Preeran SS ; Realization Part 19

Luthra house

The families ignore Piyali’s presence in house and start preparing for engagement. She starts looking for something in house.

Karan : what are you doing?

Piyali : nothing I was organizing my clothes, now that I am living here

Karan : whatever (goes outside of room and collides with Preeta who is about to fall from stairs but he holds her)

Both share eye lock

Ranjhna… naino ke teer chal gaye

Sajna… saanson se dil sil gaye
Palkon mein chupa loon, oh tera sajda karoon
Seenay mein samaa loon, oh din reain karoon
Palkon mein chupa loon, seenay mein samaa loon
Tere ang ang rang mera bole

Ab jaan lutt jaaye, ye jahaan chhut jaaye
Sang pyaar rahe, main rahun na rahun
Sajda tera sajda,
(karun mein tera sajda)
Din reain karoon na hi chain karoon
Sajda tera sajda
(karun mein tera sajda)
Rak vaar karoon meri jaan lut doon

Piyali sees them from pillar and leaves to other side. Preeta pushes him away from her

Karan : hi

Preeta : hey (starts leaving)

Karan : are you angry at me?

“No why should I, your wife have that right to be angry on you who am I Preeta’s words pierce him badly

Karan :I am sorry for everything baby doll, but I have to drink this slow poison for my brother and family

Preeta goes to meet Rishab who is busy in thoughts. She knocks distracting him

Rishab : sorry I was just, come

Preeta : are you okay? I know you wouldn’t be after such drama

Rishab : you are right, everything is just so messed up my mind is not working

Preeta : I wanted to share this with Karan but its of no use but I thought you will understand

Rishab ; what is it?

Preeta shows him the ID she found in her wardrobe recently.

Rishab : police ID?

Preeta : I thought you have big contacts maybe you will be able to find anything, I found this after Piyali left house

Rishab’s doubt start getting stronger about Piyail’s identity. He tells Preeta to focus on Shrishti’s engagement.

Rishab : I wil find out about this person, don’t worry and one more thing

Preeta : yea

“Are you really ready to marry me? I don’t want any force on you Rishab asks her directly

Preeta is not able to answer him properly known the situation she agreed.

Rishab : whatever you say Preetaji, your eyes says something else (looks at ID) Palak Shekawhat who are you?

Omisha comes to Luthra house on Sameer and Rishab’s insistence. Piyali and Omisha have revengeful interaction

Sameer : chachu thats Omisha, she just joined our office, you won’t believe she got partnership from Bharadwaj group of company

Mahesh ; thats such great news, keep up the good work

Shrishti plays with fork seeing her getting praised by all. Karan teases Sameer to notice her reaction

Karan : what was the need to make her jealous?

Sameer : bhai no wonder you both are so crazy, she is just an employee and my friend

Karan : wow in years you never befriended with a girl now what happened?

Piyali : everybody is not like you

Karan : did I ask your opinion? eat quietly

“Somebody welcome us too a voice comes from back from Suraj

Karan and Piyali are surprised to see him standing at doorstep with two other people.

“Suraj Bharadwaj, welcome to Luthra house Rishab goes to hug him

Mahesh : you are our business partner, but you should have told earlier about coming

Kabir ; actually bhai don’t believe in formality right

Suraj taps on his head lightly

Karan : hey buddy (comes to hug him)

Suraj : oh my god, see I told you world is too small and we met how are (sees Piyali) you are here too not bad

Piyali : how are you?

Suraj : great, where is your sister?

Piyali : she is in cape town

“Excuse are you all lost in fair friends, at least introduce us Elina taunts them

Kabir ; let it be bhabhi, who cares here?

Suraj : this is my fianc and would be fianc Elina Sharma and this guy standing here is my spoiled brat brother Kabir

Elina and Kabir greets Luthra family and siblings happily

Rishab : how do you know them?

Suraj : we all met each other in Cape town, madam was our cab driver

Karan recalls the naive and attitude Piyali she showed them.

Suraj : but this is not fair, I mean mine and Elina’s love is 7 years old we both didn’t marry yet and you both only a week

Elina : are you regretting or jealous?

