Preeran SS ; Realization Part 20

Luthra house

Shrishti : you are lying Sameer, please tell me this is all lie (begs to him)

Sameer : this is truth, I wanted to tell you this before but never got chance

Karan is about to hit but is stopped by Rishab to prevent creating another scene

Rishab : this is not right time we will sort later

Sameer feels tight slap on his cheek echoing in every walls of house.

Shrishti ; cheater, coward I should have know people like you cannot love anybody

Preeta feels helpless seeing her sister breakdown

“Sameer Luthra, you broke my dreams, hopes everything, and one more thing you are not even worthy of my hatred so take this with you, congratulations Shrishti removes ring throwing his face directly

Preeta : you didn’t do this right Sameer, I always considered you like my brother

Sameer looks down not able to face anybody

Rakhi : I have no words Sarlaji but if possible forgive us (folds her hands)

Sarla : I can bear everything but not my daughter’s humiliation at any cost from today both of them will not step in this house

Luthra boys are shattered with her decision but knows deep down Sarla is right. Shrishti runs away crying to her home followed by Elina and Preeta quickly.

Mahesh : we know your decision is not fully wrong, no parent would send her children to place where they get insulted

Sameer : aunty (tries to stop her)

“You better not say anything, you did what you wanted to just get lost from my sight Sarla takes Dadi with her

Everybody gives raging glare to Sameer

Arora house

Shrishti locks herself in room sobbing loudly and breaks things

“Please open the door, dear I am getting worried Preeta keeps banging

Shrishti leans on door throwing jewelry in whole room angrily

Elina : Shrishti please, everybody is very tensed one should not punish themselves for mistake they never did, open the door

Shrishti recalls people’s taunt to her for trapping rich guy. She starts getting dizzy while opening the door and falls down

“Shrishti what happened, ma Preeta calls Sarla

Elina : I think she fell down, Kabir (signals him)

Kabir puts her on bed carefully and calls doctor

Sarla : how is my daughter?

Doctor : nothing to worry she just fainted due to stress and weakness, give her medication

Suraj : come I will drop you outside

Preeta sits beside Shrishti holding her hands

“Di, I am fine she says softly

Preeta : lay like that don’t get up, silly girl you love to trouble me, you know I cannot live without you

Shrishti : who said I can live without my sister? Elina is right why should be punish ourself by other people’s mistake

Elina : you are a strong girl, I know you would never something stupid like that

Shrishti : thank you

Elina : don’t be, one more thing its good to trust your love but blind trust on others than your own instinct is foolishness

Suraj ; aunty if you need any help just let us know we are there

Elina : I live close by so just give me a call, take care Preeta, Shrishti (takes blessing from dadi)

Dadi : god bless you dear

The trio leaves

Luthra house

Mahesh is about to raise hand on Sameer but is stopped by Rishab

Rishab : what are you doing dad? he is not kid anymore

Mahesh ; I would have forgave him if he was child but after raising him with so much love he showed us this day

Kareena ; Sameer, we always considered you equal to other children after bhai’s death, but you still made this mistake

Rakhi : you created rift between two families, you should have at least thought there are two sister of yours if somebody had done this to them

Kritika and Roo looks at her with sadness

Omisha : you all are blaming him for no reason, we both love each other

Karan : really? then what took you so long to tell the family and engagement drama

Rishab : Omisha you better leave from here we will talk with you tomorrow

Omisha : but Sir

Rishab : please leave right now

Omisha sees Piyali coming back in-house with revengeful eyes. She sees everybody forcing Sameer to speak up

Rishab : dad, I think we had enough drama for today we will talk about this tomorrow

Kareena : he is right bhai, we have been mocked enough in front of guests today lets end this

Everybody goes back to their room. Karan drags Sameer in his room and close door

“Bhai? Sameer asks him

Karan : now tell me, see nobody is here I know you more than anybody else

Sameer : everything is clear bhai

Karan ; no its not, I know my brother he never had lied to me eye to eye, when I clearly see you are saying lies

Sameer : I don’t want to give you any explanation bhai (starts leaving)

Karan : fine you won’t tell me? but mind it, I won’t leave this matter so easily

Sameer leaves hurriedly

Karan : I know you are giving a big sacrifice for something and I will find out soon Sammy, I won’t let you suffer from anybody’s hands, thats your brother promise

Sameer goes to hill driving rashly followed by Piyali from house. He shouts out loud letting all the pain out and drinks heavily

Piyali : somebody is blackmailing you right?

Sameer : go from here I don’t need anybody and specially from cheaters

Piyali gives him solace but he jerks it off

Sameer : didn’t you hear what I said?

