I reached my home. The first thing I saw was

a scooty wow I know who got this for me obviously ravi I will thank him later right now I just want my queen size bed I just wish my parents shouldn’t be at home or they r just sleep but god will u ever listen to me

a scooty wow I know who got this for me obviously ravi I will thank him later right now I just want my queen size bed I just wish my parents shouldn’t be at home or they r just sleep but god will u ever listen to me. As soon as I enter

Happy birthday” my parents yell happily and my younger sister ruhi wish me birthday.

I can’t believe my girl is sixteen today” said my father hugs me tight and started to spin me making me laugh god he strong

I can’t believe my girl is sixteen today” said my father hugs me tight and started to spin me making me laugh god he strong

Dad stop “I said otherwise I’m goanna puke

Happy birthday sweetheart “said my mom kissing me on my forehead. “awe look how tall and beautiful u have become see honey don’t u think I used to look like her when I was a teen “said my mom I was blushed by my mum comment she indeed is pretty even in this age and that too after 3 kids, this compliment meant a lot to me
u still are beautiful honey “said my dad flirting with mum in front of us. My god, mom look so pretty when she blushed

Well well I can’t deny that, my mum used to be model in her time. Well a struggling one she got her first break in dad company when he was launching his new buildtech projects. It was my mum first ever big modelling project and the last one of her life cuz after that my dad become obsessed with my mom and can’t stand any other man near her. He make sure no other man try to contact her and even try to threaten the man who propose to make mum his company brand ambassador. At first mom was shocked n scared of dad and y not she will be, everyone in business world knew about my dad’s anger. He is the man who define arrogance, egotistic, full of himself, superior, big-headed and proud. He has his strong mafia party and political part under his control don’t be scared guys for a big businessman like my dad needs protection they are just for our safety. Dad won’t hurt anybody, mum wouldn’t let him do that, unless they messed with us. We three still can’t buy the fact that dad had actually try to suicide when my mum refused to marry him. Mom told us dad was hospitalized for 3 whole days unknown to the fact that mom was locked in jail as my grandfather file a complaint against my mom that she was responsible for dad’s condition. Granddad make sure Mom suffers. She was torture, no one was thr for her, as she was an orphan and in that time she realized that my dad would have been one for her he had loved her to the extend whr he could kill himself all 3 days she was praying to god to send dad back to her once, she will never let him go away, she will worship him she was ready to do anything to get him in her life back.

Finally when my dad got discharge he again started to search mom and thr he got to know about his dad doings. Dad was pissed off he rushed to jail and order the officers to leave my mum. Police told dad the official paper works, to free mom either bail papers or granddad should take his complain back. But dad used his powers he threaten them that if they not leave her now he will shut the whole police department and will make sure each one of them remained penniless for thr whole life and Trust me when my dad say something he will definitely do that. Well what next then as soon as mom was out of jail she just hugged the dad and promised him she will never leave him. My dad was shocked the thing he wanted to do from a long time granddad just did in three days but he still was not ready to forgive his dad even when he was in his last stages he didn’t went to meet him but that didn’t stopped us we never have any maternal relatives and father was the only child my grandmother died a long time ago. We didn’t want to miss meeting the last relative we had but then we regretted gosh how can some1 be this jerk n selfish even in last stages he is cursing our mom telling us that she’s a gold digger n witch n blah blah blah we closed our ears n eyes few minutes later when we didn’t feel any moments doctor told he died OH GOD R.I.P GRANDDAD. Well then we got to know about everything it was granddad who started spreading rumors about mum. Thr were rumors that mum had many affairs as she was model n only married dad for his money and mom took these all this trash with glory (they were all jealous of my mum). She proved all that she can be the best wife one could ever have as she make dad better person, as dad were about to kill those gossips women but bcuz of mom promises he kept quiet and she was the best mum ever, she never differentiate between us, sometime judge us but that’s completely harmless as she don’t want this society to judge us otherwise she gave us full privacy n respect to take decisions of our life. Surprisingly we all 3 wanted to continue dad business. He had worked hard to establish his business and we will make sure that his name went worldwide. Dad n mum r the best couple I ever saw they r perfect together I think I was inspired from thr story they went through thr hurdles age difference, class difference, different professions n nature finally ended up together uff so dramatic but who doesn’t like drama. Even also today dad get possessive when ravi friends flirt with mum, dad expressions are worth watching. Very dreamful story isn’t I think laksh n I can be the next salil n jhanki. We will have difference but we may pass the hurdle or maybe not ”

Hey ragini whr r u lost? “mom said

Nothing thankx mom” I said

Hey happy birthday di” said ruhi hugging me giving me some music CDs

Thankx Ru ” I said hugging her

is thr any other surprise for me cuz I’m really tired I have a school tomorrow” I said

Well we prepare all ur favorites dishes and driver already take all to ur gift to ur room. If u company us we will be glad” said mum hopefully. Oh god I just remember I haven’t eat anything today other than breakfast even in party a slice of cake

Yes mom plz “I said as I was really hungry. In dining Dad was still romancing with mom. They were feeding eo. God will they ever get bore of this I hope not. Me n ruhi were just admiring them

I can see laksh is treating u well” ruhi said ,WTH she’s talking about, wait a min she’s gesturing something oh god I managed to hide all scars did she saw my hickey, UH no I freaked out started to set my hair to hide my neck

Show me show me” mom said touching my neck oh shit

Aweee It’s beautiful dear” she said in awe, WHAT, is she went crazy ” look honey it’s real diamond” she said, oh she was talking about necklace I almost forget it I’m still wearing it