Preeta and Rishab gets heartbroken with their names being joined together.

Karan and Piyali’s marriage news have been spread in town. The duo share awkward eye lock with each other

Kareena ; Elina, you look very sensible and educated what do you for career?

Elina : I run NGO for women’s service and also did lawyer

Kritika looks at her with lot of hopes

Rakhi : you do very noble deed dear, god bless you with all success

Elina : thank you so much aunty

Rishab : by the way, tomorrow is Sameer and Shrishti’s engagement why don’t you join us

Suraj : sure we would love to

Elina : thank you so much for this honor we will definitely come

Kabir tries to take bowl of rice at the same time as Kritika touching her hand.

Kabir ; sorry I was

“Thats okay takes her hand away

Shrishti ; by the way Elina, when do you both plan to marry while ago Suraj said its been 7 years you waited so long

Suraj ; actually we were supposed to be married

four years back but then our mom dad past away and I got busy in everything, office family

Elina puts her hand on his palm. Kabir gets tensed hearing about their parents and leaves

Preeta : is he okay?

Suraj : yea just every time when somebody talks about our mom dad he misses them, actually on they died on his birthday

Kritika : anybody would be

Elina : let me go check, you all continue, excuse me (leaves)

Mahesh ; one thing you have to agree, in such phases people often loses their strength but you handled everything business, family

Suraj : all because of her uncle, she is my strong pillar be it work or personal life, only Elina can handle Kabir’s temper

Elina : hey whats wrong? why did you come like this its not good to leave dining table

Kabir : you know everything bhabhi, I can’t forget that fateful day (gets emotional)

“Look here, this is life we have to move on, I know nobody can take place of parents but think how would they feel seeing you like this, Suraj is living just your happiness at least think about him Elina tries to make him understand

Kabir : sorry bhabhi

Elina : wipe your tears or else girls will think you are not real man, see things often come and go but we have to face them bravely, lets go

Phone rings

Kabir : bhabhi you go I will attend this call

Elina ; come soon (goes inside)

Kritika hears their conversation from door and heads back inside. While coming back Kabir and Ruchika bumps into each other falling down

Family does not see them being busy in chatting with each other.

Ek Din Kabhi Jo Khud Ko Taraashe

Meri Nazar Se Tu Zara, Haaye Re 

Aankhon Se Teri Kya Kya Chhupa Hai

Tujhko Dikhaaun Main Zara, Haaye Re

Ik Ankahi Si Daastaan Daastaan

Kehne Lagega Aaina Subhanallah…

Jo Ho Raha Hain Pehli Dafaa Hai Wallah

Aisa Hua, Subhanallah..

Jo Ho Raha Hai Pehli Dafaa Hai Wallah

Aisa Hua

Kabir : I am so sorry are you okay?

“Can’t you see, my hair got messed up Roo takes her headphone out

Kabir : looking at your attire I think you went for work out, was there salon too?

Roo : what? (asks irritably) thats none of your business Mr whoever

“Kabir you must have heard my name flirts with her funnily

Roo ; no i have not and I am not interested either better luck next time (Starts walking)

Kabir : maybe not today but later you might need to befriend me

Roo : I don’t argue with guest in my house, they are equal to god

Kabir : then where were you from long time? you should take care of guest

Ruchika stamps on his feet

Hearing their banter everybody comes

Rishab : whats going on?

“First you say bhai who is this inquiry officer sorry this monkey Roo ask him

Elina and Karan hides their laugh

Rakhi : Roo behave yourself they are our guest

Roo : mom please I have decency but aren’t guest supposed to be decent

Kabir : you are right, thank god you opened my eyes just now you said guest are equal to god so even I want to see your hospitality

Roo : why not of course? (throws bucket of cold water on him)

Everybody gets shocked

Kareena : oh my god, Roo what did you do?

