sanskar replied in a promising tone then entered into his father’s office room.

“Papa…”Sanskar called his father who seems to be very depressed about his friend’s death.

“Papa, it’s not time to sit down. We have to fight for our ragini . Please don’t lose your confidence.”Sanskar tried to motivate his father using Ragini’s name.

“we are just audience or I can merely say , we are puppets in this,Sanskar. Just hide Ragini from this world. That’s the only way to keep her safe.”Durgaprasad expressed his worry.

“But papa…”Sanskar confused with his father’s answer and tried to tell about Ragini’s health.

“Don’t ask me anything more.”Durgaprasad closed his eyes and leaned against his chair.

At Hospital,

Ragini slowly opened her eyes.

“How are you feeling Rago?”Aditya asked . Ragini blinked her eyes in assurance then her eyes searched for a person.

“Bhaiyu, where is Papa? I didn’t see him from the time I got my consciousness”Ragini asked.

“Papa left us rago…”Aditya said the truth . A long tear left from the corner of her eyes. It took a lot of time for Aditya to console his sister.

“Rago, change into this dress. We are leaving”Aditya said for which his sister obliged like a robot.

“Everything will be alright.”Aditya tried to motivate himself and left the ward alog with Ragini after few minutes.

Lakshya Sharma looked at them leaving from hospital.

“Rago, please turn.Look at me.”Laksh murmured .

Ragini turned towards Laksh’s ward with an unknown feeling while Aditya covered her vision.

Laksh fisted his hands as his plan became a failure.

“What happened Rago?”Aditya asked for which she nodded negatively. Both reached their car.

“Bhaiyu, Laksh?”Ragini asked.

“He told me that he will come to our house to meet you.”Aditya lied as his sister won’t leave hospital if she got to know about her lover.

Ragini nodded affirmatively then both left from hospital.

At Swayam’s house,

Swara was arranging the food in the dining table while Swayam left the house for work.

The calling bell ringed by announcing that there were guests in front of the house.

She opened the door after confirming about guest identity through door lens.

“Isn’t Swayam in house?”Aditya asked by observing his friend’s absence.

“Tomorrow, my parents are coming. So, He went to buy things.”Swara replied.

“Ohh! Ok. I will take Ragini here. Can you please make her room ready?”Aditya requested.

“Her room was already ready.And, don’t use please.”Swara said with a smile.

Aditya returned the smile and took ragini inside.

Ragini looked at the house with confused expression as it’s not her house.

After reaching room,

“Rago, It’s my friend house. For a time being, you stay here.”Aditya said.

“Why?”A question rose in her mind but she suppressed the question in her mind itself.

A knock on the door distracted them.

Swara entered with a tray.

“Bhai, She has to take food and medicines on time. Give me her prescription.So, I can take care of it.”Swara said then turned to Ragini.

Ragini clutched her dress tightly by seeing Swara while Aditya observed his sister’s sudden nervousness by seeing Swara. Lines were shown in his forehead.

“Think me as your friend, Ragini.”Swara said with a friendly smile then hugged her lightly to ease ragini.

“Bhai, Make her eat . Swayam will come in ten minutes. He informed me through call.”Swara said by seeing ragini’s nervousness then left the room.

Ragini took the glass of water to drink.

“Rago, do you know Swara?”Aditya’s question made lose her grip on the glass as she startled.

Aditya bended to collect the glass pieces .

“No bhaiyu.”Ragini lied covering her nervousness.

“ohh! Ok “Aditya just accepted her answer for that time.

Ragini had her dinner and medicines .

Aditya covered her with comforter then walked downstairs.

“She is alive and fine” A form of relaxation filled Ragini’s heart.

“How could she don’t remember me? Does she have any memory loss? No that’s not possible .”Ragini thought. Though the medicines tried it’s best to make her sleep, her questions pondered over continuously making her lose her sleep.

In Hall,

Aditya gave a smile to his friends Rajat and Swayam. Swara sat next to Swayam . Everyone started to serve themselves.

“Rajat, how much we can trust Dr.Sharma and his son?”Aditya asked.

“Dr.Sharma is a good man. And about his son, Lakshya , he is good as his father.”Rajat certified.

