Mere Sai 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Keshav Falls On Street Inebriated; Sai Hints Abdul’s Entry

Mere Sai 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Keshav returns to liquor shop and drinks heavily. Shop owner tells his servant that he asked to give customer pure liquor which is very addictive. Keshav asks more liquor. Owner asks him servant to serve him more. Keshav says he is tension free as nobody will come from Shirdi till her. Servant says they were kicked out from Shirdi last time. Owner says they may find new opportunity, who knows they will get a few more customers like this guy. Customer asks Keshav if he is drinking for the first time. Keshav says he has drank a lot in London and people call arrack shop as bar, people drink, dance and enjoy there. He starts dancing. Customers watch him in a shock.

Ranoji continues doing Sai’s chores. Sai asks if he does not want to work. Ranoji says a customer gave him big order, but he wants to stay here serve Sai as Sai took care and treated him when he fell ill and his family disowned him, he went back to his family when he got well and did a mistake, now he will do his business and serve Sai like Jipri. Sai says one should serve selflessly like Lakshmi does and asks if he will give his right to someone else if he is asked to. Ranoji says he will, but who can serve him more than him. Sai says who knows there must be someone who is from /Shridi or outside.

People watch wrestling match and wait for Abdul. Abdul enters wearing skull cap and flexing his muscles. He enters and throws his opponent to ground in 1 move. Opponent praises abdul’s talent and says he is priviledged to be defeated by him says he will try to win next time and fulfill promise made to his son. Abdul feels sad that Shera lost but has family and is happy, he does not have family.

Ranoii walks on street with Sai and questions where were they before coming into the word, asks if it is childish. Sai says some questions don’t have answer. Ranoji asks again where were they before they came into world. Sai says in god’s protection. Ranoji asks then why did god send them here. Sai shows bird nest and says bird pushes its youngsters from nest to let them learn flying, similarly they will be doing good deeds and return to god finally. He tells god will listen to his children’s wishes. Barber shaving someone nearby says there is no god, else nobody would have been in problems. He argues with Sai that god is just an imagination of human, else why there would be so many problems in life and people ill and tensed. He says Sai chose to be saint himself and showing beggar asks why god is making her beg.

Abdul sadly tells his uncle that god does not care about him, so he did not give him a family and his parents threw him in mosque. Uncle says he questions everyday. Abdul says maybe there is no answer for his question. Uncle says he may find someone who will answer his question and give him peace of mind.

Keshav sleeps in arrack shop heavily inebriated. Servant wakes him up and asks him to as customers will come in the evening. Owner also asks him to leave and asks money. Keshav gives him money. Owner says it is less. Keshav says he will give tomorrow. Owner says why did he drink if he did not have so much money, he is letting him go today seeing his rich clothes. Keshav holds his collar and yells and leaves. Owner smirks. Keshav falls down on street in dirt and unable to get up. His friend passes by in bullock cart and seeing someone on ground walks to him and is shocked to see Keshav.

Precap: Abdhul asks uncle to ask god if he will not get any dear one in life or not. Sai says nobody will get anything before time and more than destiny.

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