Roo : but he only said he wants to see how I treat guest

Mahesh ; shut up and apologize to him

Roo : me? no way

Suraj : thats okay uncle I am sure he might have something wrong

Roo : see he also knows

Rakhi : you are all wet, Kritika show him washroom and I will send fresh clothes

Sameer : he can try mine I think it will fit on him

“Thats okay you don’t have to bother too much, we are going home anyway Suraj says

Mahesh : no dear our daughter misbehaved with him at least we can do this much

Elina : uncle don’t worry even Kabir is no saint

Rakhi : till he comes back come sit with us for a while, I will join you after cleaning

Elina : then I will also help you

Sarla : you are guest here, sit we will finish all the work

Elina : aunty, you all are strange first you call me daughter and then make outsider

Preeta, Shrishti and Elina helps Rakhi and Sarla

Kritika takes Kabir upstairs to get dry.

“Towel she gives him hesitantly

Kabir : thank you and sorry you all had to take trouble

Kritika : no we should be sorry, actually my sister is little crazy but she is not bad at heart

Kabir gets changed in washroom. Roo comes to talk with her in room

Kritika : now what? was that drama not enough

Roo : di how can you say this? I am your sister and that insolent guy

Kabir comes out hearing her conversation

Roo : you know I felt like scratching his head and take out all that ego (says with action)

Kritika ; Roo enough, now go to your room

Roo : fine I am leaving (sees Kabir) welcome only you were missing

Kabir : while ago you were showering praises about me I loved it

Kritika : before you both start please look at time okay

Roo : di I am going to my room good night (pushes Kabir aside making him fall on Kritika)

“Oouch she shouts

Kabir is lost on her eyes and simplicity like never before to any girl. Kritika holds his collar

Aasmaan.. tera mera hua

Khwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaan

Aasmaan.. tera mera hua

Saans ki tarah ruaan ruaan

Ho jaaye jahan tu jaaye

Paaye mujhe hi paaye

Saaye yeh mere

Hai tujh mein samaaye

Saiyaara main saiyaara

Saiyaara tu saiyaara

Sitaaron ke jahan mein

Milengey ab yaara

Both stands up awkwardly and goes downstairs, Luthras, Arora and Bharadwaj have good time together while Piyali goes to meet somebody.

Karan : thank god, that problem magnet is not here for a while but where did she go? why do I even care right I have to think about Preeta (tries to call her)

Arora house

Shrishti ; di, he is calling you at least pick it up once please

Preeta : I am not in mood to talk with him or anybody else, and madam tomorrow is your engagement focus on that

Shrishti : you are changing the topic, are you jealous of seeing him with other girl

Preeta : I don’t even care what he does (throws clothes around)

“Yes you do, I could clearly see that when Suraj was praising Karan Sir and Piyali not only you even Rishabji was happy with all this Shrishti vents out her anger

Preeta : why would he when his brother have hit sixer in one ball, is marriage a joke?

Shrishti : first you answer my question, you started feeling for him, why do you always feel pain seeing his wound, if somebody says wrong to him you are first one to come forward even if mom would be that person

Shrishti’s constant rant pushes Preeta’s feeling much harder to the extent of confessing

“Yes I do LOVE HIM, more than anything, I cannot see him with somebody else be it Piyali or whoever, happy? Preeta shouts in frustration

Shrishti : di, if you love him break this engagement, and honestly I think even Rishabji is looking for that chance

Preeta : what do you mean?

Shrishti : my eye sight is very strong di, even without seeing I can see future that he has strong feelings for Piyali and he is hiding it

Next day everybody gets busy in preparation for engagement of Shrishti and Sameer

Arora house

Preeta gets emotional seeing her sister adorned with heavy dress and jewelry

Preeta : why is my sister sad on this most happiness day of her life

Shrishti : I don’t know why but for some reason my heart is not feeling good, like anything bad is going to happen

Preeta : thats mom’s department not ours, I can’t tell you how happy am I, you know I always wanted that your both marriage get fixed and see my wish got true

Shrishti : I love you di (hugs her happily)

Karan and Rishab teases Sameer for getting married before them

Sameer : see you both don’t eye on my engagement

Rishab ; I will tell mom dad to get you married today only what say

Karan : you are right bhai at least my favorite fan will keep him on her toes

Sameer : thats not fair, I am your only younger brother and you are doing this to me

Rakhi scolds Karan Rishab for bothering Sameer

Luthras welcome Aroras. Sameer and Karan are mesmerized with Preeta and Shrishti’s beauty like always.