“But, we can’t rely on them fully.”Swayam alarmed.

“Dr.Lakshya Sharma claims that he and my rago loved each other. Even, Ragini was claiming the same.”Aditya said which shocked Rajat.

“What?”Rajat choked while Swayam tapped on rajat’s head and helped him to drink water.

“Didn’t she love our laksh?”Rajat asked.

“I am also thinking the same,Raj. Even, I worried how I could tell her about our Laksh’s death. It’s confusing.”Aditya said.

“Laksh never loved anyone.”Swara intervened.

“But, Sakthi informed us that he loved a girl named Ragini. Even, Sanskar saw our Laksh with Ragini. we thought…”Rajat stammered.

“That was merely a lie. Laksh told to tease Sakthi.”Swara said by reviving in her memories.

“hey Laku! Do you really love a girl?”Sakthi asked on a call.

Swara suppressed her laugh while Lakshya Kashyap smiled broadly.

“why can’t I ? even nowadays school boys are falling in love.”Laksh teased his brother.

“Tell me if you love a girl. I will speak to Shantha maa”Laksh teased .

“I love my science and that’s enough for me. what is sister-in-law’s name?”Sakthi asked eagerly.

Lakshya looked around and saw a shop’s name.

“Ragini stores…”Laksh answered on phone then bit his lips by observing his mistake.

“Ragini Sengupta…”Laksh made it clear with a teasing smile.

“Maa, Laku is loving a girl!”Sakthi announced in his house while Lakshya disconnected the call.

“Why are you playing with him?He is so innocent to believe your lies.”Swara said.

“Don’t certificate him. I only know what a devil he is.”Lakshya said .

“Then, the diary which police submitted in court. That’s Laksh’s handwriting only.”Aditya asked being confused by Swara’s answer.

“what if it’s fabricated.”Rajat asked.

The question made Aditya think deeper.

“Uttara already requested to reexamine with Laksh’s real handwriting in court. Then, that will make sure diary isn’t Laksh’s. It will help us to prove Laksh’s innocence.”Swara smiled .

“It’s not about only proving Laksh’s innocence. Until we find the culprit, the danger would always exist for Sakthi and Suji maa.”Aditya said.

Everyone agreed with Aditya’s word then left towards kitchen to wash their plates.

“bhaiyu!”Ragini’s sudden scream tensed everyone and they ran towards her room. Swayam ran towards his room to get his licensed gun.

The remaining stormed into her room and saw Ragini’s scared face.

“What happened Rago?”Aditya asked being worried.

“A bad dream bhaiyu.”Ragini answered while Aditya side hugged her.

Ragini slowly parted from hug then turned towards Swara.

“Swara, could you stay with me?”Ragini asked.

“no need to ask. I am planning the same.”Swara said with a smile. The others left the room.

Swara locked the door.

“Swara…”Ragini called and then pointed the bathroom door.

Swara looked at Ragini questioningly then opened the bathroom door.

“Sanskar!”Swara surprised by seeing her husband while Ragini came out of the room.

“Do you need anything Rago?”Aditya asked by seeing her sister outside of the room.

“Vo… Buddhu came to meet her wife”Ragini said in half sleep.

Aditya smiled then held Ragini by her shoulders. “Come and sleep in my room.” Aditya said.

After making his sister lay on bed and confirming that she was asleep, Aditya laid on the sofa.

In the room,

“you should have come in a direct way. What is the need to use pipelines?”Swara asked.

“It doesn’t have any kick”Sanskar said by nuzzling his nose in her neck. Slowly, he took his wife in his hug.

“I thought you would be anger on me.”Swara said.

“Why should I ?”Sanskar asked.

“For coming here without telling you.”Swara said.

“For deceiving you.”Swara continued.

“Don’t use big words, Janu. You just hid something from me.”Sanskar said.

Swara looked at his eyes.

“Won’t you be ever getting angry on me?”Swara asked.

Sanskar nodded negatively.

“what if I commit mistakes?”Swara asked.

“My janu would rectify her mistakes. But, please don’t hurt my father .”Sanskar said.

“I don’t mean to hurt him. But I lose my control whenever I remember the injustice happened to my Laksh.”Swara said emotionally.