“How can I when my brother is in pain her words melts him down

Sameer looks up to her with hope


Omisha takes Sameer to terrace right before engagement

Sameer : why did you bring me here?

Omisha ; to ask how am I looking, after all its going to be our engagement

Sameer : what nonsense? are you drunk

“I am actually not but seeing this will blow your thinking Omisha gets her phone out

Sameer : what is it?

Omisha : our engagement gift from my side (shows him video)

Sameer gets frizzed seeing video of Karan and Preeta sharing intimate moment in cottage.

Sameer : how did you? (tries to take her phone)

Omisha ; don’t do that mistake my would be fiancee because you are helpless

Sameer : aren’t you ashamed of doing this to another girl ?

“You are right I am very cruel, whatever I eye that things becomes mine, just think about once if I make this video viral what could happen, first your dear sister Preeta, she is physio and not allowed to even befriend any team members, and her she is sharing love ” Omisha’s words start hitting him badly

First thing that come to his mind is Shrishti and Preeta’s respect

Omisha : she is already a gossip topic in front of people after two broken engagement, now imagine if this video comes out not only her respect but her whole life hard worked career will be destroyed same with your brother Karan, the star player people will think he only uses girls for pleasure and money

“Shut up Sameer is about to raise hand on her but stops

Omisha ; don’t even think about that

Sameer : why are you doing this? what do you want from us

“You?, the very first day when I saw you I lost my heart to you, its true I always win but this time you made me lose Omisha gets close to him

Sameer gets in tears with consequence of video going viral and tarnishing his brother and friend

Omisha : you don’t have time to waste, at least you can do this much for your dear brother, if you decide against my offer and I forward this video first of all Shrishti will hate you for choosing your own happiness

Sameer decides to put himself in fire to save his brother and invite hatred from both families.

Flashback ends

Piyali gets in tears seeing his condition and promise to bring justice to him

Piyali : I will not let anything wrong happen to you, but you also promise me to not reveal my goodness to anybody

Sameer who is half drunk does not understand much of her concert. Karan comes to find him

Karan ; what the hell are you doing here?

Piyali : we can argue later, first take care of your brother alright

Karan pushes her away and takes Sameer back to home. Piyali goes to Prithvi’s house who is celebrating with Omisha. She fires bullet on their glasses

Omisha : are you crazy

Piyali gets violent with her for messing up whole situation and dragging Sameer

Omisha : why are you so concerned? what does he mean to you

“Thats none of your business, I told you my enmity is with only Kareena Luthra and not mess up with anybody else Piyali grabs her hair

Omisha : leave my hair, its paining

Piyali : I don’t take favor from others, and one more thing if you dare to mess with Sameer or anybody else then mind you both will see my real form that nobody did before

Omisha ; you are forgetting your promise to stay loyal to us if you want to punish Luthras

Piyali : of course I remember but not at risk of innocent person’s life (leaves)

Omisha : bhai I told you not to involve this girl she is carried away in emotions

Prithvi : once she finishes our work we will also settle score with her and get rid of this problem

Omisha ; for one minute I thought you were loyal to her and leave her like that

Prithvi : I am not that fool to take help from a bar dancer she is just pawn in my hands

“No Prithvi Malhothra, only time will tell who is pawn and who is real player Piyali hears their conversation from microphone

Piyali comes back to Luthra house after everybody sleep. She recalls back to the day when she was leaving country


Anu : di, its time to check in lets go

“Excuse me madam a constable stops Piyali

Piyali : yes can I help you

Constable ; I have an information for you about your mother’s death

The girls are shocked to hear about his words

Piyali : how do you know about her?

Constable : for that you have to come with me and get more details

Piyali sends Anu back to cape town for safety. Constable shows her register when Kareena came to meet Piyali’s mom in jail and right after that she died due to food poison.

Constable : to take enmity out she bribed one of the caterer and killed her

Piyali : how should I believe you?

Constable shows her picture of Kareena talking to jailor and offering some money.

After a while Prithvi offers a deal with Piyali of sharing same mission of ruining Luthras.

Prithvi ; you made our work easy by befriending that cricketer before

Piyali decides to enter Luthra house with other motive of finding truth by herself and not become pawn of Prithvi and Omisha’s game. She realized true color of duo of trapping her after their work is finished.

Flashback ends

“God you very well know why I came in this house to save everybody from that monster, I could not do anything for Sameer but you have to give me strength to wipe away storm from both families Piyali shares her feeling in temple

Rishab sees her from far sitting there

Piyali : i won’t let that Omisha ruin my brother’s image she will pay for this badly

Precap : Karan and Sherlyn are able to reach truth by Piyali’s given clue but things does not stop with Omisha’s truth coming out.

  1. How dare she trap sameer

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