swaragini: Jab Sanskar Met Ragini Episode 8

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Hiya peeps….this is me and choti (aditi ayansh) back with another episode….first of all very sorry for being late……and second keep loving us and showing your support as always to our stories……..
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Jayu and adi
Precap: swara’s breakup and ragsanlak cheer her up
So now…..
Swalakrag are talking and teasing each other and sanskaar is feeling lonely and angry
Sanskaar(in mind): she even stole my friends …why are they clinging to her as if she is their long lost friend…I am their best friend and they are ignoring me….huhhhh
Sanskaar goes away
Ragini sees him go and excuses herself and also them as she wanted to check that whether what she was thinking was correct or not….
Ragini goes towards the balcony and sees sanskaar doing something……sensing ragini behind him he hides it but ragini sees him
Ragini:what are u hiding from me???
Sanskaar:nothing …….u tell why did u come here go and enjoy naa
Ragini: don’t try to hide…what are u doing??? Are u on drugs???? Ohh noooo what about this college’s reputation….
Blabbering to herself she lunges towards sanskaar to catch hold of it
Sanskaar(indignantly):hey hey hey…what are u doing haaan
All these things happened at the same time….ragini slips and falls on him….in order to save himself and her he puts one hand on her waist and and the other on the railing…ragini holds the collar of sanskaar in fear and closes her eyes…her hair falls on him.
Both are in that position and ….

Zehnaseeb Zehanaseeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnaseeb..

Sanskaar is lost in her…..he removes her hair from his face and tucks it behind her ear
Ragini realizing that she didn’t fall….opens her eyes……she looks at him
Mere Kareeb, Mere Habee
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zehanasib..
Both have an eyelock…..and are looking into each other’s eyes…
Tere Sang Beete Her Lamhe Pe Humko Naaz Hai
Tere Sang Jo Na Beete Uspe Aitraaz Hai..
Is Kadar Hum Dono Ka Bandhna Ek Raaz Hai..

Hua Ameer, Dil Gareeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnasib..
Zehnasib Zehnaseeb
Tujhe Chahoon Betahasha Zahnaseeb..
Their eyes are shown simultaneously…..their faces are inches away from each other……suddenly a crash brings them out of their trance…..
They both compose themselves and start stammering
S:wohh wohhh
R:tumne kyu giraya mujhe???
S:ohhh hello maine nh…..tum girri mujh par…..itni baahri ho tum….meri kamar tod di
Ragini makes her mouth in O shape
R:what did u say???? I am fat???….and merit toh kamar hai but yours….haan whats that word…ohhh yess kamaara
S:kamaara??? What’s this??
R:what do u say room in hindi?
R:yes…yours is a kamra
R:ohhh leave all this…I want to say something important to you
S:say it fast and leave
R:hey…..talk nicely ok??
S:from u??? Miss orange kurti???….never

R:listen you…khadoos….
S:whatever u wanna say say it fast
R:what do u feel about swalak?
S:swalak??? Arre they are my best friends whom u have stolen from me…that’s what I think..
Ragini slams her forehead in frustration
R:u mad….as in like a couple????
S:kya couple…..
Sanskaar widens his eyes….
S:what do u mean???
R:u know very well…
S:no no that isn’t possible…aisa kaisa ho sakta hai….nh nh ….mera kya hoga agar ye dono saath ho gaye toh…nh nh…I can’t be a third wheel when they will fight..mere dono bfs…..
Sanskaar keeps talking to himself….
Ragini (in mind):Ee pottan abhinayikunnathano atho sherikun evanu vat aano (this khadoos is acting aur is he really mad)
Sanskaar keeps on acting mad and then he goes on towards the balcony and tries standing on the railing….
Ragini:ippo conform aayi evan etho mental hospital ninnu aanu (aaj confirm ho gaya mujhe ….ye pakka pagal khaane se choota hua insaan hai)
Ragini runs towards him and makes him look towards her
R:u are seriously mad…I am taking seriously and u are joking…now be quite
Sanskaar pouts and keeps finger on his lips
R:I feel that they have feelings for each other but they are not realizing that….we have to help them
S:r u mad????? I would have come to know if that might have been the case
R: these things come in the mind of intelligent ppl not dumbos like u
S:u??? again made fun of me….orange kurti
R:khadoos u are not understanding…
She drags him near the attached window of swaragini’s room and balcony and makes him look inside…
Laksh is acting like a joker and swara in laughing looking at his antics….she then hugs him and laksh lets out a sigh of relief and a lone tear escapes his eyes which is not unnoticed by ragsan
Sanskaar understands that swalak love each other but need help in realizing it
S(in mind): I will help them and unite even if I have to team up with this orange kurti
Sanskaar faces ragini
S:so what do I have to do?
Ragini gives him her widest smile and tells him something which is muted….
The screen splits into three parts…showing swalak in their hugging position and ragsan on their either sides with determined expressions.

Precap: Swalak

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