“But, what did my father do?”Sanskar asked without letting his wife that he was interrogating.

“During the time of case, I was hospitalized and didn’t have my consciousness. After I got consciousness, I met your father and informed him that my Laksh never loved Ragini. But he didn’t let me to give my statement in favor of Laksh. He even threatened me that my statement would harm Shakti.”Swara said.

“How would your statement harm Shakti? I don’t understand swara.”Sanskar asked.

“The case would be closed if all the accused die. And…”Sanskar felt a shiver in his wife’s voice.

“But, why did you suddenly get hospitalize?”Sanskar asked by diverting her.

“I met with an accident “Swara replied.

“when?”Sanskar asked.

“May 30″Swara’s reply made her husband think deeply.

“Laksh’s murderer’s”His wife statement ringed in his ear.

“If she met with an accident on May 30, How could she see Laksh’s murderer?” A question popped in his mind.

“I thought you would leave me after knowing my reason for marriage”Swara said in a guilty tone.

“A day when I lost you nearly, that day I got to know janu, I can’t live without you. when you said about the reason, all I have seen is love in your eyes. Your eyes pleased me to not let you go. And, I can’t let you go away from me at any cost.”Sanskar expressed his love.

“you have to leave,Sanskar.”Swara said half heartedly by looking at the clock.

Sanskar parted from Swara then walked towards the door while Swara pulled him.

“Leave in the same way you entered.”Swara grinned at her husband.

“What if I fall down that too when your parents are coming to fix our alliance.”Sanskar asked by keeping an innocent face.

Swara slapped on his shoulder with a smile then pushed him towards the window. Sanskar smiled then started to climb down through pipe.

“Careful…”Swara smiled while Sanskar heard sounds of long breathe.

He looked down and saw two dogs which were waiting for him. Sanskar climbed up while the dogs started to bark.

“Rocky…Jack…”Swayam signed them to leave then Sanskar climbed down. By seeing her brother, she closed the window.

“Mappilai, you can come in a direct way.”Swayam said with a teasing look. Sanskar gave a sheepish smile.

“Don’t smile like this. I am not able to withstand to see your face.”Sanskar taken aback by hearing his brother-in-law’s direct attack.

“Ok machan, see you at morning.”Sanskar called Swayam as machan by remembering his morning conversation.

Swayam let out a smile and then gave a fake moustache to Sanskar.

“What is this, machan?”Sanskar asked.

“My father doesn’t like man who don’t have moustache. So, wear it and be in railway station at 7’o clock.”Swayam instructed.

Sanskar just nodded and then left the house. His phone buzzed with Ronit’s name.

“Sir, do you remember about the eyes sketch you gave me on morning in court?”Ronit asked on call.

“Haan haan I remember.”Sanskar said.

“From where did you get it?”Ronit asked.

“Leave the source. Have you found about the person?”Sanskar asked.

“Sir, Do you remember that we got an assassin’s body from chief doctor Ranvijay?” Ronit asked.

“yeah.”Sanskar answered.

“The eyes belong to the assassin’s brother Mark Antony. He is also a professional assassin .”Ronit answered.

“whoever gave you the sketch, keep them safe Sir. Because he won’t leave any evidences of his crimes.”Ronit continued.

“ok, I will take care of it.”Sanskar said and then cut the call.

His eyes subconsciously fallen on the Swara’s room window while Ronit’s statement made knots in his head.

Meanwhile in Lakshya Sharma’s house,

Lakshya room was a complete mess still he continued to break the things. The rage didn’t seem to leave him.

“what are you doing Lakshya?”Rudra asked by keeping his calm tone.

“I told you to let her know about my condition.”Lakshya hissed.

“For what? So that she would be in hospital to take care of you.For your information son, She just wake up from coma. Don’t you feel selfish?”Rudra asked.

“yes, I am selfish. I didn’t tell her to claim me as her love. From the day she rejected my proposal, I was living without disturbing her. She is the one who claimed me as her love and I am not going lose her at any cost.”Lakshya said by banging his hand on a wooden table.

“She might have misunderstood you for some other person. Leave your madness Laksh.”Rudra advised.

“Papa, It’s my love. Not madness”Lakshya retorted.