It’s nice” dad said

I know” I replied

Did u see ur brothers gift yet?” asked dad

Ya scooty I saw it it’s lovely I will talk to him tomorrow but I will still take car to school” I said

Ragini is thr something u want to tell us” said dad, suddenly I was the center of attraction UH OH here comes the DETECTIVE DADDY control rags control

Ya dad u won’t believe what happened in party shree pranked me, mahi just landed in India and directly came to my part isn’t she a love and OMG u won’t believe ish she came when the party was over bcuz she was finding the similar watch I lost few month back. Bestest friends I got I tell u dad and u know laksh abhi Shakti performed a dance number and u know sanskar gave me the dress he himself design and it was beautiful it was the best sweet sixteen dad and cherry on top this scooty n this wonderful dinner” I said nonstop avoiding eye contact try to dodge them but UH OH I thing I didn’t do well bcuz dad mom n ruhi right now can’t say what they r thinking they r just staring at me plz god give me the special power so I can read thr mind

Okayyyy” said dad still not convince

Well the rest of the dinner went quiet awkward they were all stealing glance gosh I wish I was Edward Cullen after dinner we wished eo goodnight all went to thr room. I was really tired today was not the usual day for me after having cold shower I change in my nighty lay down on my bed sleep was consuming me I was all relax now tomorrow is new day my A-level will start. I was touching the diamond still in my neck I had promised that I’m goanna keep it to myself always. I don’t know why all of sudden tears r coming in my eyes and I started to cry reminding all the moments which happened from the day I met laksh till today how did it happened Y Y Y did it happened ?. I was about to sleep but ring- ring my cell phone OH GOD who could call at 12’O clock for heaven sake I have school tomorrow

I was about to sleep but ring- ring my cell phone OH GOD who could call at 12’O clock for heaven sake I have school tomorrow

Ravi?” I said looking at screen flash y would he called me this time

Hey what’s up? I asked as I picked the call

Hey how r u?” he asked

M fine u want to say something?” I asked

Ahh ya just HAPPY BIRTHDAY ” he wished but something fishy here

Okaayyyy thankx for wishing n scooty was nice thankx again” I said

Welcome” he said after that a long silence GOD I’m too tired I can’t take this anymore

What u want say it” I asked finally can’t take anymore suspense

R u okay how was the party?” he asked It’s irritating me now I just need to get some f**king sleep

WHAT IN THE EARTH U WANT? ” I asked like angry bird “look ravi I love u but right now m hell tired I just need to sleep plz can we come to the point ”

WHAT IN THE EARTH U WANT? ” I asked like angry bird “look ravi I love u but right now m hell tired I just need to sleep plz can we come to the point ”

Okay u want point fine dad called he said ur not yourself today” he told, obviously dad how I can I forget about him ” he’s worried about u rags plz tell what happened” he asked or more like ordered

Nothing happened he’s just over reacting I completely fine just not a bit but very exhausting” I said y can’t they just leave me alone what I’m supposed to tell that hey dad u know I was assault by my boyfriend OH GOD I can again feel tears no no I will not anyone know about this

Rags, ur not the only one busy, I have these entry test coming next week, u know how much they r important, but no here I’m, talking to u, bcuz I know dad’s assumption r not wrong and when it comes to us he will go to any extend to make sure we are save so b4 that PLZ TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED? And don’t u say nothing happened, I know something had happened in party, Shakti told me u guys had been drinking” he said, god plz y are u not listening to me today, u always listen to me, y not today

Nothing big it’s just that, th-that” I said try to control my sobs

Just what, spit the beans ” he said curious as he heard my sobs what should say now, I can’t get anything right now, I wish shree was with me, she’s the best in handling these situations

I think sanskar has a crush on kavita” I said finally it was really stupid, but I can’t come with any other idea now

Sanksar what?” he said confusing, well going rags

Well he asked kavita to be his model…… Thr is some show coming It’s really important I also wanted to be part of that show but laksh said no and kavita will be the part of this show if sanskar won which I know he will , kavita will become more popular than me” I said finally some words coming to my mouth

Rags ur not making any sense. Do u even know what is the hidden meaning in ur words” he said confusing me, what I said and WTH is this hidden meaning means? “ur words r saying that u have feeling for sanskar” he said, ooookayyyyy I didn’t know that, but do I, i mean he’s cute, but c’mon laksh is far manly compare to sanskar

Rags hello rags r u thr” he said jerking me out of my la la land

Oh ya m here” I said don’t know what else to say

Sooooo?” he said

Sooooo?” I said, AHHH I’m goanna kill everyone now JUST LEAVE ME f**kING ALONEEEEE

So do u feel for sanskar?” he asked

YES I FEEL FOR SANSKAR I LOVE HIM OKAY HAPPY NOW CAN I GO BACK TO SLEEP?’ I said finally hanging the call don’t whr will my words take me but I promise this secret is going with me to my grave. Finally let sleep overtake me.






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  2. Awesome episode

  3. Is it Raglak or rag_san ??? Plz answer me back, I’m waiting. If it’s Raglak, I’m waiting for Raglak scenes or else I’m sorry, I don’t want to read this story because I’m a huge Raglak fan

    1. Bushrafaheem123

      it can be raglak and it can be ragsan too, i didn’t decide the couples yet usually in teen age girls get confuse about their love n crushes that’s what I’m showing, their will be the lots of ups and down which these young couple will deal, so have some patience if u want u can read further story with better pictures in wattpad

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