Savitri Devi 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi ignores the spirit rumors

Savitri Devi 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer finding Trisha everywhere. The cupboard is about to fall on Trisha. Veer comes and pulls her away. He thinks how did the heavy cupboard fall down. He leaves. Someone keeps hand on the door. The lady demands to meet her daughter. Veer gets Trisha there. He makes the lady meet Trisha. Sanchi does the surgery. She thanks Veer for managing kids. He says this is called team efforts, this is a treat for you. She says really, this one pastry will be our treat. He says yes, don’t go on quantity, understand feelings, sharing is caring. He feeds her. Nurse comes. Pastry gets on her nose. He laughs. He shows her phone camera. She cleans her nose. Nurse says we have to call mason to fix the wall. Sanchi agrees. A man fixes the broken wall. Veer dances happily. The man gets scared when something falls down.

He asks who is there. Someone passes by. He gets shocked seeing the stretcher coming. He sees some coming and goes to see. He gets shocked seeing the spirit and runs out. The man runs out and says save me, there is a spirit. Sanchi gets to senses and thinks how did I come here, I was going to hostel. The man says there is a Chudail. Sanchi says its nothing like that, come with me, I will show you. They go back and doesn’t see anything. She asks him why was he working in darkness. He says lights went off, there was a woman. She says I think you are overtired, come tomorrow and finish work. He refuses to come and runs away. She says people think anything, I will get someone to do the work. The sand gets in. Someone sees Sanchi.

Its morning, Sanchi says don’t know what happened to that mason. Anand says I told them not to open that room. Wind blows. All the papers fly away. Sanchi sees Veer holding the fan and blowing air. She asks what’s this kiddishness, all papers flew because of you. Veer says don’t get angry, I will arrange all the papers, have the fresh air by my hands if you didn’t have the cake. She smiles. Anand comes and sees them together. They get away. Anand says do some work properly, I got to know what happened yesterday, if anything happened to the kid, this hospital would have ruined, I can’t take the big risk. Veer asks him to calm down, everything is fixed, you can go and check the renovated room. He asks Anand to come along. They leave. Veer says Sanchi got it fixed last night. Sanchi worries.

Sanchi asks about new patient’s billing, the lady’s name is Naintara. The sister says there is no such new patient. Sanchi gets shocked. She goes and sees the scary ghost.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. RuCh23

    And she said Kabir doesn’t trust her. Kabir just went with a hope of everything will solve one day. They aren’t even divorced properly, she’s already lovey dovey with her ex husband

    1. Seriously u still watch this crap

    2. RuCh23

      ??? I don’t. Just came across the page and read it ???

    3. Dhruti

      just leave this crap

    4. RuCh23

      Already did ???

  2. Anonymousaa

    Was a spirit and ghost drama required? The chipku headache causing, cheap so called romance is already enough to scare the hell out of us. Where is this show heading towards???

    1. @anonymousa dear actually the makers themselves don’t know where the show is heading towards. This show is a black spot in the name of medical drama. If u analyze the whole show since beginning u will find the show was a medical drama before the so called golden couple sanveer romance started. With sanveer’s romance track the show actually lost its track. After sanveer romance this show witnessed:
      1. Dushman kA beta dushman ki beti in love that’s so typical and of course sanveer’s pair was a desaster. became a breakup patchup drama. Other characters of the show just remained as a showpiece.
      3. Unnecessary love triangle.
      4.kaun banega sanchi kA pati game.
      5. Both sanchi and veer never trusted each other but makers always tried to show them as soulmates that was a big mistake by the makers. One side u r showing kabir whose love is one sided still he trust sanchi and other side veer who loves sanchi and sanchi love him but they don’t have a trust at all.
      6. Kabir always supported sanchi but sanchi never ever given a single thought to what he has done for her. Makers tried to glorify sanchi by degrading male leads but the fact is sanchi is a most selfish FL in the eyes of viewers who only think about herself.
      7another mistake by Makers is turning kabir negative. Means man a mature sensible doctor turning negative just for a cheap girl who always ditched him.
      8.there r Soo many loopholes in the story makers have not given the answer to those questions yet.
      9. What was the need to do so much drama when at last they have to show again that ma beta pair.
      Means yaar if I analyze the whole story I’ll only say this show was never a medical drama. I just regret why did I watch this show. Itana ghatiya show jisame samajh hi nahi aaya ki makers aakhir dikhana Kya chahate hai????? I wish kabir to never come back and still surprised why Mohan ji is doing this shit. Bcoz show has become horrible with that ghost drama. I want everyone to leave this show and let sanchi alone accompany that chudail. If vs Will return in this track then also I’ll never watch this show bcoz any body who has brain will never ever tolerate this crap for his/ her favorite. Hope this atma will take sanchi with her and will keep condition that if sanchi will accompany her then only she will leave the hospital.

  3. Ye show kaise koi dekh sakta hai written update padh k hi mera to sar dard hone laga. Only brainless people can watch this. Not going to read written update also. O god save me???

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