“But, this obsession just gives destruction for you both. The day ,she realizes that you are not the one she loved ,will destroy both of your lives.”Rudra tried to make his son understand.

“why would she realize? I won’t let her realize. I will turn myself into the person she loved… his attitude… his characterization… I will change myself .I will make his everything mine including Ragini.”Rudra became silent by seeing the seriousness in his son’s voice for a second.

“Will you lose yourself?”Rudra asked by breaking the silence.

“If it needs”Lakshya replied.

Rudra left his son’s room with worry in his heart.

Lakshya opened Ragini’s photo in his phone.

“Don’t worry Rago. I will take you with me soon. We can live happily without anyone’s disturbance.”Lakshya muttered by caressing her face on his phone while his broken hand and leg made him hiss because of pain.

The sun rise made everyone wake up from the sleep except some people who gifted to sleep long and wanted to sleep long.

Aditya left to his house while Swara and Swayam got ready to receive their parents. Rajat stayed in the house to safeguard Ragini.

In Shalimar station,

“Do you know Swara your husband and Indian railways are same?”Swayam asked.Swara gave a confused expression.

“Both won’t be punctual.”Swayam finished and rewarded with a slap on his shoulder by his sister.

“Have your brother just started to pull my leg or am I in middle?”A voice from their behind startled both.

“Mappilai! Sanskar!”The siblings muttered by seeing Sanskar with a big moustache and not able to identify him easily.

“what is this make up ,Sanskar?”Swara asked by suppressing her laugh.

“Ask your brother.”Sanskar replied while the train halted in the station. The people started to move out of the train.

“There are our parents and relatives.”Swayam pointed the group of 50 people.

Swara rooted in her place by seeing her parents after a long 6 years. While emotions and memories hit her heart hardly, she just stood by rooting in her place.

“Mappilai, come with me.”Swayam dragged Sanskar with him and suddenly put his leg on Sanskar’s way. Sanskar slipped and fallen on the floor just few inches before a pair of foot.

Sanskar raised his head to see the person infront of him. A well built man, who is in his early sixties, stood in front of Sanskar.

“Mappilai, please stand. Our blessings are always with you.”A Lady muttered in tamil. By seeing her face, Sanskar observed that she might be Swara’s mother but couldn’t understand her words.

“Mappilai knows how to respect his elders. Even ,he has moustache”An elderly man said while caressing his big moustache proudly.

Sanskar stood as Swayam signed him to stand.

“Appa, This is Sanskar. Sanskar, This is my father and my mother. They all are our relatives. I will introduce one by one soon.”Swayam said in tamil and Bengali alternatively.

Swara’s father analyzed Sanskar by his appearance then looked for his daughter.

“Swayam, didn’t swara come to railway station?”Swara’s father asked.

“She came,appa”Swayam replied and pointed his sister in a bit far.

Swara’s father walked towards her.

“உன்ற அய்யன மன்னிக்க மாட்டியாமா (won’t you forgive your father?)”Swara’s father asked her.

All the anger and resentment which she have for her parents, she left in a single question and ran towards her father.

Swara’s mother smiled by seeing their reunion and wiped her tears. Sanskar smiled by seeing his wife’s happy face.

“Mappilai, look at these people.”Swayam murmured in Sanskar’s ear by pointing a group of people.

“Even that small kid can stall your remarriage. So, be careful while expressing yourself.”Swayam said by hiding his grin.

Sanskar gave them a pointless smile being worried about his marriage while they also returned his smile.

Swara’s mother walked towards her daughter then caressed her daughter’s face.

“Rago, I trusted wrong people. I dragged you in this danger in the name of saving you. But, don’t worry. I will take you out of this.”Shekar promised to his daughter.

“I am scared that you couldn’t save your daughter. Even I wish you could have lived with the hope that your daughter would open her eyes again instead of digging to know about the truth.”An voice said.

Ragini tried to open her eyes but failed miserably. After a bit long struggle, she opened her corner of eyes.

Shekar was gagged by hands and air bubble sent to his nerve by an empty syringe. She rotated her eyes to see the person but darkness buried her inside of it.

“Papa…”Ragini murmured in sleep and opened her eyes in impulse. She was fully drenched in sweat and felt shivering.

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