Nimki Mukhiya 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki asks abhi if he will marry her

Nimki Mukhiya 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ram wakes up. Nimki says I did this drama to wake him up. Mauha says so all that was lie right? Nimki says of course. I saw it in a TV. Tettar leaves. Nimki says papa wake up and talk to us now. She asys you have opened eyes too now. They all hug him.
Annaro shouts at Parbatya for mixing nimki’s clothes with her. She says throw them all out. Sweeti says do you have a heart? At least think what she is going through. Didn’t you feel anything when your father died? Annaro says you think I don’t have a heart? Who stayed up all nights for you? When my dad wasn’t well I stayed with him for two months. Dablo says then why that heart doesn’t feel for nimki. sHe says because I know my blood unlike you two.

Mauha says to Nimki why did you lie like that. Never say things like those again. Nimki says I did this for papa. Mauha says you scared us. Promise me it was a lie. Nimki says would they have come if it was true? Smile now. They go in.
Tune says your pain woke him up. Nimki says papa would have suffered more if he got to know. I will never forget how bad they did but for last two days they have helped me a lot and they even paid for the treatment. I don’t know their intentions but at least papa is being treated.
Nimki says if papa gets to know all this he will never be able to take it. I don’t care about babbu or his family. only my family is important for me.

Scene 2
Tettar tells Annaro everything Nimki said. Tettar says BDO was staring us like he will kill us. Sweeti says is her father well? Ritu says yes he woke up. Sweeti says he got shocked knowing your dirty truth. Annaro says what is Babbu doing there now? Sweeti says nimki needs babbu. Tettar says yes she is right. Life is so unpredictable. Ritu says yes. Rekha says like you were about to get shot in morning. Tettar says shut up.
Tettar says to Ritu Sweeti has to play a role in getting Nimki back too. We have to know who did this video thing. I will kill that person.

Nimki thinks about all that happened. She says life is weird. ABhi says what is weird? She says nothing. Abhi sits with her and says was it all true? She says what do you think? She says no. Don’t you trust me?
Babbu says to jharya so bored in that hospital. Now that nimki wont know if my love is true or a lie.
Nimki says truth and lie are so mixed. Abhi says right. Life is that way. Never hide anything from me. I am always with you. Jhariya says are you in love with that nimki? Nimki says everyone falls in love with me. Do you love me too? If I leave babu will you marry me? Abhi is dazed.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. No Nimki pl don’t leave Babbuji. We all want to see your love story blossom, bloom. We want to see romance between u n Babbuji. Pl give 1 chance to him, pl???

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