Omisha : congratulation Sameer (gives him bouquet)

Sameer ; thank you, whats wrong you look tensed is everything okay

Omisha : yea actually can you come with me for a minute, I want to talk something important

Sameer : right now?

Omisha : just few minutes not more than that

Sameer : sure why not

The duo goes to terrace noticed by Piyali

Shrishti : di one thing is bothering me, its my engagement why this girl have dressed up

Preeta : even today your mind is on her, stop its such a big day for you, sit here I will be right back (goes to corridor)

Karan pulls her into room having enough of her ignorance

Preeta : what is it now?

Karan exactly I have same question, I agree I have messed up everything but we had one relation called friendship you forgot that too

Preeta : really? how convenient, first you say how can I believe you, in one moment you confess love to me and other side you happily accepted to be married with some girl really, I should have known you are nothing but a big flirt who can only play with feelings

“Enough Karan corners her to side

Preeta : leave my hand its paining

Karan : what about that pain I am facing this days? everybody is behaving like I don’t exist what big mistake I did?

“Then share your problem with me, I am still there as friend Preeta breaks down

Karan : I did all this so you don’t break marriage with Rishab he also loves you

“What Preeta is taken aback

Karan : i have seen my brother living everyday like a machine, he surrounded himself with work only happiness is you in his life

“Karan Preeta says softly

“I love my brother a lot, thats why I had to do this and that Piyali before I saw her I saw honesty in her eyes but now I only see her as cheater who broke my trust Karan gets in tears

Preeta : and me? don’t you love me (cups her face tearfully)

Karan ; you? I can never think my life without you baby doll

Both share passionate hug unaware to them Rishab sees them together

Karan : bhai? (breaks hug)

Rishab : whats all this? Preetaji you say

Karan : actually

Rishab : I am talking to her not you, that day when I asked are you happy, you could not answer it

Preeta : I thought Rakhi aunty brought Karan and my marriage proposal and I said yes

Rishab : and you? is your brother so weak to break himself

“I am sorry bhaiKaran hugs him

Rishab : fool, you know how much I love you, will i be happy seeing my kiddo crying, don’t worry after engagement we will tell truth

Karan : but bhai that Piyali, she have marriage certificate how will we

Rishab : you trust your brother ?

Karan : more than anything

Rishab : come mom is calling you both, engagement ceremony is going to start

Ceremony starts

Rakhi and Sarla brings rings for their children.

Karan : be careful Sammy you are getting hooked to bomb

Shrishti : Karan Sir you are right but he will handle me

Preeta : at least today behave like bride

Shrishti : whats fun in that

Nobody is able to notice Sameer’s gloomy face with all happiness around. Shrishti puts ring on his finger smilingly

Rakhi : dear what are you waiting for? put ring, she is waiting

Sameer sees Omisha standing with Shrishti waiting for him. He starts walking towards her much to everybody’s shock.

The crowd is astonished when Sameer puts ring on Omisha’s finger crushing Shrishti’s love, desire and dreams. She is frizzed seeing ring on Omisha’s finger.

“Sameer have you lost it? you made Omisha wear the ring Mahesh starts shouting

Rishab : Sammy look here you were supposed to be engaged with Shrishti

Sameer does not say anything

Shrishti : look Sameer, its still not to late please tell us did somebody forced you

Sarla : what are you asking? can’t you see what he did while ago

“I know my Sameer more than you, he loves me a lot mom, di, shorty please say something Shrishti begs him tearfully to speak up

Omisha ; Sameer please say, they all are waiting (holds his hand)

Shrishti ; leave him right now, I know you might done something, I got hint of your intention on first day itself, I won’t spare you now (strangles her angrily)

Preeta : Shrishti stop it what are you doing? leave her she will die

Shrishti :I don’t care, she took my Sameer

With all chaos Sameer take stand and pulls apart both girls. He confesses his love for Omisha and breaking illusion of Sameer

Precap :

“Sameer Luthra you are not worthy of my hatred I hate you from bottom of my heart Shrishti throws ring on his face

Piyali points gun at Prithvi and Omisha

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